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November 24, 2012

Water Image / Horizontal Plane in Reasoning


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As we've already discussed, Water Image and Mirror Image are two important concepts of Reasoning. These concepts help you solving Non Verbal Reasoning concepts easily (ofcourse, some times verbal reasoning concepts too). In our last post, we've discussed about Mirror Image / Vertical Plane. You can read that post Here. In this post we shall discuss about the Water Image / Horizontal Plane. Simply we can say that the Water Image is nothing but the Reflection in Water. Technically the definition is "In water image / horizontal plane, the LOWER and UPPER parts interchange positions and the LEFT and RIGHT parts remain constant". Have a look at this Cat to make concept clear... Lol ;)

Now lets have a look at the water images of Numbers
Now have a look at the water images of Alphabets
Here the points you should keep in mind are,
  1. Seven alphabets C, D, E, H, I, O and X are same as their water images. 
  2. The water images of Five Alphabets H, I, N, O and X are same with their Mirror images 
  3. Two numbers 0 and 8 have their water image exactly like them.
  4. The mirror image of number 6 is same as the water image of number nine 9
Thats all for now friends. Hope you liked this post. You can read more Reasoning Posts here. And please don't forget our new name Gr8AmbitionZ while searching about our blog / referring to your friends. Good Day. 

Water Images / Horizontal Plane In Reasoning with Explanations 


  1. thank you so much admin..its very useful for me.. all i need is in this site..once again thank you so much for your effort.

  2. nice post thank u. but still it can be better by providing us with more information .

  3. super aewsome...................

  4. this is the first time am gonna attempt competitive exams obviously this is the first time am coming acrossing these concepts like water image and mirror really interested and infomative...great job....keeping going!!!!

  5. plz provide the sylogym concept

  6. trust worthy site for learning

  7. Really super work...keep sum examples

  8. Good tips to meomorizing

  9. plzzz tel me wen ll b nxt ibps exam for po post!! i need to prepare accordingly!!

  10. my suggestion is we don't need to memorize this mirror and water image instead of that take a waste paper and write the figure for example no 5 write the 5 four times in the same path just fold it in vertically up to get the figure will consider as a mirror image and just fold it horizontally up to get the impression on the bottom paper that is also we consider as the water image

    1. Arey wah aap toh bade smart ho. Thanks :D

  11. it is very some xamples make it more useful for please...!!

  12. It is better to take wrist watch with you. Because the glass of the watch can be used to get mirror image as well as water image.
    Its so simple


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