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January 28, 2009

How to Prepare for the Bank Exams ?

As some people are thinking, cracking Bank exam is not a Difficult task. You don't need to attain any supernatural powers for this. All that you need are one table spoon hard-work,  one table spoon good material and two table spoons practice. Thats it!!! These ingredients are enough to make your life DELICIOUS. We are ready here with good material. Its up to you to add the remaining tablespoons and make it delicious. If you are EXPECTING some tips, then here they are

  • Make a Time Table and STRICTLY follow that.
  • Refer to all the topics in your syllabus and find out which topics are easier and less time taking while solving. Make a list of them, easiest to toughest. Try to solve the easiest first. This will help you to increase your confidence. But dont waste much time on them.
  • Try to cover all topics, Dont go for IMPORTANT ones. As we all know, there are NO important parts in competitive exams. All topics have equal importance.
  • The purpose of Practice and Previous papers is to help you while practicing only. Dont prepare according to them.
  • Believe God, but no BLIND beliefs. I mean, God will help you to GET a good rank, if you work hard and perform well. But he dont write your Exam. What i mean to say is "Karmanye vadhikaraste, ma Phaleshu kadhachana" (Focus on your work, I will take care of the Outcome - Bhagavadgita). No God told you that "Focus on me , i will do your work". God is God, dont make him your servant. 
  • Keep two pencils, eraser, two pens, challan and wrist watch ready.
  • Stop BLIND GUESSING in exam hall. Because one negative mark can change your LIFE!!! 
Ok, thats all for now friends. I'll Update this post if i get any new Ideas :) All The Best
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