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November 30, 2012

Expected General Awareness Questions - November (Set - 5)

The three-day review meeting of Ministers of Education and heads of delegation of the E-9 countries comprising India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, China, Brazil, Egypt, Indonesia, Nigeria and Mexico was held in?

Meet the New National Icons of Election Commission of India - Saina Nehwal and Mary Kom

The Election Commission of India (ECI) has added the world No 3 badminton ace Saina Nehwal and internationally acclaimed Manipuri boxing champion M.C. Mary Kom as it's new national icons. Till now ECI had the former President Dr APJ Abdul Kalam and Indian team captain M S Dhoni. For the first time ECI appointed two women as its National Icons. The reason behind this is to reduce the lower participation by women and to make a good impact on them. "women lagged behind in voting but he hoped that the charisma of the two talented sportswomen would inspire women and the youth to vote large numbers and I am hopeful that our new icons would make debut appearances in Gujarat polls," ECI Director General Akshay Raut said. 

IK Gujral, The Former Prime Minister of India Passes Away

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The Former Prime Minister of India I K Gujral (Inder Kumar Gujral), died at the age of 92 (4 December 1919 - 30 November 2012) in New Delhi today (30th November 2012). Gujral, who headed the United Front government for 11 months from April 1997 to March 1998, was India's external affairs minister during the 1991 Gulf War and later became the Prime Minister. Gujral was India's 12th Prime Minister.

Earlier on 19th November,  he was admitted to the hospital due to lung infection. The former Prime Minister, had been unwell for sometime. He was on dialysis for over a year and suffered a serious chest infection some days ago. He will be cremated in nearby Delhi tomorrow. Gujral, who migrated from Pakistan after partition, rose to become the Prime Minister with a big slice of luck after he came up through the ranks - starting as Vice President in NDMC in the '50s to later become a Union Minister and then India's Ambassador to the USSR. Gujral, an intellectual who propounded the 'Gujral Doctrine' of five principles for maintaining good neighbourly relations, left the Congress to join the Janata Dal in the late-1980s.

Expected General Awareness Questions - November (Set 4)

Recently Microsoft Corp Organised a Worldwide Hackathon for Windows. For Students, who are Interested in App Development. Name it ?

Nobel winner Joseph Murray recently passes away . He is famous for ?

Tamilnad Mercantile Bank Recruitment of Clerks 2012 - 13

The Tamilnad Merchantile Bank Ltd (TMB Ltd), having its banking services with 300 branches all over india since 1921 is inviting applications from eligible candidates for the posts of Clerks. The starting date of Registering Online E- Application is 28th November 2012 adn the closing date of Registering Online E- Application is 20th December 2012Last Date for Physical Document Submission is 25th December 2012No IBPS Score is required for this recruitment

November 29, 2012

Banking Related Committees List for Bank Exams - Pdf File

Friends, now a days Banking Awareness became crucial for Bank Exams. Earlier banks used to ask four or five banking related questions in their recruitment exams. But when the IBPS took over the authority of conducting banking exams, it made banking awareness as one of the subjects / areas for banking exams. Now a days you should face 20 Banking Awareness questions in IBPS recruitment exams. We've already uploaded complete study materials and model practice papers of Banking Awareness. You can read them here. Today we are giving you most expected and important area of Banking Awareness. That is, Committees on Banking. As this is an important topic, we are giving this in pdf format. So just download this and read well. All The Best and Happy Reading friends :)

Expected Current Affairs Questions - November (Set 3)

Name the First non-White President of Brazil’s Supreme Court ?

Recently the 23rd James Bond Movie, Became the Highest Grossing Bond Film Ever in the 50 years of Bond film franchise. Name it?


November 28, 2012

Andhra Bank's Clerks Interview List is Out

Andhra Bank, one of the leading public sector banks of india has released the list of Shortlisted Candidates who are eligible for Interviews for recruitment of it's clerical cadre. The interviews will be held from 3rd December 2012 to 7th December 2012. Short listed candidates should download their call letters from the Bank's website.  Bank already sent blank BIO-DATA formats  to all the short listed candidates thru email. If you didnt get the BIO-DATA form, you can download the same from below links. 

