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August 31, 2012

Punjab and Sindh Bank - Clerks - Final List

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Good News Friends. Punjab and Sindh bank announced its final list of the selected candidates for the post of Single Window operator (Clerks). You can download the pdf version of the state wise list of selected candidates with Roll Numbers and DOB Here. All The Best and Congratulations to the Selected Candidates.

Current Affairs - A Quick Reference Guide for IBPS RRB Exam

Friends, in this post we are giving you a Quick Reference Guide for IBPS RRB (Regional Rural Banks) Exams (both POs and Clerks). This will help you in reviewing the important topics of the recent current affairs. We've divided this small book in category wise so that it may come in handy for a quick reference. At the end we've provided some important points in questions and answers format. Hope this effort may help you in getting more marks in the upcoming IBPS RRB exams. All The Best friends. You can download the previous papers of Regional Rural Banks from Here. Happy Reading :)

IBPS RRB Exam Previous Papers - Pdf Download - 3

Friends, today we are giving you the previous paper of the Uttaranchal Gramin Bank (one of the 82 Regional Rural Banks of India). This exam was held on 17th April 2011. First try to solve the given paper in the specified duration without seeing the key and solutions and after that check with the key given at the end of the paper. If you have any problems or doubts in solving any of the questions then refer to the complete solutions given at the end of the paper. Dont forget to LIKE our facebook page here if you like our effort and want to get frequent updates from us. And you can get more Previous Papers of IBPS RRB (Regional Rural Banks) Exam Here.

August 30, 2012

IBPS RRB (Regional Rural Banks) Previous Papers - Pdf Download

Friends, this is the previous paper of Gurgaon Gramin Bank (one of the 82 Regional Rural Banks of India) officers exam with Complete Solutions. The exam was held on 25th October 2009. First try to solve the paper on your own. Later check the answers. If you have any doubts then check our solutions and get the correct method. Hope this paper will help you to make your preparation Complete by giving you a real time experience. You can read more Prevoius Papers IBPS RRB (Regional Rural Banks) Here. Happy Reading :)

IBPS RRB (Regional Rural Banks) Previous Papers - Pdf Download - 2

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Friends, here we are giving you the complete previous paper of Gurgaon Gramin Bank (one of the 82 Regional Rural Banks of India) officers exam with answers. The exam was held on 25th October 2009.  Hope this paper will help you to make your preparation Complete. You can read more Prevoius Papers Here. Happy Reading :)

Regional Rural Bank Previous Paper - Pdf Download - 1

Friends, today we are giving you the complete previous paper of the Haryana Gramin Bank (one of the 82 Regional Rural Banks of India) officers exam with answers. The exam was held on 17th December 2009. Hope this will help you to make your preparation Complete... Happy Reading :)

August 29, 2012

Interview Experience - UBI Clerks - Anand Prasad

Friends, our today's guest is Mr. Anand Prasad. Who has recently selected for the post of Clerks in Union Bank of India. He is going to share his Interview Experience with you in his own words. We would like to thank him on behalf of us and our readers for his dedication and great contribution for helping other aspirants. Here is his Interview Experience in his own words.

Dear friend’s hello to all of you. I am ANAND PRASAD wants to share my union bank of india swo interview experience with you all so that it may be fruitful in your future Endeavour’s. my previous interviews were Bank of Baroda, Corporation Bank, kgsg bank and I left Indian bank interview on 29/08/2012 due to I got job in Union Bank of India.

Banking & Insurance Interview Preparation Tips


What to prepare for Banking Interviews ? - Bank Interview Tips

Here are some basic topics you should prepare before going for the Bank Clerical Interview. Better make your own shortnotes on the following topics and practice saying them by looking into the mirror.

During the Interview - Banking Interview Tips

Avoid Shaking your foot, Crossing your legs, drumming your fingers or scratching your nose or face... etc. These gestures make the interviewers feel that you are nervous and uncomfortable. Try to look confident and relaxed. In most cases the interviewers themselves will try to put you at ease. Believe that they are there to let you prove your worth and mean no harm to you.

