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May 08, 2018

Essay - Money is a Good Servant But Bad Master

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Money is a Good Servant But Bad Master

The above proverb is by Francis Bacon. This proverb emphasises on the fact that money should not be given so much importance that it starts ruling one's life. One must be wise enough not to run after money at the cost of the other important things of his life. Money shall come and go but an individual should not lose the most valuable things of his life just because of money. 

Money is an essential and in fact an indispensable component of today's life. Without money, it is
impossible to survive in this world as it is the money with which one can buy all the necessities and luxuries required to lead the life. If one has money, one can buy whatever one needs, wishes or desires. This is the reason that everyone is running after it and finding ways to increase their wealth. People want to fulfil their unfulfilled desires. This desperation has led to the rise of unethical practices and crime in many cases. Morals and ethics seem to be lost in the money- driven world. 

Money has become very powerful. An individual's prestige, respect, and social status are directly linked to one's bank balance. Gone are times when an individual's character used to speak for him, now it is the bank balance which has become synonymous with one's identity. Money and muscle power have become the essential ingredients of success. 

People have become the servants of money. They want to earn more and more by hook or crook and at any cost. In the world dominated by money, the relations have taken a back seat. 

A person who is running after accumulating wealth at the cost of his relations and health is a slave to the money. In true sense, these people are not satisfied with their lives. They fail to experience the true happiness out of the small pleasures of lives. The ironical part is that they are not able to make the use of their money when it is required the most. These people tend to live the life of the king `Midas' who was blind after money and lost all his precious assets one day because of this blind love for money. An individual who makes use of money to fulfil his necessities, to acquire reasonable comforts and invest it in the welfare of people is in a real sense a 'wealthy and rich' person.

He is actually the master of money. It is the healthy body and a relaxed mind which makes one happy. The money should be invested in making one happy. One must remember that happiness and health are one's biggest assets. 

What people tend to forget is that howsoever powerful the money is, but it cannot buy them internal satisfaction and mental peace. Nor they can purchase the lost time and happiness of life with the money. Cheating and fraud may bring momentary joys but lead to blind ends. Nothing can substitute hard work. 

All said and done, one should control the money instead of being controlled by it. Truly quoted 'Money is a good servant but bad master'. 

Difficult Words with Meanings :
  • Emphasise highlight, give more importance to
  • Indispensable essential, crucial
  • Luxuries splendour, extravagance
  • Desperation a state of hopelessness
  • Unethical immoral, dishonest
  • Synonymous closely associated with
  • By hook or crook by any means, in one way or another
  • Accumulating collect or acquire
  • Ironical interesting or strange because of being very different.
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