October Month Current Affairs Free Download - Sports

Friends, we've already updated October month's International Events (you can download here), National Events (you can download here). Now we are giving you the Sports Affairs occurred in October 2012. Good Day and Happy Reading :)

Download October Month's Sports Affairs Here


Current Affairs bits - November (Set 2)


·   The Pakistani National and the lone surviving terrorist of 26/11 Mumbai Terror Attacks, was hanged on 21 November 2012 at Pune’s Yerwada Jail at 7:30 am. Who is he?

·  Recently a Book on legendary cricketer Yuvraj Singh "Yuvi" in in news. Who is the author of this book?


Current Affairs Expected Questions - November (Set 1)

What is the name of Arvind Kejriwal's new Political Party ?

Lyricist  Gulzar recently honoured with  by congress President Sonia Gandhi. Name the Award ?

The founder of Super 30 institute, Mr Anand Kumar recently named 'People's Hero' by People magazine of American Time Magazine Group. Super 30 is the institute which provides free residential coaching to students for which exams ?

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan recently Conferred with a French Award. Name it ?

Master card with which company recently Came up with Travel Prepaid Cards?

Recently, with an idea of entering into politics, an Indian Ambassador to Bhutan Resigned. Who is he?

Recently China invited Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam  to teach at one of it's  university. Name it?

The Bhartiya Janta Party had suspended a senior leader and Rajya Sabha member from the party for the reason gross indiscipline. Who is he?

Welknown Indian Cartoonist T. Samuel Died. He is famous for his cartoons named?

ONGC recently sold 26 percent Stakes of Krishna Godavari basin of deepsea  block to  Inpex Corp. This Inpex Corp is located in which country?

Recently the Odisha Government had Slapped 6000 crore Rupees fine on Tata Steel. What is the reason for this fine?

Recently our Cricket God Sachin Tendulkar received the honorary membership of the Order of Australia by the Minister of Regional Australia. Who is he?

Recently the Iron Lady of Manipur completed 12 years of her fast demanding cancellation of the Armed Forces Special Powers Act, 1958  (AFSPA). Who is she?

On 6th November 2012 Barrack Obama re-elected as the president of United State of America. Who is  his opponent?

Name the country which recently won  the Asian Kabaddi Championship ?

Recently Indian Government decided to digitize Cable TV Network in how many cities?

Scientists recently Discovered a new drug that can Halt Cancer from  Multiplying. Name it?

The South African Reserve Bank  recently rolled out new bank notes bearing the face of the country’s first black President. Who is he?

The chairman of Khaitan group of companies, recently passed away. Who is  he?

Who became the Youngest Triple Champion in Formula One History ?


November 27, 2012

October Month Current Affairs Free Download - National Events

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Friends, we've already uploaded the pdf file of International Events of October Month 2012. You can download that from Here. Now we are giving you the National Events of October Month. Due to time constraint, we're unable to giving this in our regular Magazine format. And yea its almost the time for uploading the Current Affairs of November month (usually we upload current affairs pdf versions by 3rd of every month). But this time due to our server problems (hope all of you know what exactly happen to us, so we are not going to discuss that again) we were unable to reach you for more than 3 weeks. We regret for the inconvenience caused by us unintentionally. Rest assured, we wont let this to be happen again. Anyways, here is your Current Affairs Magazine of October month (National Affairs). All The Best and Happy Reading :)

Classification / Odd Man Out Series Problems with Explnations - Alphabets

Friends, Classification / Odd Man out Series is one of the important topic in Reasoning Section. In these type of questions they just give you 5 options and you should find the odd man out from the given set. I mean, if you are given 5 options like Parrot, Crow, vulture, Sparrow and Penguin and ask you to find the Odd man out, then your answer should be Penguin (because all the remaining birds can fly)... Ofcourse, some of you may say "Why not Vulture is the answer? Because its the only bird which eats dead bodies (actually one of my friends asked this question while writing this article). Point.... "May be other birds too will eat dead insects if they starved" I answered.  "Then penguins too can fly for short distances" she replied. Point Again!!! So what will be the correct answer? After all you are not going to argue with the examiner who evaluates your answer sheet (or Optical Marks Reader ofcourse). So, here you should keep in mind that OVER THINKING should be avoided while answering these type of questions. Think twice before marking your answer. Now lets go to the details. To made the concepts clear, we've divided this topic into 3 sections. 

