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October 01, 2014

Quiz on Banking Awareness - Set 38

  1. POS is the acronym used in banking. It means ? 
    1. Point of Sales Terminal
    2. Personal Omission Script
    3. Pending Off Sales
    4. Pointed Open Sales
    5. Post Office Sales
  2. NIM Stands for?
    1. Net Interest Minimum
    2. Not Interest Margin
    3. Net Internal Margin
    4. Net Interest Margin
    5. Net Interest Module

September 30, 2014

30th September 2014 - Daily Current Affairs updates

International Affairs
  • Afghan President Ashraf Ghani Ahmadzai’s administration signed security agreements to keep U.S. and allied troops in the country beyond this year and secure billions of dollars in aid for Asia’s poorest country. 
    • Note : Ashraf Ghani Ahmadzai has sworn in as Afghan President yesterday. 
  • The world has lost 52 percent of its biodiversity since 1970, the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) announced in a study released today on the state of our planet.
  • India will host its first-ever Asian Development Tour (ADT) tournament with the launch of the TAKE Solutions India Masters from October 29 to November 1 in Bangalore.
  • India will host its first Renewable Energy Global Investors Meet and Expo - 'RE-INVEST' - from 15th February 2015 to 17th February 2015 in NewDelhi.
  • Thailand today announced plans to give tourists wristbands carrying their personal details, as the kingdom falls under intense scrutiny over visitor safety following the murder of two British holidaymakers.

Latest Current Affairs Quiz 2014 - Set 2

Friends, here is the Set 2 of our Latest Current Affairs Quiz series 2014. You can check Set 1 from here. Happy Reading :)
  1. Who has been selected as first Artist in Residence at Rashtrapati Bhawan ?
    1. Raj Bhahdur Singh
    2. Muzzafar Ahmed
    3. Javed Akhtar
    4. Jogen Chowdhary
    5. Anupam Kher
  2. Which Award is often considered as Asia's Nobel Prize ?
    1. Bharat Ratna
    2. National Sadbhavana Award
    3. Ramon Magsaysay
    4. Gandhi Peace Prize
    5. Navaratna Award

Banking Awareness Quiz 2014 - Set 37

  1. Beneficiary bank has to credit the beneficiary's account within ___________ hours of receiving the funds transfer message as per the order of RBI ?
    1. Three
    2. Two
    3. Four
    4. Five
    5. Six
  2. In the both cases of RTGs and NEFT the charges are decided by ?
    1. Collecting banker
    2. Transferor
    3. Transferee
    4. Paying Banker
    5. None of these

Expected Questions on Committees 2014 - Set 1

  1. According to Rangarajan Committee on poverty line what is per capita expenditure in rural and urban areas respectively ?
    1. 30 and 45 rupees
    2. 27 and 42 rupees
    3. 32 and 47 rupees
    4. 45 and 67 rupees
    5. 35 and 45 rupees
  2. What is the purpose of K. Sivaramakrishnan Panel ?
    1. Bring black money from Swiss accounts
    2. Effective guidelines to handle violence against women
    3. Find new capital for Seemandrhra
    4. Tax reforms
    5. None of the above

September 29, 2014

29th September 2014 - Daily Current Affairs updates

National Affairs
  • 37  Union ministers and other Members of Parliament will simultaneously launch Rs 1,000 minimum monthly pension under Employees' Pension Scheme 1995 (EPS-95,) run by the EPFO, across the country tomorrow. 
  • With a view to promote rail tourism in the country and to provide reasonably priced tourism package to tourists, especially the pilgrims in the country, India Railways has finalized six pilgrim special tourist train packages in the first phase,  which will kick start from 25th October 2014.
  • Kalraj Mishra, Union Minister for MSME inaugurated the India Pavilion at the IGA Royal Perth Show 2014.
  • Shiv Sena President Uddhav Thackeray today announced that his party has decided to pull out from Narendra Modi government.
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