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January 22, 2016

IBPS PO V Interview Experience - Vaibhav (Nagpur)

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Name : Vaibhav Zamre

Qualification : B.E (Biomedical)

Place : Staff Training Center Maharashtra Bank, Trimurti Nagar, Nagpur

Panel : 2 (Members 4M+1F)

Date : 20/01/2016

Time : 8.30 AM

Hello all, I reached for interview at 8.30am, they started with the Biometric Scan and later on they did document verification. There were students who didn’t pass the Biometric Scan and forgot to bring some documents. But still they were allowed to give interview by writing some declaration.
My Biometric and Document verification went smoothly. My interview turn came on 12.30 pm and lasted for 20min.

Questions ask in Interview….
  1. Introduction
  2. My field of Engineering. (Biomedical)
  3. Define Biomedical Engg.
  4. Cross questions on my branch like…Biomedical Career and opportunities, why are you not applying there, Why did you choose engg. In this field, etc.
  5. Ask some Medical Instruments and there purpose.
  6. MUDRA scheme
  7. Tell the Bank which offer MUDRA Scheme in Nagpur.
  8. What innovation you want to bring in Banking System?
  9. What is the work profile of PO?
  10. Why haven’t you applied for Insurance Companies if you like marketing.
That’s all they asked…
Thank you..
Hope I could make it this time. All the Best all :)

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