November 26, 2012

Study Materials for SBI Specialist Officers - Operating Systems

Well, first of all sorry for the late updates. We were unable to reach you people due to our server problems. We've already updated study materials for Programming Knowledge, Networking Basics.  We hope you found them useful for the upcoming SBI Specialist Officers exam. Now, with this post we are giving you the Short notes of Operating Systems. This small pdf book  contains the basics of Operating Systems in question and answer format and we hope it helps you  in maximum extent in brushing up your knowledge of Operating Systems. And here the point you should keep in mind is, the paper will be of Objective type questions only (chances are there for an Online Exam). NO Descriptive paper will be there, As some people here thinking. So prepare well.. You can use the Comments section below to post your comments. Please tell your friends about us, if you feel our materials are worth reading. Good Day :)

SBI Specialist Officers Study Materials - Networking Basics

Friends, first of all sorry for the delay in providing preparation materials for SBI Specialist officers exam. As you know we were unavailable for 3 weeks due to our server problems. Well, past is past... we've already provided you with the Programming Knowledge questions and answers (if you are new to this blog, you can download thatfrom here). Today we are posting the shortnotes on the Networking Basics. This small pdf file consists the basics of computer networks, typologies, applications, OSI and TCP/IP model's architectures with explnations, IP Addressing, Aloha, CSMA etc.   We hope this will helps you brushing up your basic networking skills. We are planning to upload an advanced version of Networking too... Possibly, you can get that by tomorrow. And one more thing you should keep in mind is... The paper will be of OBJECTIVE type . For the convinience of our readers, we are giving you the topics in Questions and Answers format. All The Best friends. Please tell your friends about us if you feel this blog is useful to you... Good Day.

November 24, 2012

Joaquim Barbosa is Brazil's First Black Supreme Court Justice

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Joaquim Barbosa has been sworn-in as Brazil's Supreme Court's first non-white Precident at a packed ceremony in the capital Brazilia. He became the only black ever to serve on the court when he joined it in 2003, even though more than half of the country's 192 million people identify themselves as having African descent. Barbosa, recently became a household figure in Brazil after overseeing one of the country's biggest corruption trials involving key members of the former President Lula Da Silva's government. Despite of having second largest non-white population in the warld after Nigeria, Brazil has only few of them achieve high office. In his inauguration speech Justice Barbosa acknowledged the flaws in the Brazilian legal system. Mr Barbosa is famous for his tough stand against political corruption. 

Water Image / Horizontal Plane in Reasoning

As we've already discussed, Water Image and Mirror Image are two important concepts of Reasoning. These concepts help you solving Non Verbal Reasoning concepts easily (ofcourse, some times verbal reasoning concepts too). In our last post, we've discussed about Mirror Image / Vertical Plane. You can read that post Here. In this post we shall discuss about the Water Image / Horizontal Plane. Simply we can say that the Water Image is nothing but the Reflection in Water. Technically the definition is "In water image / horizontal plane, the LOWER and UPPER parts interchange positions and the LEFT and RIGHT parts remain constant". Have a look at this Cat to make concept clear... Lol ;)

Mirror Image / Vertical Plane in Reasoning

Mirror Image and Water Image are two different concepts which helps you to solve Reasoning Problems  (especially in Non Verbal Reasoning). In this post we shall discuss about Mirror Image. This Mirror Image is also called as Vertical Plane. Have you ever observed your mirror image? Your right becomes Left and left becomes right.. Right? :P Ok, now there is a technical definition for Mirror Images in Reasoning. Of course, it too almost similar to what we known, but with lil extension. Please keep this definition in your mind. In the mirror image, the RIGHT part of the object appears at the LEFT side and vice - versa. But the UPPER and LOWER parts remain constant. Have a look at this Cat to make the concept clear... Lol ;)

