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November 24, 2012

Joaquim Barbosa is Brazil's First Black Supreme Court Justice

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Joaquim Barbosa has been sworn-in as Brazil's Supreme Court's first non-white Precident at a packed ceremony in the capital Brazilia. He became the only black ever to serve on the court when he joined it in 2003, even though more than half of the country's 192 million people identify themselves as having African descent. Barbosa, recently became a household figure in Brazil after overseeing one of the country's biggest corruption trials involving key members of the former President Lula Da Silva's government. Despite of having second largest non-white population in the warld after Nigeria, Brazil has only few of them achieve high office. In his inauguration speech Justice Barbosa acknowledged the flaws in the Brazilian legal system. Mr Barbosa is famous for his tough stand against political corruption. 

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