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May 30, 2017

Current Affairs 2017 : Science & Technology

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Science & Technology Current Affairs 2107

  • The Union Minister for Science & Technology and Earth Sciences Harsh Vardhan has launched a new web portal called 'nakshe' to celebrate Survey of India's 250 Anniversary in New Delhi. The portal will offer Topographic maps for free download in a pdf format through 'Aaadhar' enabled user authentication process. The principal map-ping agency of the country The Survey of India' is celebrating its 250th anniversary this year. 
  • Mongolia has launched its first satellite Mongol Sat-I part of its efforts to make use of new technology to diversify its resource-dependent economy. It is 1227 Megahertz satellite. The satellite was launched in partnership with Asia Broadcast Satellite (ABS). The Satellite helps with space research, map making and preparing for natural disaster.
  • Indian Navy has successfully tested the land attack version of supersonic cruise missile Brahmos' from Indian Navy's ship Teg on a target on land. BrahMos Missile has been jointly developed by India and Russia and its anti-ship variant has already been inducted into the Nan. A majority of the frontline ships of Indian Navy (the Kolkata, Ranvir and Teg classes of ships) are capable of firing this missile. Land Attack variant of BrahMos Missile provides Indian Naval Ships the capability to precisely neutralize selected targets deep inland, far away from coast, from stand-off ranges at sea. 
  • The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) has successfully launched a stadium-sized, heavy-lift Super Pressure Balloon (SPB) from Wanala a scenic spot on New Zealand's South Island. The balloon will float for more than 100 days at 110000 feet across the globe in the Southern Hemisphere's mid-latitude band. The Super Pressure Balloon will detect ultra-high energy cosmic particles from beyond the galaxy as they penetrate the earth's atmosphere. 

70th Cannes Film Festival Awards Winners List 2017

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The 70th annual Cannes Film Festival was recently held at Cannes, France from 17th to 28th May 2017. The festival was hosted by the Italian actress Monica Bellucci. Ismael's Ghosts, directed by French director Arnaud Desplechin, was the opening film for the festival. The festival's biggest award, Palme d'Or was won by the the Swedish director Ruben Östlund, for his film "The Square" which also served as the closing film of the festival. Here is the complete winners list of the year 2017.

2017 Cannes Film Festival Award Winners

  • Palme d’Or : “The Square” (Ruben Östlund)
  • 70th Anniversary Award : Nicole Kidman
  • Grand Prix : “BPM (Beats Per Minute)” (Robin Campillo)
  • Best Director : Sofia Coppola, “The Beguiled”
  • Best Actor : Joaquin Phoenix, “You Were Never Really Here”

May 29, 2017

29th May 2017 Important Daily Current Affairs

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Dear Great Ambitionists, here are today's (29th May 2017) Important Current Affairs updates. Happy Reading :)

Daily Current Affairs of 29th May 2017

International Current Affairs
  • Today (29th May 2017) is International Day of United Nations Peacekeepers.
    • The day was established to :
      • Honour the memory of the UN peacekeepers who have lost their lives in the cause of peace;
      • Pay tribute to all the men and women who have served and continue to serve in UN peacekeeping operations for their high level of professionalism, dedication and courage.
    • Theme of International Day of UN Peacekeepers 2017 : "Investing in Peace around the world"
  • The Russian parliament's lower house has passed an Anti-Suicide bill to combat the Blue Whale suicide challenge, which has caused over 100 teen deaths in the country. 
    • The bill proposes a maximum punishment of six years in jail for driving children towards suicide. 
    • However, the bill mandates that criminal cases against suspects can be stopped if they cease their activities.

Complete General Awareness Questions asked in BOB PGDBF PO 2017

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Hi , I am Aarthi Verma. I am sharing complete GA questions asked in BOB PGDBF PO Online Test 2017 (both shifts). Happy Reading :)

GA Questions Asked in BOB PGDBF PO 2017

  • 100% Govt equity Payment Bank
    • India Post Payments Bank
  • 2017 Theme of World Intellectual Property Day
    • Innovation :  Improving Lives
  • AEBS stands for
    • Aadhaar Enabled Payment System
  • AFA stands for
    • Additional Factor Authentication
  • Airtel Payment Bank is the Joint venture of
    • Airtel & Kotak Mahindra Bank
  • Allocation fund for NABARD in Union Budget
    • ₹ 40000 cr
  • APBS stands for
    • Aadhaar Payment Bridge System

Latest GA Quiz 2017

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What is the ratio of Reliance Industries Limited and State Bank of India in the Jio Payments Bank?
  1. 50 : 50
  2. 60 : 40
  3. 80 : 20
  4. 70 : 30
  5. 90 : 10
In a medium enterprise the investment in plant and machinery is more than Rs.5 crores but does not exceed?
  1. Rs. 8 crores
  2. Rs.10 crores
  3. Rs.12 crores
  4. Rs.15 crores
  5. Rs.20 crores
The World Employment and Social Outlook is a report released by which of the following organizations ?
  1. FAO
  2. UNEP
  3. ILO
  4. UNDP

English Vocabulary from "The Hindu News Paper" - 29th May 2017

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Hai  Friends I'm Kani. Here I'm sharing English Vocabulary from Editorial section of The Hindu dated 29th May 2017. You can click on the Titles to read the Editorials. Happy reading :)

Note : There were no editorials in THE HINDU on 28th May 2017 (Sunday)

Hindu Editorial Topic 1 : "New cattle trade rules: All animals are equal"

  • Cattle - cows and bulls kept by farmers for their milk or meat
  • Trade - a particular area of business or industry
  • Regulate - to control something, especially by making it work in a particular way
  • Livestock - animals and birds that are kept on a farm, such as cows, sheep, or chickens
  • On the surface - the way that someone or something looks or seems while their true feeling or character remains hidden
  • Span - the length of something
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