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June 25, 2017

25th June 2017 Important Daily Current Affairs

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Dear Great Ambitionists, here are today's (25th June 2017) Important Current Affairs updates. Happy Reading :)

Daily Current Affairs of 25th June 2017

International Current Affairs
  • Today (25th June) is the Day of the Seafarer.
    • Seafarer means "person who travels by sea"
    • This day is observed as an expression of thanks to the seafarers for their contribution to the economy and civil society of the world.
    • The observance of the day also acknowledges the risks and personal costs endured by seafarers while being in their jobs.
    • Day of the Seafarer (DotS) Theme 2017 : "Seafarers Matter".
  • PM Narendra Modi presented the Overseas Citizen of India card to Portugal's Indian-origin PM Antonio Costa during his visit to Lisbon yesterday. 
    • Important Note : During a visit to India in January, Costa was awarded the Pravasi Bharatiya Samman by the President.
  • Pakistan has issued its 1st third-gender passport  to a transgender activist. 
MOUs & Agreements
  • India and Portugal have signed 11 agreements after in-depth talks between Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his Portuguese counterpart Antonio Costa.
    • Note : This is the first-ever bilateral visit by an Indian Prime Minister to Portugal.
    • Both countries agreed to set up a joint Science and Technology fund of four million euros.

India's Srikanth has won Australia Open Super Series

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Indian badminton player Kidambi Srikanth has won the Men's Singles title of Australia Open Super Series 2017 at Sydney today. In the finals he defeated the Chinese Olympic champion Chen Long to win this title.

This is world number 11 Srikanth's second successive Superseries title in a span of eight days. Earlier he has won the Indonesian Open Super Series Premier last Sunday.

Srikanth had reached the final of the Singapore Open in April and Indonesia Open before this tournament and has thus become only the fifth player in the world and the first Indian male shuttler to contest three consecutive Super Series finals.

June 24, 2017

24th June 2017 Important Daily Current Affairs

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Dear Great Ambitionists, here are today's (24th June 2017) Important Current Affairs updates. Happy Reading :)

Daily Current Affairs of 24th June 2017

International Current Affairs
  • PM Narendra Modi will become the 1st foreign dignitary to have dinner at the White House with US President Donald Trump
    • Modi, who is on a three-day US visit, will have a working dinner with Trump on Monday, after a one-on-one interaction followed by bilateral meetings. 
    • Note : Modi is on a three-nation tour to USA, Portugal and Netherlands.
  • The Pakistan government has tasked the country's National Council of Arts with the responsibility to rearrange the musical rendition of its national anthem 'Qaumi Taranah' using a world class orchestra in order to represent cultural diversity. 
    • The anthem, which is also called 'Pak Sarzamin', was written by Hafeez Jullundhri in 1952 and was officially adopted in 1954.
  • Egypt's parliament has approved President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi's proposal to extend the state of emergency in the country for three more months
    • An emergency has been declared in Egypt since April after Islamic State-affiliated militant groups began targeting Coptic Christians, following which the government launched a crackdown on the attackers.

June 23, 2017

23rd June 2017 Important Daily Current Affairs

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Dear Great Ambitionists, here are today's (23rd June 2017) Important Current Affairs updates. Happy Reading :)

Daily Current Affairs of 23rd June 2017

International Current Affairs
  • Today (23rd June) is International Olympic Day.
    • This day was introduced in 1948 to commemorate the birth of the modern Olympic Games on 23 June 1894 at the Sorbonne in Paris.
    • The goal of this day is to promote participation in sport across the globe regardless of age, gender or athletic ability.    
  • Today (23rd June) is the World Public Service Day.
    • This day is dedicated by the United Nations to “celebrate the value and virtue of public service to the community”.
    • Since 2003, this day is marked with UN Public Service Awards Ceremony wherein works of public servants are recognised and they are awarded for their contributions in the field.
    • Theme of World Public Service Day 2017 :  ‘The Future is Now

Learn About the Latest Banking Awareness Online

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Banking awareness is key to success for aspirants who wish to make the cut in the banking sector. One of the most reliable sectors in the market, as far as jobs are concerned, banking is the place to be if you are looking at sailing through your career. The first step is to clear the exams in the least number of attempts. Aspirants with steely determination and the right preparation are not just confident, but actually clear the exams in the first attempt. Here is what you need to know about banking awareness online.

Indepth information on the banking sector

Banking GK, terminology, Banking Heads, committees, FDI Limits, Tax System and procedure, latest updates related to banking are part of banking awareness resources that need to be referred extensively. Sites that offer reference material in well segregated sections, touching upon the various aspects of banking are better equipped to assist aspirants.

Mock exams for better preparation

Some of the reputed websites offer mock tests to hone the preparations of aspirants. This prepares aspirants to appear for the exams with greater confidence and awareness of the patterns in the examinations. Patterns of exams differ and an idea of the exams will greatly help in preparing better, in addition to managing time better. Conducted in an atmosphere similar to that of the actual exams, mock tests are useful resources. 

Availability of extensive resources

Banking awareness is not limited to a small portion. It requires the collation of knowledge spread across various inter related subjects and topics that straddle other sectors. It is therefore important to be fully aware of the banking sector through the use of extensive resource materials. Interactive sessions that include quizzes help in boosting confidence and develop a positive approach towards the examination.

Sites that are respected among job aspirants offer rich resources to enable individuals to steer through exams with great ease. Proper planning, preparation, time management and the effective utilization of the right resources are always a winning combination. Choose success through the right combination that has helped countless aspirants land the best jobs in the country.

How To Get Compiled Monthly Current Affairs Online?

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Aspirants for jobs need to have updated information on current affairs to be able to get in the best shot at competitive exams. Banking, civil service, railways etc, test the awareness quotient of aspirants on current affairs, and it is important to stay abreast of all information. While most of the information is in public domain, it is difficult to compile all information for easy reference. Here are a few tips on getting the best resources online for current affairs.

Downloadable content

It is important to be able to have access to downloadable content. Offline content will give the freedom to prepare even while travelling or when network coverage is unavailable. Preparation is a continuous process till success and aspirants need to have comprehensive information for ready reference, which will help steer them through the gateways of exams to careers in civil services etc.

Proper segregation of information

It is important to have access to information that is properly segregated. This will help in keeping a track of what has been completed. For instance, compiled information on important sections such as national affairs, international affairs, sports, state economy, banking, science and technology etc. are important. Rather than having resources that are all combined together, it would be a good idea to receive information neatly segregated.

Expert overview on assorted topics

Understanding current affairs can be made a lot easier if the context is understood better. It is not just learning be repeatedly reading out or memorizing, it is a process of understanding the underlying issues related to current affairs. This will make it easier to grasp the questions easier and choose the right answer. Competitive exams are turning complicated and trickier, with the inclusion of questions that may appear twisted. It is therefore important to understand current affairs fully.

Websites that cater to the needs of job aspirants with a comprehensive suite of resources are the best option to tackle exams. Choose a website based on the credentials and the reviews of aspirants who have benefitted by the resources offered in the portal. Choose wisely and lay the path to a great future.
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