How to enter into the Room and how to Greet and Sit ? - Banking Interview Tips

Go with a smile (not a grin) on your face, with confidence and determination to succeed in your heart. Keep a positive frame of mind, without worrying much about the outcome. Take a deep breathe before entering into the room. It will make you feel normal. Don't walk in scratching your face or readjusting your collar. Wish all the interviewers. Greet the interviewers according to the time of the day. greet politely ‘Good Morning’/Afternoon or Evening depending upon time of the day. If there are more than one person then address them as ‘Sirs/Madams’ and try to encompass them all in your greeting. If there is only one lady in the panel, it is polite to greet her separately. If you are confused about the time, then simple “Namaste Sirs, Namaste Mam” will work. Most probably you will be offered a seat. Do not sit down unless you are asked to. Sit properly and do not sit on the edge of the chair because that will look as if you are nervous. Remember that from the moment you enter the premises, you are under scrutiny. So treat everyone you meet nicely and politely, starting from the doorman to the Interview People.


Clothing and Physical Appearance - Bank Interview Tips

What to Wear ?

There is a saying "there are two days when you absolutely have to look your very best : your wedding day and your first interview". Keep in mind that you are going to initially be judged solely by your appearance. Since you are assumed to be looking your best, if your best isn't up to par with the organization's standards, you'll have a hard time convincing the hiring people you are right for the job.

Before Interview Practice - Banking Interview Tips

First gather the complete information of the Bank from which you have got the interview call. Just go to the Bank's website and gather the basic information of that bank. You can get the complete list of Banks with their websites here. This will help you to get the complete Gather information about the bank or organization that has invited you for the interview. This will give you a clear idea about the philosophy, work environment and reputation of the Bank. And it will give you the required stuff to answer the question “what do you know about our bank? (or) why you want to be a part of this bank?” type of questions.
Your posture and ability to maintain eye contact are part of your appearance.  So, Before your interview, practice your posture while sitting in a chair, while leaning on a desk or table, and while standing.  Ask a friend to help you practice maintaining eye contact and shaking hands.  Why is your appearance important?  Because great credentials are not enough.  Employers are looking for the whole package.

If you are not 100% sure of where your interview is located, do a dry run the day before. You NEVER want to be late for an interview. It leaves a very bad first impression! So, start lil earlier on the day of Interview and try to reach the venue 1 hour before the Specified Time.

Read Next Step Here

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August 28, 2012

Union Bank of India - Clerks - Final List

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Union Bank of India has declared the final list of Candidates selected for the Single Window Operators (Clerks). The selected candidate will soon be sent Offer of Appointment at the communication address given by them in their IBPS Application. Check the state wise list of the selected Candidates with roll numbers Here.

Complete List of Ministers of India - for Competitive Exams

Friends, as we promissed we are giving you the complete list of the Ministers of India. Which is useful for the upcoming Competitive Exams. This list is prepared according to the data available as on 26th May 2014. We will take care of updating this list when ever there are changes occur. And we request you to please type in comments section if you came to know any recent changes in the list. So that it will be useful for our viewers. Hope you will like our effort. Happy Reading :)

August 27, 2012

Important points you should know about Regional Rural Banks (RRBs) for IBPS RRB PO and Clerk Exams

Friends, in this post we shall discuss about the basic points you should know about Regional Rural Banks (RRBs).  CWE for RRB (Regional Rural Banks ) PO and Clerical Exams. These points will be helpful for you in your upcoming IBPS PO / Clerks and IBPS RRB PO / Clerks Exams. Previously NABARD takes responsibilities for Recruiting the Staff in RRB’s. And used to conduct the Individual Exams and Interviews for the Recruitment. Now this was changed and IBPS taken the rights to conduct Common written exam and Interviews for Regional Rural Banks. All The Best :)
Regional Rural Banks (RRBs) - The History 

Rural banking in India started since the establishment of banking sector in India.  Regional Rural Banks were set up after nationalizations of banks in 1969 when emphasis shifted to providing more credit to weaker sections. Regional Rural Banks were established under the provisions of an Ordinance promulgated on the 26th September 1975 and the RRB Act, 1976 with an objective to ensure sufficient institutional credit for agriculture and other rural sectors.  Rural Banks in those days mainly focused upon the Agro Sector. Regional rural banks in India penetrated every corner of the country and extended a helping hand in the growth process of the country.

