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November 20, 2015

RRB IT Scale 2 Officer Interview Experience - Muruganathan Chandran


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Name : Murugananthan Chandran

Qualification : MCA. Working in Accenture (4.5 years experience), Chennai

Interview Date : 16th November 2015

Time :  8:30AM

Venue : Virudhunagar, Tamilnadu

Panel : 1, IT SCALE 2

4 members in the panel (including 1 female member)

I am the 5th person entered into the interview room. I dressed well with a tie. (But I am the only Person had a tie that day). Till the end of the interview, I maintained the smile and pleasant feel.

My interview questions:

Q: Introduction?
A: Introduced.

About ur family?
Told the details. (They expected in detail. For example: I said "My sister is working as a teacher in Bodinayakanur, Theni". But the panel asked pvt  or Govt school)

Why r u leaving IT?
1. Looking for a secure job
2. Instead of working for an American company, I want to utilize my IT skills for our Indian banking.

Current project role & Responsibilities?
Said the details.

I said I'm working in innovation team as well. Panel asked any live example in innovation?
I told about the automation which I did. It increases productivity, makes company profitable.

You working making company profitable. Company will give you good pay and allowances. But you will not get that salary here. Then why do you want to join gramin bank? (Asked this question again in a different way)
Irrespective of the performance, even if we do good, they will through us, in case of recession. But that is not the case in gramin bank.

About outsourcing of my client?
I said don't know much details on that sir. But they are running a manufacturing plant in Goa, India.

How RRB improve villages?
Contributing for country's development, increasing agricultural yield by offering loans for farmers, helping farmers to use  latest technology. Educating people by offering loans, increasing literacy rate, generating employment, women empowement., etc.

How are gramin bank make capital?
Deposits from people, central government, state government and sponsor bank.

Any gramin banks in ur area?
Yes sir,Pandyan Grama Bank near perumal temple in Bodinayakanur.

Is that situated near your home?
Yes sir, situated near my home.

Do you want to be posted there?
No consideration about the area. I am eager to work anywhere in India. (Panel look satisfied)

What you do in Rdbms?
Creating tables and views. Inserting, updating and deleting data. Apart from that I am creating cursors, triggers and procedures. And I write nested queries as well for my project. We do entire database management for our project.

Simply said world wide web. But It could have been better by giving additional details such as Tim bernes lee, internet, example of a website address.

Female member: Are you sure?
Yes madam, I am sure (In mind, LOL)

Where are you staying in Chennai?
Near Tambaram sir.

Panel: You are answering like a CBI officer. Be transparent. Say the exact place?
(Smiled and said sorry) I am staying in camp road, near Tambaram.

What is the rain situation in that area?
Heavy rain in Chennai. Stagnation of water till knee.

Who is responsible for that?
Municipal corporation will do the cleaning activities. Apart from that people should also have equal responsibility.

Panel said "swatch bharat"?
I said yes sir that too is needed.

You are going to work for RRB, Villages. Tell about Agricultural crop Seasons?
Confirmed the question again. I couldn't recollect the names of the season sir, but 3 seasons are there. (While coming out of the interview room, I got it. Kharif, Rabi and Zaid. Felt sad)

Are you sure that 3 seasons?
Yes sir, I am sure.

You scored good marks in B.Sc. then Why cross major after B.Sc?
Sir honestly speaking, there is more employment opportunities for engineering than arts and science stream. And I am interested in computer as well so I joined MCA. ( Panel looks not much satisfied)

Science is also having good opportunities now days?
Yes sir. Science is also having good opportunities. But comparatively, engineering has more opportunities than science. (Panel looks satisfied)

Crops cultivated in your area?
Mainly Cardamom, coffee and tea.

They asked about Khanja? Is it also famous there right? Why didn't you say that?
Yes sir. But cultivating khanja is illegal. So I didn't say that.

Panel said: you can leave now.
I wished them "Thank you sirs, thank you madam". Have a great day with smile.

Mostly general questions, less technical. Very cordial interviewers.

Best wishes friends!


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