Place Values of Alphabets - Reasoning Shortcuts

Friends, today we are going to learn about the basic rule for Analytical Reasoning. The Place Values of English Alphabets. These will help you in answering the questions related to Coding and Decoding and Analogy... Yea, I know all of you know alphabets and me too don't want to teach them to you now. But what about the place values? Of course, even a 5th grader will tell the answer by counting if you ask him "What is the place value of S ?". But the problem is, you should react in fractions of a second.  Because you cant spend more than 30 seconds for these type of questions. That means, you should learn by heart. Below we've given you the alphabets with place values, just read them for 10 to 15 times so that the values of these alphabets will register permanently in your mind.

November 23, 2012

Saurashtra Gramin Bank - IBPS RRB Recruitment

Saurashtra Gramin Bank, one of the Regional Rural Banks sponsored by State Bank of India is inviting applications from Indian citizens, for the posts of Officer in Junior Management (Scale I) Cadre and Office Assistant (Multipurpose) from Indian citizens who have appeared for the Common Written Examination for RRBs  conducted by IBPS in September 2012 and declared qualified for the same. The starting date for the payment of the Application fee is 27th November 2012 and the last date for the same is 12th December 2012. There are 50 Officer Scale-I posts (in total) and 63 Office Assistant (Multipurpose) posts in total. Degree in any discipline from a recognized University and Proficiency in Local Language is compulsory for both the posts.

Online Mock Tests for IBPS Clerks CWE - English Language

Friends, all of you know that we've been providing you with free mock tests and preparation materials for the upcoming IBPS Clerks. If you are new to this website, you can get them from Here. Today we are giving you the practice paper for English Language (read more English related posts for IBPS Clerks CWE here). Read on.. All The Best :)
Directions—(Q. 1–12) Read the following passage carefully and answer the questions given below it. Certain words are printed in bold to help you to locate them while answering some of the questions.

India-Born Mechanical Engineering Professor Autar Kaw wins US Professor of the Year Award - 2012

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Knowing about the winner of the US Professor award is not an important issue for us, unless and until the Author is of Indian Origin. Yep, an India-born professor Mr Autar Kaw, is among the four recipients of the 2012 US Professor of the Year award. He is presently working as a Mechanical Engineering Professor in University of South Florida (USF). The sponsors, US Council for Advancement and Support of Education (CASE) and the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching declared Kaw, a USF professor for 25 years, ‘Outstanding Doctoral and Research Universities Professor.

Ranjit Sinha is the new Director of CBI

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Senior IPS officer Ranjit Sinha was today appointed as the the next Director of Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI in short) for a two-year term. An official order put out this evening said Sinha has been appointed as CBI Director for a "period of two years from the date of assumption of office." He will take over charge from present CBI Director A P Singh who is retiring on November 30.

Tamilnadu State Co-Operative Bank - Assistants - 3589 Posts

Tamilnadu State Apex Co-Operative Bank is inviting applications for the posts of Assistants. No IBPS Score Required to apply. There are 3589 Posts in total. Last date for Online applications is 23rd November 2012 (upto 5:45 Pm). 

Eligibility Criteria : 
  • The age should be between 18 to 30 years as on 1st January 2012 (+2yrs for OBC, +5 yrs for SC/ST)
  • Graduates only can apply
  • Must have passed in Tamil language paper I/ II in std.XII or matric
How to Apply ?
There is no application fee for SC/ST candidates, while others are to pay Rs.250 by way of DD (demand draft) favouring State Recruitment Bureau, Chennai -10 & payable at Chennai. After making the DD, just visit the below mentioned link and click on the New Application to apply (the link works better in Ineternet Explorer Only).

