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November 20, 2012

Guide4BankExams is now


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Dear Friends, thank you so much for your great support and encouragement to make our blog a big success in the Competitive Exam world (especially for Bank Exams). Now We've gt a Badnews and a Goodnews for you.... 

Bad news is, unfortunately we’ve got some technical problems with our domain name Guide4BankExams. In simple words, one of our jealous opponent stole this name so that we’re unable to use this further. We left no stone unturned to get back the name because all the users of our blog get used to this name. But due to some defects in cyber laws, we’re unable to get this name back L 

And the Good news is …….after 10 days of discussions with our team and readers, we came up with a more efficient name than the previous one... That is................

Yea, this time our Guide will be COMPLETE with A to Z information of banking exams and we promise you to make your ambitions come true :) Sounds heavy? No probs… ;) We’ll try to live upto your expectations. The content of the blog will be same, all we’ve done is just filled the old potion in a new attractive bottle (we think so). 

So now we humbly requesting all our readers to keep this new name in mind while searching / refering to our blog…. Good Day

Guide4BankExams Team

P.S : You can use the comments box bellow to say your opinion on our new name... Your comments mean a lot to us....

Guide4BankExams is now


  1. good n unique motivational URL...big like

  2. hiii,My name is kartheek.our site New Name is very Nice :)

  3. bindaass,,,n wlcme back...:):):)

  4. mam i too want to help people by providing some materials regarding banking section. Can i. My email id is

    1. Contributors are always welcome Praveen. If you feel you have something useful to share with aspirants here, you can mail the content to Gr8AmbitionZ(at) with the following details
      1. Your Content
      2. Your Email ID / Facebook URL (Optional - if you want our readers communicate with you for further clarifications)
      3. Your blog / website's url (Optional - if you need back-links from this site)

      Good day

    2. Can u plz upload current affairs of December for ibps clerk 2

    3. There is no need to prepare current affairs of December month Friend. Just think, the exam starts from 15th. So the paper might have set atleast 2 weeks ago. That means its enough to read the current affairs till November 30th.

      Good Day.

  5. hi shiv
    New name is great(Gr8).


  6. Great site.

    Great guidance.

    Great name.

    good work....

  7. hi shiv. We are very much thankful to you to have a wonderful site. And name rocks.

  8. hi shiv. V r very much thankful to u for giving us rocking site.

  9. Very good name and very good site and very valuable and precise material to read especially for working people in MNC this material isighly useful,Thanks for your work

  10. GREAT and AWESOME name but be careful of these types of selfish and jealous people
    GOD BLESS U!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. but old one is much effective in comparison of new one.

  12. gr8 site gr8 work all material is also gr8

  13. I am shilpa. gr8 site is 8 times GRATE


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