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February 15, 2015

IBPS Clerk IV Interview Experience shared by Shalini (Chennai)


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Hi all, This is Shalini Suresh from Chennai. I share my interview experience with all of you. Hope it helps you.

Date :  14.02.2015

Qualification :  MBA (Finance)

Venue :  IOB Regional Office, Anna Salai, Mount Road, Chennai

Panel :  IV

Time : 1 PM

I reached the venue one hour ahead. We were asked to wait in the ground floor in the waiting room.  They called each panel candidates one by one by 12.30 pm. My panel was in third floor. By 1pm they took the attendance and gave each candidate their respective numbers. There were 25 candidates in my panel, I was the 24th person. Then they called for document verification. The documents (both original and photo copies) are to be arranged in the following order :
  1. Interview Call Letter 
  2. Application form 
  3. Identity proof 
  4. Birth certificate/X th mark sheet 
  5. XII th mark sheet 
  6. Provisional certificate (if you are a 2014 passed out and if you are not provided with degree certificate) 
  7. Degree certificate (Semester wise) 
  8. Consolidated mark sheet 
  9. Caste certificate : (issued on or after 02.09.2013)
During document verification they gave us a white sheet and asked us to write a paragraph in tamil seeing a tamil magazine. Then signed it and gave it along with the documents. Once done with the verification we were asked to wait. Soon my turn came. Bell rang, I went in.

May I come in sir, They all said please come in with a smile .I entered the room and greeted them Good evening.  There were 4 members in my panel 3 male and 1 female. They asked me to take my seat. 

M1: Ok so you are Shalini Suresh. Tell us about yourself briefly.
I introduced myself.
M2: What is your qualification, which college you studied?
Sir my UG is B.Com and PG is MBA Finance
M3: Good you studied in Chennai' s popular schools and colleges.
M4: In which bank you have an account?
I said I have an account with SBT.
M3: Who decides the interests of savings account?
I said RBI has given the sole right to the individual banks to decide their own interest rates.
M3: Good, that’s right.
M2: Since you hold a bank account, you must be knowing what is a demand draft and a cheque? What is the difference between demand draft and a cheque?
In case of cheque, the drawer is the customer of the bank. In case of draft, the drawer is the bank itself. Draft is issued to anyone, even to non account holders. Cheques are used to make payments or to settle transactions. They were satisfied with my answer.
M3: Which institution sacked the planning commission recently?
I said Sir, it is NITI Aayog. National Institute for Transforming India.
M3: That’s right Shalini.
M2: Who is the Governor of RBI?
I said Sir, Sri. Raghuram Rajan.
M3: What was he earlier?
Sir, he was chief economist at the IMF.
M3: Yes you are right. He was also the economic advisor to India’s Ministry of finance.
M4: What are the prime functions of RBI and RBI can only do a prime thing which other banks cannot do what is that?
I said RBI is the banker’ bank. It is the central bank of India. RBI formulates the monetary policies of India. RBI has the sole right to issue currency notes in India which no other bank can do.
M4: This is what we expected.
M1: Today is Feb 14th, what are the two major events happening today?
I replied Shri. Arvind Kejriwal is sworn in as the CM of Delhi.
M1: Oh Good, What is the other one?
I said cricket world cup 2015 starts today sir.
M1: Laughing… I was fearing if you would say its valentine's day… Good thank god!!! You said these two. You like cricket? What's the tag line which is going viral now?
I said yes sir I like the sport. Sir, its WE WON'T GIVE IT BACK…
M3: Ha ha yes lets not give it back he said. Generally cricket is meant for guys, I think only a few girls follow cricket and you are one among them. Good good.
M1: Who are all playing today?
I said sir, Australia and England.
M2: Yes you are right. What about tomorrow? A great day I believe.
I said yes sir, tomorrow it is India Vs Pakistan.
M3: Yes yes, so you can enjoy the match after finishing your interview today.
I said yes sir.
M2: What are the technologies used in banks?
I explained about internet banking, NEFT, RTGS, ATM, Prepaid Mobiles top up, CBS.
M1: What is the difference between NEFT and RTGS?
I explained in detail. They said good who have prepared well I guess. I said yes sir.
M3: From when did you start preparing?
I said once I completed my exam, I started preparing.
M1: Oh! So, you were confident that you will clear the exam that time itself?
I said yes sir, I was confident.
M3: That's really good dear. Is this the first time you are giving your bank exam?
I said no ma'am last year I gave my IBPS clerical and I cleared my written exam but overall cut off was low, so I did not get placed.
M2: Oh! So this year what are your attempts this year?
I told them, how much you expect Shalini? I told them. If you get good score in written exam then you can easily make through.
M1: Good Shalini. Wish you good luck. May god bless. They all said Thank You Shalini.
I said thank you sir and thank you ma'am.

