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October 25, 2014

25th October 2014 - Daily Current Affairs updates

International Affairs
  • Egypt has declared a three-month state of emergency in the restive North Sinai province after 31 soldiers have been killed in two different terrorist attacks.
  • The potentially fatal MERS virus that originated in Saudi Arabia two years ago has spread to Turkey for the first time, the World Health Organization announced.
    • MERS Virus / MERS Cov - Middle East respiratory Syndrome Corona-virus
  • Chinese Vice Premier Zhang Gaoli ordered a temporary shutdown of factories to ensure air quality during a meeting of Asia-Pacific leaders in Beijing from 7th to 11th November 2014.
National Affairs
  • The President of India, Pranab Mukherjee released a commemorative postage stamp on Anagarika Dharmapala at Rashtrapati Bhavan today.
    • It is a joint stamp issue of India and Sri Lanka.
    • Its the first joint stamp issue of India with any SAARC country.
    • Anagarika Dharmapala :
        • He is a Sri Lankan Buddhist revivalist and writer.
        • He was one of the founding contributors of non-violent Sinhalese Buddhist Nationalism and Buddhism.
  • The maiden Budget session of the new Telangana state Assembly will commence on 5th November 2014.
    • Chief Minister - K Chandrasekhar Rao
    • Finance Minister - E Rajender
  • Assembly polls in Jammu & Kashmir and Jharkhand will be held in five phases between November 25 and December 20 and counting of votes will take place on December 23, the Election Commission announced today.
  • The oath-taking ceremony of Haryana Chief Minister-designate Manohar Lal Khattar will be held tomorrow.
  • Seventy-two chairmen and advisors of different organizations and institutions enjoying minister of state rank in Uttar Pradesh were on Saturday sacked by Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav with immediate effect
Business & Economy
  • Giving a major boost to India's defense preparedness, the Government today cleared defense projects amounting to 80,000 crore rupees.
    • Cleared by Defence Acquisition Council (DAC).
  • For the first time in four months, finance minister Arun Jaitley has called for a reduction in interest rates, saying lower rates would trigger demand for homes.
  • The Tamil Nadu government today announced a rise in milk prices by Rs 10 a litre, following demands from milk producers to increase the procurement price.
New Appointments
  • India-born Sundar Pichai, who is already in-charge of Android, Chrome and Google Apps,  is the new chief of core Google products
Awards & Honors
  • Indian-American Attorney Anu Peshawaria awarded with  "Take Action against domestic violence Award" for her efforts to end domestic violence
  • Pankaj Advani wins World Billiards title.
    • This is his 11th world title
  • Sania Mirza and Cara Block enter the doubles final of WTA Championship.
  • Schedule for India-Sri Lanka ODI Cricket series announced.
    • Cuttack will host the opening match on 2nd November 2014.
  • India cricket captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni and Sahara Adventure Sports Limited bought Ranchi franchise of Hockey India League (HIL).
  • The Directorate of Youth Services and Sports, University of Jammu will be hosting North Zone Inter-University Badminton Tournament from October 27 to October 31, 2014.
  • All India Football Federation (AIFF) suspends head coach of Kolkata team, Antonio Lopez Habas for four matches and two players, Robert Pires and Fikru Lemessa for two matches for breaching disciplinary code during the ongoing Indian Super League.
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Solutions with Explanations for IBPS and SBI Associates Reasoning Practice Test for

Friends, here are the solutions with explanations for our Reasoning Practice Test for IBPS and SBI Associates PO Online Exams. Please refer to the questions from here and try to solve them on your own before reading these solutions.

Set 1:
  1. (2) The tone of the statements implies that sometimes the mightiest superpower does not get accolades from other countries even after winning the war. Hence the speaker must be assuming II. The tone of the statement stresses on the fa9ilure of the mightiest to get accolades from other countries despite winning the war. Hence I is not necessarily implicit. 
  2. (2) I is not implicit, infact, the statement suggests it is possible to contain terrorist activities. What is disputed is "how long". But II is implicit. The action has begun, through its end is not in sight. 
  3.  (1) I is implicit from the victims being "nuisance to peace-loving people". II is not an assumption. Note that the assumption here may be : "Majority of the people killed in wars are wicked".
  4. (4) Dishonoring of global public opinion by the superpower implies that the speaker must be assuming that the global public opinion is against the imposition of war. But not that II says "...... should have been .... ". Hence not implicit, I is not implicit either. It is infact contrary to the speaker's assumption. 
  5. (5) The word "Vehemently" used in the statement implies that the speaker must be assuming II. Why is the speaker in favour of discouraging wars vehemently even though majority of the victims might have been a nuisance to peace-loving people ? The speaker must be assuming that war is disastrous for peace-loving people also. Hence, I is implicit also. 
Set 2 :
  1. (5) I is strong on humanitarian grounds. II is strong because it is not desirable to compromise on the picture of ourselves that we project to the world. 
  2. (2) I is weak because it advocates an extreme action. It doesn't take into account the cost incurred. II is strong on humanitarian grounds. 
  3. (2) Argument I is not strong because of two reasons (i) it is not the only way to create more opportunities for those who seek professional training; (ii) opportunity to get professional training is not enough, quality of the training is equally important. Argument II is strong because chances of degrading of the standard of training can't be ruled out. 
  4. (4) In reality, a maximum ceiling will reduce the scope of getting higher salary for those who work hard and contribute very much in an organization's profit. Hence I, is not true. Therefore I is not strong. II is not strong because it does not  add sufficient reasons to imposing maximum ceiling on the earnings of an individual in an organization. 
  5. (1) I is strong on the basis of Constitutional provisions. II is a weak argument because it is not true that only compulsory military training for each college student of a country will make it strong and powerful.
Set 3 :

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Reasoning Practice Test for IBPS and SBI Associates PO Online Exams

Important Point to Note : "Statements" type questions consist of a statement / group of statements, followed by certain inferences based on the facts contained in the given statements. You are required to analyze the given statements, understand their indirect implications and then decide which of the given conclusions follows logically. NEVER try to pick the answer choice in the first glance.

Directions (1-5) : In each of the following questions a statement is followed by two assumptions numbered I and II. An assumption is something that is supposed or taken for granted. You have to consider the statement and the following assumptions and decide which of the assumptions is implicit in the statement.

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General Awareness Quiz - Set 15

Who wrote the book “India - Pakistan: Coming To Terms”?

Who won the one million-euro Millennium Technology Prize in April 2014?

Michael Higgins' state visit to the United Kingdom in April 2014 was the first state visit of a President of which country to the United Kingdom ?


October 24, 2014

24th October 2014 - Daily Current Affairs updates

International Affairs
  • Two French filmmakers (director Alexandre Dereims and producer Claire Beilvert) have been booked on the charge of trespassing into the protected Jarawa tribal reserve in the Andaman islands and filming a documentary on the threatened aboriginal tribe.
  • US Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel has reassured US support for Iraq's anti-Islamic State (IS) efforts during a phone conversation with newly appointed Iraqi Defence Minister Khaled al Obeidi.
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