Here is the Complete list of 82 Regional Rural Banks(RRB) in India by Sate wise which are participating in IBPS RRB Exam :

Andhra Pradesh
  •  Andhra Pradesh Grameena Vikas Bank (APGVB)
  • Andhra Pragathi Grameena Bank
  • Deccan Grameena Bank
  • Chaitanya Godavari Grameena Bank
  • Saptagiri Grameena Bank
Arunachal Pradesh
  •  Arunachal Pradesh Rural Bank
  •  Assam Gramin Vikash Bank
  •  Langpi Dehangi Rural Bank
  •  Madhya Bihar Gramin Bank
  •  Bihar Kshetriya Gramin Bank
  •  Uttar Bihar Kshetriya Gramin Bank
  • Kosi Kshetriya Gramin Bank
  • Samastipur Kshetriya Gramin Bank
  • Chhattisgarh Gramin Bank.
  • Surguja Kshetriya Gramin Bank
  • Durg-Rajnandgaon Gramin Bank
  • Dena Gujarat Gramin Bank
  • Baroda Gujarat Gramin Bank
  • Saurashtra Gramin Bank
  • Harayana Gramin Bank
  • Gurgaon Gramin Bank
Himachal Pradesh
  • Himachal Gramin Bank
  • Parvatiya Gramin Bank
Jammu & Kashmir
  • Jammu Gramin Bank (Merger of Jammu Rural and Kamraz Rural Banks)
  • Ellaquai Dehati Bank
  • Jharkhand Gramin Bank
  • Vananchal Gramin Bank
  • Karnataka Vikas Grameena Bank
  • Pragathi Gramin Bank
  • Cauvery Kalpatharu Grameena Bank
  • Krishna Grameena Bank
  • Chimagalur-Kodagu Grameena Bank
  • Visveshvaraya Gramin Bank
  • South Malabar Gramin Bank
  • North Malabar Gramin Bank
Madhya Pradesh
  • Narmada Malwa Gramin Bank
  • Satpura Kshetriya Gramin Bank
  • Madhya Bharath Gramin Bank
  • Chambal-Gwalior Kshetriya Gramin Bank
  • Rewa-Sidhi Gramin Bank
  • Sharda Gramin Bank
  • Ratlam-Mandsaur Kshetriya Gramin Bank
  • Vidisha Bhopal Kshetriya Gramin Bank
  • ahakaushal Kshetriya Gramin Bank
  • Jhabua Dhar Kshetriya Gramin Bank
  • Marathwada Gramin Bank
  • Aurangabad-Jalna Gramin Bank
  • Wainganga Kshetriya Gramin Bank
  • Vidharbha Kshetriya Gramin Bank
  • Solapur Gramin Bank
  • Thane Gramin Bank
  • Ratnagiri-Sindhudurg Gramin Bank
  • Manipur Rural Bank
  • Ka Bank Nogkyndong Ri Khasi-Jaintia
  • Mizoram Rural Bank
  • Nagaland Rural Bank
  • Kalinga Gramya Bank
  • Utkal Gramya Bank
  • Baitarani Gramya Bank
  • Neelachal Gramya Bank
  • Rushikulya Gramya Bank
  • Punjab Gramin Bank
  • Faridkot-Bhatinda Kshetriya Gramin Bank
  •  Malwa Gramin Bank
  • Baroda Rajasthan Gramin Bank
  • Marwar Ganganagar Bikaner Gramin Bank
  • Rajasthan Gramin Bank
  • Jaipur Thar Gramin Bank
  •  Hodoti Kshetriya Gramin Bank
  •  Mewar Anchalik Gramin Bank
Tamil Nadu
  • Pandyan Grama Bank
  • Pallavan Grama Bank
  • Tripura Gramin Bank
Uttar Pradesh
  • Purvanchal Gramin Bank
  •  Kashi Gomti Samyut Gramin Bank
  •  Uttar Pradesh Gramin Bank
  • Shreyas Gramin Bank
  •  Lucknow Kshetriya Gramin Bank
  •  Ballia Kshetriya Gramin Bank
  • Aryavart Gramin Bank
  • Kisan Gramin Bank
  • Kshetriya Kisan Gramin Bank
  • Etawah Kshetriya Gramin Bank
  • Rani Laxmi Bai Kshetriya Gramin Bank
  • Baroda Western Uttar Pradesh Gramin Bank
  • Devipatan Kshetriya Gramin Bank
  •  Prathama Bank
  • Baroda Eastern Uttar Pradesh Gramin Bank
  • Uttaranchal Gramin Bank
  • Nainital Almora Kshetriya Gramin Bank
West Bengal
  • Bangiya Gramin Vikash Bank
  • Paschim Banga Gramin Bank
  • Uttar Banga Kshetriya Gramin Bank
Objectives of Regional Rural Banks :