This was how my interview went on friends. Hope it was useful. Stay cool, panel members are so friendly. They will help you if you don't know the answers. Just feel comfortable and you will do it well for sure. Thanks to GR8AMBITIONZ for guiding us and giving an opportunity for everyone to post their exam and interview reviews which helped us a lot. Wish all of you GOOD LUCK…

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  1. Tough interview. Why are they always asking about the rate of interest?

  2. Good interview shalini....this time sure u will be in...same panel Monday my interview

  3. Shalini u r done well. Definitely u ll b selected. All the best for your future endeavours

  4. Good interview. Thanks for sharing

  5. Gud interview shalini... How much u attended?

  6. Actually there were 2 matches... Aus vs Eng , Zim vs South Africa :)

  7. NZ vs SL also :)

  8. What r d docmnts required to open an accnt in a bank fr a cmpny?

  9. All the best same panel mera 11ko tha

  10. Shall we answer d questions in English.. Or Tamil or both mixed

  11. Can u share some questions ?

  12. yess..u can choose the topic by ur own..!!

  13. Direct benefit transfer(DBT) like LPG Subsidy will be linked to pmjdy accounts...So the customer will get the subsidised amounts without fail...

  14. When I told the first match they said ok and skipped to next question.

  15. Differs with the panel

  16. Thanks a lot yaar. All the best.

  17. Hello, i am 2013 pass out but original certificate is yet to be released..
    I have privisional certificate.
    Is it okay or I should arrange consolidated one ?

  18. Since you are 2013 passed out they may ask for your degree certificate. In your case, u can tell them you are not provided with it. You can carry your provisional.

  19. Both Tamil and English.

  20. Thanks. :)
    Best of luck.. You just nailed your Interview.

  21. All the best
    Good interview experience

  22. Its good to see an MBA Finance interview at last. Well done. All the best.

  23. Can anybody explain CTS in simple wrds

  24. Really gud ....all the best dear

  25. what u said as expected...marks..nice interview al the best..

  26. Wat s consumer surplus?

  27. Whr do losses shown in blnc sheet?

  28. Can nybdy tell wat s d tym duratn fr returng period fr ovrdrft money fr Jan dhan yojna..

  29. Hw much intrst bank charge on ovrdrft

  30. hey Saurabh they didn't ask you to write essay or paragraph in hindi...??
    Kindly clarify,

  31. Hey SHALINI can u plz tell me abt clearing house in simple wrds

  32. Liabilities side deductin from reserves..

  33. Hi,i have done a mistake in my application form.i have given my date of passing as 22jul 2012 but actually it is 27/6/12 will this create any problem during verification pls help me im very much tensed

  34. That was an superb interview shalini.... i really felt that u got the job.... i felt very happy to read ur interview experience which give some confidence for me... 18th my interview little tensed. But ur review is a breather for me... thank u for sharing....all the best....

  35. its truly awesome interview...i hope it'd help me too for my turn...thanx a lot..

  36. Oh!! Thanks a lot. Stay relaxed and give your best shot. Wish you good luck. Let me know once you're done with ur interview.

  37. Thanks a lot Shalini :-) All the best...

  38. Clearing house is
    1:an establishment maintained by banks for settling mutual claims and accounts
    2 :a central agency for the collection, classification, and distribution especially of information; broadly :an informal channel for distributing information or assistance.

  39. Wat s financial literacy?

  40. Financial literacy is the ability to understand how money works in the world: how someone manages to earn or make it, how that person manages it, how he/she invests it (turn it into more) and how that person donates it to help others.[1] More specifically, it refers to the set of skills and knowledge that allows an individual to make informed and effective decisions with all of their financial resources.

