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November 20, 2015

Banking Awareness Quiz for IBPS Clerks & RBI Exams 2015 - Set 73

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  1. For the opening of an account in the name of a Provident Fund, which document is not required?
    1. Certificate of Registration
    2. Trust Deed
    3. Resolution to open account
    4. Photographs of persons operating account
    5. None of the above 
  2. Reserve Bank of India allowed banks to enable transactions in contactless cards for values up to Rs 2,000 without requiring a separate ____________ authentication. The move is expected to hasten acceptance of 'tap and pay' electronic payments at retail outlets, in transport services and for toll payments.
    1. PIN
    2. PAN
    3. TAN
    4. GIAN
    5. None 
  3. For opening of an account for a Trust, in a bank , which of the following documents are required?
    1. Trust Deed
    2. Latest deed of appointment
    3. Certified copy of 'resolution by all trustees " regarding opening and conduct of bank account
    4. List of all trustees ; and Specimen signature and Account opening form
    5. All the above 
  4. A husband cannot be made liable for payment of loans taken by his wife except which of the following circumstances?
    1. the debt incurred for the purpose of necessities suited to her life and the loan is given with his consent
    2. for purchase of gold
    3. for purchase of gold biscuits
    4. for purchase of luxurious car
    5. None of these
  5. A Garnishee Order attaches all money of the customer held by the bank in the capacity of a ____________
    1. Bailee
    2. Trustee
    3. Agent
    4. Debtor
    5. None of the above
  6. Based on the recommendations of S.K. Mitra committee on HR policy for RRBs, the Government has directed regional rural banks to become slim by cutting jobs and outsource non-core functions such as IT maintenance, cash remittance and house-keeping. Currently, how many RRBs are there with 19,400 branches and a collective business volume of Rs 4.50 lakh crores?
    1. 56
    2. 66
    3. 75
    4. 89
    5. 120
  7. The Reserve Bank has notified the decision to raise foreign direct investment (FDI) cap in the insurance sector to what percentage from existing cap of 26% ? As per the notification, FDI up to 26% will be under automatic route and beyond 26% till 49% will be allowed with the approval of Foreign Investment Promotion Board (FIPB).
    1. 49
    2. 35
    3. 40
    4. 45
    5. 25
  8.  Government has decided to bring down its holding in public sector banks (PSBs) to what percentage, in a phased manner to ensure that capital needs of banks are taken care of?
    1. 52
    2. 74
    3. 80
    4. 90
    5. 85
  9. The Bank Board Bureau is being set up which would be responsible for appointments at state run lenders. The Board will work as search committee or appointments board and will consist of professionals with only one government representative. The proposed Board would have how many members with at least three former bankers, two professionals and secretary, department of financial services as the government representative?
    1. five
    2. six
    3. four
    4. three
    5. two 
  10. Union HRD Minister Smritilrani was named Young Global Leader from India by which of the following?
    1. IMF
    2. World Economic Forum (WEF).
    3. World Bank
    4. OECD
    5. ADB 
  11. Which Panel appointed by Government has recommended that Indian banks should not be allowed to extend ECBs to domestic corporate houses out of their overseas subsidiaries or branches?
    1. Narasimham
    2. Sahoo
    3. R.Gandhi
    4. H R Khan
    5. Usha Thorat 
  12. The deadline for appointing at least one woman director expired on March 31. Listed companies that have not appointed a woman director would face a fine of how much?
    1. Rs.50,000
    2. Rs.25,000
    3. Rs.10,000
    4. Rs.30,000
    5. None 
  13. Mr. Nikesh Arora has been appointed as the President of Japan's multinational telecommunications and internet company called as which bank ?
    1. Bank of Japan
    2. Softbank Corp
    3. Asian Development Bank
    4. Citi Bank
    5. Standard Chartered Bank 
  14. Banks have firmed up the upper limit on withdrawals at micro automated teller machines (micro ATMs) upto how much amount as part of rules governing small transactions, especially under financial inclusion?
    1. Rs.5,000
    2. Rs.10,000
    3. Rs.1,000
    4. Rs.2,000
    5. Rs.3,000 
  15. The male members of a Hindu Undivided Family (HUF) are called as what ?
    1. co-owners 
    2. Managers
    3. Co-partners
    4. Karta
    5. None of the above 
  16. Which bank has launched a service where customers can make transactions using just their voice, without using other means of authentication like a password ? The voice recognition service authenticates customers based on their speech patterns & allows them to execute banking transactions through the bank's call centre.
    1. ICICI Bank
    2. DCB
    3. Allahabad Bank
    4. Indian Bank
    5. Indian Overseas Bank 
  17. New generation private banks, public sector banks and foreign banks with a large retail base have been asked to appoint whom as an outsider, to look after consumer grievances? The internal Ombudsman, who will be designated as chief customer service officer (CSSO), will be the first port of call for grievance redressal even before approach-ing the banking ombudsman.
    1. Internal Ombudsman
    2. Lok Pal
    3. Lokayukta
    4. Judge
    5. Chief Justice 
  18. The new service tax rate of 14% came into effect from which date ?
    1. June, 1, 2015
    2. 1.4.2015
    3. 1.1.2015
    4. 1.12.2015
    5. None
  19. Masala Bonds are global  ____________  off-shore bonds by Indian companies. This would the first time domestic firms would be allowed to raise rupee-denominated debt abroad.
    1. rupee
    2. dollar
    3. yuan
    4. yen
    5. pound sterling 
  20. In India Wholesale price index (VVPI)- based inflation remained in negative territory for the seventh straight month in May, 2015 at (- ) 2.36 per cent, largely due to the softening of which articles prices and a further contraction in prices of manufactured products?
    1. food
    2. capital goods
    3. electronic goods
    4. electrical goods
    5. None of these

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