The importance of the rural banking in the economic development of a country cannot be overlooked. As Gandhiji said “Real India lies in Villages,” and village economy is the backbone of Indian economy. Without the upliftment of the rural economy as well as the rural people of our country, the objectives of economic planning cannot be achieved. In fact, the real growth of Indian economy lied in the freeing of rural masses from acute poverty, unemployment, and socio-economic backwardness.

Regional Rural Banks (RRBs) are oriented towards meeting the needs of the weaker sections of the rural population consisting of :
  • Small and marginal farmers,
  • Agricultural labourers,
  • Artisans,
  • Small entrepreneurs,
  • Mobalise deposits from rural households

RRBs are expected to make credit available to rural households besides inspiring carefulness. Put it simple to ensure sufficient institutional credit for agriculture and other rural sectors.

The Credit Delivery System :
  • Grant of credit at cheap or concessional rates
  • Lending to individuals belonging to weaker sections without checking the viability of the activity proposed to be undertaken.

The Operational Area of RRB "

The area of operation of RRBs is limited to the area as notified by GoI covering one or more districts in the State.

Ownership of RRBs :

RRBs are jointly owned by Government of India (GOI), the concerned State Government and Sponsor Banks (27 scheduled commercial banks and one State Cooperative Bank); the issued capital of a RRB is shared by the owners in the proportion of 60%, 20% and 20% respectively.

Reform Process - RRBs
In order to provide access to low-cost banking facilities to the poor, the Narasimham Working Group (1975) proposed the establishment of a new set of banks, as institutions which "combine the local feel and the familiarity with rural problems which the cooperatives possess and the degree of business organization, ability to mobilize deposits, access to central money markets and modernized outlook which the commercial banks have".
RRBs started their development process on 2nd October 1975 with the formation of a single bank (Prathama Grameen Bank). As on 31 March 2006, there were 133 RRBs (post-merger) covering 525 districts with a network of 14,494 branches.

RBI Assistance
With a view to facilitate RRBs operations, the RBI gave RRBs direct access to refinance assistance at a concessional rate of three per cent below the bank rate.
Allowed to maintain a lower level of SLR than commercial banks.
Allowed to pay half per cent more interest on all deposits except those of three years and above.
Sponsor banks IDBI, NABARD, SIDBI, and other FIs are statutorily required under the RRBs Act to provide managerial and financial assistance to RRBs.