  41. Why these people will study btech and they will join as clerk and moreover these people wont work long tym with d bank so my request is to remove the btech qualification for upcoming ibps clerk exams

  42. What about the guy who have done bsc and bcom ?? These people are loosing so many opportunities

  43. First of all i want to say thanks..
    Thank you gr8 team..
    Name: Sindhuja
    Qualification: B.E(CSE)
    Category: OBC
    Venue: IOB Salem, Tamilnadu
    Date: 12.02.2015
    Time: 8.30 am

    Hello friends,

    I had completed my interview yesterday.I am sharing my complete
    experience here. hope it will be helpful to others. i had reached venue
    around 8 am. and there are totally 24 members in ma panel.. and i was
    22nd. so i was waiting for a long tym. they called me at 10.45am for
    document verification. after that they gave me 10 topics to write. and i
    choosed one then wrote it.(my topic is "favourite place"). then they
    verified my documents. and again i started to turn came only at 1.30pm :(
    bell rang!!
    i knocked the door!!
    may i come in sir...
    all the panel members told me to come.
    i wished them
    They too...
    Totally there were 3 males and 1 female. and 1 sir from engineering college( HOD)
    They were so jovial. So i didnt get tension.
    M1: tell me about ur self
    me: explained
    F: asked abt my college
    me: told
    M1: how will bank get income?
    me: intrest, transaction,insurance....
    But they expected some another answer. and i didnt know. so they told no problem and moved to another question.
    M2: what are the different types of loans?
    me: answered
    M1: say about agricultural loan
    me: some what explained
    M2: What are the types of insurance?
    Me: explained.
    Then the turn moved to HOD
    what are the different types of bus?
    partially answered.
    finally they gave me news papers to read.
    then they wished me all the best.
    the whole interview was around 10minutes. and the panel members are so helpful to remember the answers by giving clue.

    So dont worry friends..!!! hope it will be useful to you!! All the best..!!

  44. Cool Interview !!!!!!!!!
    Just Like Your Name.
    All the Best !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  45. good interview....all the best shalini.

  46. I have uiic interview, it is said there that a character certificate issued by two persons who don't know you.please tell anybody what is this?

  47. thanx'll help me a lot :))
    which panel wos urs??

  48. ohh..yeah i got it...thanx a lot... :)

  49. See payments banks can carry out all banking activities except lending..they can save money in bulk and earn interest by investment.Another thing they will introduce digitalwallet like paytm,airtel money etc and earn comissons from that.

  50. my ibps clerk interview experience....
    date-15/2/15 2011 paasout
    venue-andhra bank saifabad panel 4 time 8.30

    when i reached interview room they told me to write anything in telugu i wrote on jhan dan yojana.
    after verification of documents they sended us to 1st floor there almost only girls are present in waiting room .
    atlast my chance came for hot seat
    i dont know how much time did interview gone i am posting my questions and answers

    As i entered the room i wished them they told me sit down.

    they are 5 members in panel 1lady 4 gents(1 of them was like a vilian when i saw him i thought he is going to kill me)
    this is my first ibps clerk intrw i went nicely into the room but got tensed

    1)tell me about ur father?
    a)i told them. ibps candidate(vilian) could not get what i have told then again i replied them.

    2)he asked what was my stream in eng?
    a)cse i have told

    3)what is algorithm?by vilian
    a)as this was un expected questn my face went blank. i tried answered i even dont know what i have told in interview(started worring from here)

    4)what have u done since 2011?again by villian itself
    a)i told them what i have done for 2011 to 2013.and started preparring for bank exams.

    5)he asked did u write any ibps then?
    a)i told them i dint clear any exams

    6)what is interface? by another candidate
    a)told them

    7)did u write ibps so exam?
    a) i told them no sir my exam was yesterday in kurnool .

    8)then so what! u should have written the exam he asked?
    a)i told that as i have my first interview i could not take my chances .he got satisfied.

    next question was forwarded to lady
    9)she asked to tell me about andhra bank?
    a)this was the first mistake i could not tell in a proper manner...

    next question was forwarded to gent.....

    10)what is debit card and atm card?
    a)i thought for a sec and told both are same...

    next question was forwarded to my favourite villian again

    11)so u have not tried any software companies from 2013?
    a)i told them no sir as i dont have good i was 2011 passout companies were asking 70% min.

    again by villian

    12)tell any 5 indian software companies?
    a)i told 4 correctly got sattisfied....

    when i saw him he made an expression he thought that i am not going to jump from banking field?

