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July 20, 2015

20th July 2015 - Important Current Affairs updates

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International Affairs
  • Today is Colombian Independence Day.
    • Important details about Colombia
      • Capital : Bogotá
      • Official Language : Spanish
      • President : Juan Manuel Santos
      • Vice President : Germán Vargas Lleras
      • Currency : Peso
  • On this day in the year 1969, American Astronaut Neil Armstrong‬ became the first human to walk on the surface of the moon.
  • British PM David Cameron sets out government's strategy to defeat the poison of Islamist extremism in Britain.
    • Cameron set out four major issues which needed to be addressed
      • countering the warped extremist ideology, 
      • the process of radicalisation, 
      • the drowning out of moderate Muslim voices
      • the identity crisis among some British-born Muslims.
    • He said no-one should be demonised and moderate Muslims also hated the sick world view of extremists.
  • United States and Cuba formally restored diplomatic ties after 54 years.
    • Both of these countries renewed diplomatic ties today, as embassies reopened in their respective capitals, a powerful move toward burying decades of enmity between the cold war foes.
  • Japan, the world's sixth biggest greenhouse gas polluter, has pledged to cut emissions 26 percent from 2013 levels by 2030.
    • In order to achieve this goal, nuclear energy, deeply unpopular and offline since the 2011 tsunami-induced Fukushima disaster, must provide about 20-22 percent of electricity production by then.
National Affairs
  • Prime Minister Narendra Modi inaugurated the 46th Indian Labour Conference dedicating the National Career Service (NCS) the largest nationwide portal for job matching in dynamic and efficient manner and launching of ESIC 2.0, the second generation health reform agenda for the numerous employees nationwide.
  • 17 new police battalions, comprising 18,700 personnel, will be raised in Jammu and Kashmir and the Naxal-hit states with Central assistance.
    • Among these 17, Five will be for Jammu and Kashmir and 12 for the Maoist-affected states, a senior Home Ministry official said.
  • Indian Railways today signed an MOU with Odisha government for speedy implementation of a segment of Khurda Road-Bolangir new broad gauge rail line on cost-sharing basis.
    • Signing of this MOU will go a long way in developing infrastructure in Odisha, as Dasapalla-Bolangir segment of Khurda-Bolangir new line running from east to west across the state will accelerate the development in the districts falling on this line.
    • Note : Khurda Road-Bolangir (289 km) new line project has been taken up by the Railways at an anticipated cost of Rs 3,050 crore.
    • Railway Minister : Suresh Prabhu 
Science & Technology
  • Stephen Hawking, the eminent British physicist today launched a USD 100-million project to search for Aliens.
    • The Breakthrough Initiative programme, funded by US-based billionaire and Silicon Valley technology investor and physicist Yuri Milner, was launched at the Royal Society in London and characterised as the "biggest scientific search ever undertaken for signs of intelligent life beyond Earth."
    • The project plans to cover 10 times more of the sky than previous programmes and scan five times more of the radio spectrum, 100 times faster.
Awards & Honors
  • Kerala Tourism has bagged this year’s Pacific Asia Travel Association (PATA) Awards for its Muziris Heritage Project in the ‘Heritage & Culture’ category. 
    • The award, sponsored by the Macau Government Tourism Office (MGTO), was bestowed on the Muziris Heritage Project for its conservational aspect, uniqueness and impact on local community.
    • Note : The flagship project of the government of Kerala is one of the biggest heritage conservation projects of modern India."
    • Kerla Tourism Minister : AP Anilkumar
  • Shiv Pande, an Indian-origin doctor has received the honorary fellowship by University of Central Lancashire, one of the leading British Universities for his contribution to the community as a general practitioner and medical educator. 
Business & Economy
  • Greek banks reopened today after three-weeks shutdown because of the deadlock over the country's debt, as the government initiates repayment of its loans to the ECB and IMF.
  • Bharti Airtel has entered into an agreement with France-based telecom operator Orange to sell its four subsidiaries in Africa. 

Daily Current Affairs of July 2015

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