November 22, 2012

Free Online Mock Tests for IBPS and SBI Clerks Online Exam - Computer Knowledge

1. Information on a computer is stored as what ?
(A) Analog data
(B) Digital data
(C) Modem data
(D) Watts data
(E) None of these

November 21, 2012

IBPS RRB Clerks and POs Recruitment 2012 / 13 - Haryana Gramin Bank

Haryana Gramin Bank is inviting applications  from Indian citizens, who have appeared at  the Common Written Examination for RRBs  conducted by IBPS in September 2012 and declared qualified. For the posts of Officer in Middle Management Grade (Scale-III), Officer in Middle Management Grade (Scale-II), Officer in Junior Management (Scale-I) and Office Assistants (Multipurpose). The online registration will starts from 23rd November 2012 and the last date of Online applications is 8th December 2012.  There are 216 Clerical posts and 115 Officers posts for Freshers.

SBI Specialist Officers Preparation Materials free download - Computer / Systems

Friends, finally we managed to post some preparation materials for State Bank of India (SBI) Specialist Officers recruitment. Earlier we planned to post them 20 days ago, but due to our server problems and changing of our domain name we're unable to post. We regret for that. Ok, now with this post we're giving you a short-notes of Programming Knowledge which will help you brushing up your programming skills. This material will be helpful for those people who are applying for the posts Computer / Systems (posts numbers 5 to 12) especially 10 and 11. We hope our readers don't limit their preparation with this small book, we'll try to upload some more short-notes on the areas like Networking, Oracle, Operating Systems etc soon. Its advisable that the readers should refer their core subjects apart from the regular ones. All The Best and Happy Reading.

Nation Celebrates 2nd Diwali - Kasab's Execution

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Friends, here is a Great Good News for you. Better late than never, The villian of the Mumbai terror attack of November 26, 2008 Mohammad Ajmal Amir Kasab was on Wednesday morning executed in a top-secret manner, leaving not just Indians but the entire world surprised.

The Pakistan national gunman was hanged in the high-security Yerwada Jail in Pune early on Wednesday after a four-year-long trial. Kasab, who was being kept at the Arthur Road Jail in Mumbai, was moved to the Yerwada jail earlier on Sunday night. 

November 20, 2012

Guide4BankExams is now

Dear Friends, thank you so much for your great support and encouragement to make our blog a big success in the Competitive Exam world (especially for Bank Exams). Now We've gt a Badnews and a Goodnews for you.... 

October Month Current Affairs Free Download - International Affairs

Friends, first of all sorry for the great delay in uploading the current affairs for the month October. Usually we upload free current affairs magazines by 3rd of every month. But this time the things got our of our hands. Due to some technical server problems we were unable to upload the October month's current affairs magazine till now. We promise that it wont repeat for the upcoming months. Now we are giving you the Pdf file of International Events occurred in October 2012. And we will upload the remaining parts by tomorrow. And some people asked us to upload a single pdf file, but it literally not possible to download a pdf file which contains more than 100 pages with indian free hosting services. So we're planning to upload a simplified pdf version of October month's current affairs. Hope you will like it... Good Day All.

Scott Flemming is the New Coach for India's basketball Team

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The Basketball Federation of India (BFI) has appointed Scott Flemming as the head coach of Indian senior men's national basketball team. Mr Flemming has 30 years of professional experience in the United States, as the head coach of the men's national team. Earlier he was the assistant coach of the Texas Legends in the NBA Development League, where he often served as the acting head coach, leading both current and future NBA players.

Karur Vysya Bank (KVB) Clerks Recruitment

The Karur Vysya Bank Limited, one of the leading Private Sector Banks of India is inviting Online applications from the qualified candidates who have a valid score card issued by IBPSCWE for recruitment of Clerical Posts. The last date for the Online Registration is 21st November 2012. Application fee is Rs. 250 For Gen and Rs 100 for SC/ST candidates. The candidates who have secured IBPS- TWSS Cut-Off marks of 125 or more than 125 are eligible to apply (24 & Above in individual sections). Check the remaining details below.

