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November 29, 2012

Expected Current Affairs Questions - November (Set 3)


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Name the First non-White President of Brazil’s Supreme Court ?

Recently the 23rd James Bond Movie, Became the Highest Grossing Bond Film Ever in the 50 years of Bond film franchise. Name it?

Recently the Maldivian Airlines signed a pact with Apollo Hospitals, Chennai. What is the purpose of this pact?

Recently the president of Liberia has chosen for Indira Gandhi Peace Prize 2012? Who is she?

Bike company Harley-Davidson India recently launched its new bike model  which is priced at 12.80 lakh rupees. Name it?

Who is the New coach for Indian Basketball Team?

Name the Indian State which is going to host the 3rd World Kabaddi Cup from 1 to 15 December 2012?

Who is the new Chairperson of Indian Olympic Association (IOA) Election Panel?

Recently WADA proposed that the athletes who found guilty of the serious doping felonies will be suspended for 4 years from 2015. What is the full form of this WADA?

Recently RBI signed an MOU (Memorandum of Understanding) with the state bank of which country?

Who is the new Chief of Research and Analysis Wing (RAW)?

The President of India recently released a Commemorative Postage Stamp on late Ramgopal Maheshwari. Who is he?

Recently the Indian-American Sunita Williams Returned Back on Earth from the International Space Station (ISS). From how many months did she stayed in Orbit?

Recently, Researchers of which organization claimed that they've implemented an Algorithm for Controlling Computer Cursors with the Thoughts?

Recently Malala Yousafzai of pakistan was awarded by World Peace and Prosperity Foundation. For her comitment in which area did Malala get this award?

Recenlty more than 100 iconic CEOs from all over the world joined hands in order to make accessible cheap cancer care under the alliance known as CEO Cancer Gold Standard Programme. Name the main targeted countries of this mission?

Recently, a leading a leading telecommunications giant of india completed its largest Network Transformation in Africa. Name it?

Which country won the 100th Davis Cup 2012 by defeating Spain by 3-2 in finals?

The fourth joint military training exercises between the Indian Army and the Maldives National Defence Force (MNDF), EKUVERIN 2012 was recently held in ?

Recently a German Luxury Carmaking company purchased 40 percent stakes of the Mercedes Formula One Motor Racing Team. Name it?

Important Current Affairs bits


  1. hello madam you have to provide summits and books with persons in news. ?

    1. We've already uploaded till September. Please do check for SBI Quick Reference Guide in Current Affairs Section.

      We will upload the remaining list of summits held in October and November by the next Wednesday.

  2. Awesome... really i dono were u r getting this type of information. Thanks dude.

  3. provide october month expected questions

  4. Hi Mam, Im gonna write bank exam for the 1st time. i guess this website is more than enough to prepare for eam. Can u pls say how should i give priority to each topic. pls do the needful mam

  5. Hi Mam, Im gonna write bank exam for the 1st time. i guess this website is more than enough to prepare for eam. Can u pls say how should i give priority to each topic. pls do the needful mam

    1. Priority for Preparation or Priority for Writing the Exam? Divya? If you were asking about Preparation, first make an analysis of all the subject according to your understanding and difficulty levels. According to that, you can make your schedule. Concentrate more on the subject which you feel more difficult. But remember ,you should prepare all the subjects and should not neglect any individual one.

      Do ask me if you have any further support
      Good Day.

  6. thaks a lot,gr8 job when u will add aug,sep and oct month exp current affairs questions.pls add expected banking awareness questions also.Thanks


    1. Thanks for the suggestion Kiran. You can expect all expected questions sets by Monday...

  7. Indira Gandhi Prize went to Guljar. But you wrote somone else. Please check

    1. We've made a clarification about this regard Srujana... please have a look at the below link
      Clarification About Indira Gandhi Awards

      Hope it helps... Good Day


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