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November 30, 2012

Expected General Awareness Questions - November (Set 4)


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Recently Microsoft Corp Organised a Worldwide Hackathon for Windows. For Students, who are Interested in App Development. Name it ?

Nobel winner Joseph Murray recently passes away . He is famous for ?

Name the first Hindu-American who elected to US Congress recently ?

Recently, the famous bike manufacturer Harley-Davidson India has launched its new bike model which is priced at 12.80 lakh rupees. Name it?

According to a recent survey, Greenhouse Gases Level Reached Record High in 2011. Which organization conducted this survey?

According to the WHO report which country topped in Diabetic patients?

Who is the new Director General of BBC ?

Recently the Researchers of which University  developed a statistical structure for filtering the spam which can efficiently and swiftly block the unnecessary messages in the inbox of email accounts?

Who is the new Coach for the Indian Basketball Team?

Recently, The Reserve Bank of India, in its notification released on 19 November 2012 directed all banks not to provide loans  for purchase of which metal?

M. Mahalakshmi and R. Vaishali are recently in news by winning Gold at the World Youth Chess Championship in Slovenia. Which state of india they are from?

Vietnam’s capital Hanoi is recently in news. What is the reason?

Spain Austronomers recently discovered a distant drawf planet which is 2/3rd in size that of Pluto and does not have atmosphere. Name it?

Nokia India recently launched its re-branded mobile map services in the Indian market. What is the name of these services?

Recently an Andhra Pradesh based pharmaceutical organization announced the launch of its Sildenafil Tablets (20 mg), a bioequivalent generic version of Revatio tablets in the U.S. Market. Name the orgazination?

Recently a Volcano erupted on 21 November 2012 at Tongariro National Park, New Zealand. Name it?

Recently the High Court of which country Launched e-court fee system, to cut off the difficulty and delay in filing cases.

Recently, the Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs of United Kingdom  visited India on 7th November 2012. Who is he?

Agriculture Minister Sharad Pawar inaugurated the National Institute of Food Technology Entrepreneurship and Management (NIFTEM) at Kundali in Haryana. what is the purpose of NIFTEM?

India recently voted against the non-binding draft resolution of UN General Assembly. What is the proposal of this Resolution?

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  1. This was a refreshing read, you twisted some question from set-3, so it was sort of a revision test... Thanks, a lot. Please upload similar tests for October & past months... Please !

  2. thank you madam plz upload in the form of pdf.


  3. shivani mam will u please clear to me that is haryana bank clerk form can be fill by other state student or not

    1. You can apply if you can speak the local language of Haryana friend. And the first preference will be given to the local candidates only.

  4. thank u for these questions

  5. chess champions from tamil nadu state, chennai district

    1. sorry for our over enthusiasm friend :D
      corrected that now.. Thank you so much for the update.

  6. thanks a lot for giving gud info

  7. Mam pls uload some sets for the past month

  8. these questions r really good plz mam update full novmbr news

  9. Please update previous months current affairs, now only i came to know this website so i can read only november month, i have missed previous months current affairs.


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