Punjab and Sindh Bank Specialist Officers Second List is Out

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Punjab and Sindh Bank has announced the Selected waiting Listed candidates lists for various cadres (IT Officers, Agricultural, Official Language and Technical Officers - Civil.  The Appointment letters to  have already been sent through Speed Post to all the selected wait listed candidates. The date of joining is 29th November 2012. Check the remaining details and name of the candidates with their roll numbers cadrewise below.

November 19, 2012

Novac Djokovic finishes World No. 1 for Second Straight year

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According to rankings released by the ATP on Monday (19th November 2012) Serbian professional tennis player Novak Djokovic finishes as world number one for the second straight year, as he sits top of the final 2012. Djokovic got 12 920 points as the Swiss professional tennis player Roger Federer got second place with 10 265 points, Andy Murray in third place and Rafael Nadal in fourth despite being on the injury sidelines since July. Check the complete list of rankings below.

November 18, 2012

We need our Readers' openion - Guide4BankExams need a new name

Well, it may sound silly and embracing... But we dont have any other option left. we need a new name for our blog Guide4BankExams. All of you know that we are posting articles under  the name www. Almost all of our moderators are the aspirants and who recently got jobs in Banks. So, due to money  and time constraint, we dint registered a domain name for this blog. We've been helping people from almost an year and built a good recognition among fellow aspirants. This fetch us some enemies too. Unfortunately recently we came to know that some of our  jealous opponent who regularly steal content from our blog stole our domain name ( This is really a Big Shock for us. For 3 weeks we left no stone unturned to get back our domain name back because all the aspirants get used to it. But no use :(

This means, the people who search Guide4BankExams in google will be redirected to his blog instead of the real Guide4BankExams blog. So, Now we don't have any other option except changing the name of this blog, before that guy misuses it. And we've decided to take our valuable readers' opinion on this regard. So please share your views about a short and simple name for our blog. You can use the comments section below for commenting. Thanks in advance. God Bless...

November 17, 2012

American Journalist Katherine Boo wins National Book Award

American Journalist Katherine Boo wins National Book Award for her book "Behind The Beautiful Forevers". This news is important because the book is based on the lives of people in a Mumbai slum (same strategy followed by Oscar winning director Danny Boyl. Boo has won this year's National Book Award for Non-Fiction in the United States for the above mentioned book. "Behind The Beautiful Forevers", written by American journalist Katherine Boo, is an account of Annawadi, a makeshift settlement near Mumbai airport. Boo's book beat Anne Applebaum's "Iron Curtain: The Crushing of Eastern Europe, 1945-1956", Robert A. Caro's "The Passage of Power: The Years of Lyndon Johnson, Volume 4" , Domingo Martinez's "The Boy Kings of Texas" and Anthony Shadid's "House of Stone: A Memoir of Home, Family, and a Lost Middle East".  The National Book Award for Fiction was given to novelist Louise Erdrich's "The Round House".

Shiv Sena supremo Bal Thackeray Passes Away

We came Back with a Sad news friends. The Shiv Sena supremo Bal Thackeray (86) is no more.  Mr Thackeray, who has been critically ill for the last few days, passed away today (Saturday 17th November 2012) at 3:30pm after protracted illness at his home ‘Matoshree’ in suburban Mumbai , his doctor announced. Earlier, Sena mouthpiece 'Saamna' said that "Thackeray is recovering and there is no need to worry. Our warrior is fighting."

Tkackerayji's full name was Balasaheb Keshav Thackeray was born on 23rd January 1926  started his career as a cartoonist with the Free Press Journal newspaper in Mumbai. due to the differences with the management, he quit and started his own magazine called Marmik which he used to highlight the "injustice being done to sons of the soil" in jobs available in Mumbai. Later formed Shiv Sena (means Shiva's Army) in 1966 in Maharashtra.

Thousands of Shiv Sainiks who had converged outside the Thackeray residence in Bandra (East) broke into tears on hearing the news and started chanting ‘Jai Shivaji’ in honour of their leader who championed the cause of ‘Marathi Manoos’ cries. 

November 10, 2012

Computer Questions for IBPS and SBI Clerks

Which of the following's absence the computer system can still be functional
A. Operating system
B. Hard Drive
D. Sound Card
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