Evaluation of RRBs

The Committee constituted by the RBI in June 1977 to valuate the performance of RRBs concluded that with some modifications in their organisation and structure. The Committee to Review Arrangements for Institutional Credit for Agriculture and Rural Development which inter alia examined the role of RRBs in the rural development work, suggested the following : 
  • Preference for opening bank branches than commercial banks
  • The eligible business of commercial banks’ rural branches may be transferred to RRBs.
  • The losses in initial years of RRBs may be met by shareholders and equity capital should also be raised.
  • The various facilities provided by sponsor banks should continue for 10 yrs in each case
  • Concessionary refinance by RBI should be continued
  • The control, regulation, and promotional responsibilities should be transferred from the GOI to RBI or NABARD.

Regulatory Control

RRBs are allowed up to December 31, 2000 to maintain cash reserves at 3 per cent of their demand and time liabilities. A number of measures were taken since 1995 not only to make RRBs viable but also to enable them to function effectively.
Apart from recapitalisation and infusion of equity, the measures include : Deregulation of interest rates on advance and deposits of above one year maturity; rationalization of branches; and relaxation of norms relating to investments by RRBs.

In 1998-99 NABARD introduced several policy measures for improving overall performance. 
They are :
  • Quarterly / half yearly review of RRBs especially weak ones by the sponsor banks
  • Merger of RRBs coming under a sponsor bank and operating in contiguous areas
  • Off-site surveillance
  • Framing of Appointment and Promotion rules (1998) for the staff of RRBs
  • Introduction of Kissan Credit Cards for provision of credit to farmers. 
Read the synopsis Here. Liked this post ? Read more important points about Banking Interviews Here. Like our Facebook Page Here for Regular Updates and fee Materials.

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August 26, 2012

List of Chief Ministers and Governors of Indian States

Friends, Here is the Complete List of Chief Ministers and Governors of Indian States which is very useful for the upcoming Competitive Exams. Hope it helps you in preparing the current affairs for the upcoming competitive Exams. We will update this list regularly if there are any changes occurs in the list. And if you feel we should update any name in the list (The list is prepared according to the data available as on 15th August 2012) then please mention that in the Comments section below so that it will be helpful to the people who check this list later. All The Best and Happy Reading :)

India Under-19 Won World Cup

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Good News to celebrate this weekend friends, India Under-19 lifted their Third World Cup title after beating formidable defending champions Australia by six wickets in the final on Sunday (Date : Ausust 26 2012). Its almost the one man show of the  Captain  Unmukt Chand (111) who led India to World Cup glory at Tony Ireland Stadium, his unbeaten century ensuring his side saved its best batting performance for when it counted most, pulling off the highest successful chase at this venue to beat defending champions Australia in the final.  Chand's 126-ball ball century was studded with 5 sixes and 7 fours. Chand was ably supported by Baba Aparajith and Smit Patel (58 nout), secured India's third Under-19 world title, after Mohammed Kaif and Virat Kohli led their respective teams to victory in 2000 and 2008 editions respectively.

August 25, 2012

Current Affairs Quiz - 2

Friends, in this post we are giving you the Current Affairs Bit bank 2, which consists of 100 important questions for Upcoming Competitive Exams. All of you know that we've started weekly current affairs program. From Monday to Friday we will post the expected important questions of Current Affairs in our Facebook Group. And on Saturday we will provide you the Pdf file of those questions. This is the second week till we started the program. Thank you so much for your great response for the Current Affairs 1 event (those people who don't aware of this program can download the Current Affairs Quiz -1 bit bank from  Here).  Just download these pdf file below and prepare well. Join with us and Like our Facebook Page Here to get daily updates on Current Affairs. Happy Reading :)

Current Affairs Quiz 2 - Guide4BankExams

download important current affairs


Interview Experience - SBI Associates Clerks - Minaxi Jaiswal

Friends, here is an Interview Experience of  State Bank of Patiala Clerks (One of the Associate Banks of State Bank of India) shared by Minaxi Jaiswal. We would like to Thank her on behalf of us  and our readers for her Great Contribution to helping other Aspirants. Hope this will help you. 

The interview was held on 14th June 2011. 

Name : Minaxi Jaiswal

Education : Post Graduate (M.Com) and Pursuing MBA

Here is the Interview Experience in her own words. 

August 24, 2012

London Olympics 2012 - Overview for Competitive Exams

The Summer Olympics 2012  held from 27th July 2012 to 12th August 2012 in London  United Kingdom.

Motto :

The Motto of Olympics 2012 is “Inspire a Generation”.

Mascots :

The Mascots of London 2012 Olympic Games are Wenlock and Mandiville - creatures supposedly fashioned from droplets of steel used to build the stadium. With a metallic finish, a single large eye made out of a camera lens, a London taxi light on their heads and the Olympic rings represented as friendship bracelets on their wrists, they resemble characters dreamed up for a Pixar animation.

London Olympics 2012 - Medal Tally

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Usa Topped with 104 toal medals and India got 55th position with 6 Medals. 

Note : No need to memorize all these values... Just remember the values highlighted in Red colour.

World Records in 2012 London Olympics

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There are 26 world records being broken in various events in 2012 London Olympics. Here is the event wise List

Im Dong Hyun of Korea set a new world record score of 699 during the Archery men's individual ranking round.

South Korean team of Im Dong-hyun , Kim Bub-min and Oh Jin-hyek set a new 216-arrow world record in the ranking round.
Note : Im Dong-hyun is a partially blind person and He set the First world Record in London Olympics 2012.

41146 Vacancies in 19 Nationalized Banks

Good News Friends,  according to the Government, there are 41,146 posts, including Officers, were lying vacant in 19 Nationalized banks at the end of March 2012. This information was shared by  Minister of State for Finance Mr  Namo Narain Meena  in a written reply in the Rajya Sabha.  

There were vacancies for as many as 20,785 officers and 12,695 clerical posts as on March 31, 2012, MrMeena said, also, there was vacancy for 7,666 subordinate staff, he added.

Indian Bank - Specialist Officers

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Indian Bank, One of the leading public sector bank is inviting Online Applications from Indian Citizens who have taken the common written exam of Specialist Officers conducted by IBPS (Institute of Banking Personnel Selection, Mumbai) on 11th March 2012 and have valid score card issued by IBPS and meet the prescribed eligibility criteria to recruit the posts of Specialist Officers. The opening date of the online registration is 22nd August 2012. And the closing date is 5th September 2012. 

August 22, 2012

Download Regional Rural Banks (RRB) Call Letters

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Download  Call Letters for Common Written Examination (CWE) for recruitment of Officer Scale I , II & III in Regional Rural Banks (RRBs) from Here

August 21, 2012

Regional Rural Banks - Previous Papers - Hindi Language - 2

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We've already posted the Hindi Section of Uttar Bihar Gramin Bank's Exam (This is one of the Regional Rural Banks). You can get that paper Here. Now we are posting another Previous Paper of Regional Rural Banks Hindi Section. This is the previous paper of Bihar Kshetriya Gramin Bank held on 15th April 2012. Happy Reading :)

August 20, 2012

May Month's Current Affairs free Download

Thank you so much for your tremendous response for our Current Affairs Pdf Download program. You can download All our Current Affairs Monthly Magazines from Here for Free. in pdf format.  As the people requested us, we are posting Current Affairs of May month in pdf format with this post. Hope this small book too will help you in your preparation of upcoming competitive exams. You can get pdf file below. If you have any problems in downloading or if you want to say anything to us, please use the comments box below. Happy Reading :)

Regional Rural Bank POs Previous Papers - General Knowledge - 2

This is the previous papers of (General Knowledge section) One of the Regional Rural Banks Chattisgarh Gramin Bank held on 22nd January 2012. Happy Reading :)

Note : As this is the OLD general awareness paper, there is NO NEED to memorize this... we are just posting this paper so that you can understand the pattern of the questions. Good Day.

1. Which of the following is one of the core functions of the Reserve Bank of India ?

(A) To act as Tax collector of the Govt. of India

(B) Work as Banker to the Banks
(C) Help in finalization of the Union Budget
(D) Participate in annual meetings of the various financial institutes world wide
(E) None of these
Ans: (B)

August 19, 2012

China's Yu Wenxia is the new Miss World 2012

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Finally we managed to post some pics of beautiful girls in our blog instead of those maths equations and political leaders :) well the news is   China's Yu Wenxia has been crowned the 62nd Miss World while her Indian counterpart, Vanya Mishra made it to the top seven spot (Vanya Mishra selected as the Beauty With A Purpose). . Wales’ Sophie Moulds became the first runner-up, while Australia’s Jessica Kahawaty is the second runner-up. Last year the title winner was Venezuela’s Ivian Sarcos.This is the second time Miss China has been awarded the title. The last time was in 2007 when Zhang Zilin took the honor. The 23-year-old Yu is a music student who says she wants to become a music teacher and work with the poor. This is the first time Ordos has hosted the international beauty pageant. The city is one of the richest regions in China

August 18, 2012

Karnataka Bank - Clerks - 1000 Posts

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Karnataka Bank Ltd., one of the leading technologically advanced private sector Banks of india  is inviting applications from Eligible Indian citizens who have qualified the Common Written Examination for Clerical Cadre conducted by IBPS in 2011 (initially this bank used to conduct ceperate written test and interviews, but now tied up with IBPS. Opening date of Online Application is 28th August 2012. Colsing date of Applications is 2nd September 2012.

Current Affairs Quiz Series - 1

First of all thank you so much for the great response for our daily Current Affairs Quiz series Event in the facebook group. Ofcourse, some people told us that they felt IRRITATED by getting continuous questions and answers, so we've stopped inviting the people and asked them to join voluntarily. We are thankful to those people who participated voluntarily and made our event a great success. Now our quiz master decided to make a pdf file with all those questions (100 Questions are there). So Here is the pdf version of Current Affairs Quiz Series - Event 1. We're planning to conduct current affairs events daily. And you will get the pdf file of those questions with answers on Saturday. But we encourage your live participation :) Good Day and Happy Reading :)

Regional Rural Banks Previous Papers (English Section) - Clerks - 5

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Friends, here is the previous paper of Uttaranchal Gramin Bank (one of the Regional Rural BanksClerks (English Section) held on 10th April 2011
Directions—(Q. 1 to 12) Read the following passage carefully and answer the questions given below it. Certain words are printed in bold to help you to locate them while answering some of the questions.

One of the boys in a small village was sent out to the fields to look after some sheep. He was instructed bye the villagers to mind the sheep and take care of them. ‘Don't let them stray,’ said the villagers to him. “And keep a good look out for the wolves. Don't go far away’, and if you see a wolf coming near the sheep; shout out ‘wolf!’ as loudly as you can and we will come at once to help you.” ‘All right!’ said the boy, ‘I will be careful.’ So every morning he drove his sheep out to the hillside and watched them all day. And when evening came, he drove them home again. But after a few days he got rather tired of this lonely life. Nothing happened and no wolves came. So one afternoon he said to himself. “These villagers have given me a very useless job. I think I will play a trick on them, just for fun.”


August 17, 2012

June Month's Current Affairs - Free Download

Friends, thank you so much for the great response for our pdf version of July month's current affairs (people who couldn't download that file can download july month's current affairs complete version Here). Many of our friends have asked us to provide the Current Affairs of June month too... So Here we are giving you the pdf file of June month's Current Affairs. Hope you will like this effort too :) and plz use our comments section below to say your valuable opinion on the book. Please let us know if you found our effort useful. Good Day and Happy Reading :)

August 16, 2012

Vijaya Bank - Clerks - 800 Posts

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Vijaya Bank, one of the Public Sector Banks of India, with Head Office at Bangalore is inviting applications from the eligible candidates who have qualified in the Common Written Examination (CWE)- for Clerks conducted by Institute of Banking Personnel Selection (IBPS) in the year 2011 and holding a valid score card issued by IBPS for filling up the vacancies of Probationary Clerks. Online Registration will be open from 16th August 2012. The last date for Online Registration is 5th September 2012. Check the remaining details below.
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