    13)tell me govt schemes?
    a) iasked whether state or national

    14)he told me tell about national schemes?
    a)i told them all the schemes which have i studied (i think i told atleast 8 or 10 schemes)

    15)tell me about "make in india"?( as i mentioned 1 among schemes)
    a)i told with tensed but i told correctly...

    question passed to next person

    16)do u know about rbi?
    a)i told them but i missed main points...

    17)whast is msf?
    a)i told correctly he got satisfied....

    then ok sreekar u can leave>>>>.....

    forgot to thank them.....

    having hopes


    — feeling excited.

  51. I gave that answer to them..don't know how correct I m bt they nodded head with smile.

  52. will they give minimum marks in interview?..i did only average ibps clerk interview.plz help me.i am from TN

  53. interest rate is base rate+2% or 12% whichever is lower.

  54. essay should be written in hindi?? right??

  55. they are asking IT companies to develop products for them...then why bank cannot hire IT guys....

  56. hello..who r u to request them to remove....???....ibps is more sincere n intelligent....they know better what to do or stop complaining n compete with others to get job...rather then just prayin or requestin...

  57. You will surely clear!! Its a feel good interview.

  58. hey!
    nice to see u :)
    after long tym...
    i have heard that u got SBI PO

  59. jo bhi aapki regional language hogi...

  60. Sure... i will let you know the details once i completed the interview

  61. No probs ammu. Anyway both dates are inside the dates they mentioned. So no need to worry about that.....

  62. Sure... i will let you know the details once i completed the interview

  63. Panel members are changing in chennai iob

  64. Panel members are changing in chennai iob...

  65. how u render customer service?
    what is fiscal deficit?i explained but they ask with example
    what is EPS?
    what is meant by break even point?
    when GST was first introduced?
    which is profitable to bank ?
    what are all come under demand deposit?
    what is capital budgeting?
    what is meant by liquidity ratio?
    what is long term ratio? in ratios

  66. wwhen u have interview

  67. 20...even i m from mba finance

  68. chennai ah all the best pa

  69. is there interview on 20 th prathyusha

  70. No dear from Hyderabad.

    Thank you and good luck

  71. have u cleared the po exam pa

  72. if they ask in english we have to answer in english

  73. ok pa prepare well all the best do well keep in touch

  74. how wil bank get income??plz answer this qn shalini

  75. helo richa,you cleared ibps clrk?

  76. Date of passing does not create any impact. Only the month and year of passing they will check...

  77. please tell when will SBI CLERK FINAL RESULT announced???

  78. Banks provide loans to customers and in return collect interest for the loans. Thus banks generate income. This is the major source of income for banks.

  79. U r safe side ms salini...

  80. payment bank gets income only from the small credit it gives to the MSME, and also it gives loans to the people by keeping security,, thats all

  81. Ashok Kumar boddupallyFebruary 15, 2015 at 10:39 PM

    Supperb performance shalini.. I believe that they are satisfy with u r answers... U may have chance to get job.. Best of luck..

  82. Shalini u will get in I m 110% sure
    all the best

  83. ok intelligent :)

  84. Hi shalini..good interview experience... U will be selected defenately.. All the best..

    Am also fr chennai... Can u pls give ur contact details I'd is

  85. They oly told when I attend d interview

  86. richa nhi disha.. :)
    ys i hv cleared ...

  87. excellent ya , all the best u will be definitely in........

  88. Thanks a lot Jitendra.

  89. hi, sourabh my interview also at same day,same place & same timing but by panel no 7.tell me one thing after interview toffee/choclate candidate ko dene ka kya mtlb hota hai?????

  90. really tough interview..... best of luck

  91. Really, i never forget this interview in my whole life.

  92. but how can it give loans to people..when there is not any provision of lending??

  93. dont worry even interviewrs know they are asking difficult questions

  94. Acha hua cg ka jada puche I was 3 from the last

  95. Sbi assoc. clerk diya tha?

  96. 22 ko h but dungi nhi sayad

  97. man nhi h bas...
    sbi me umeed h hone ki usne agar 1% nhi hua to ibps ya rrb me ho jayga. islia.

  98. ok ..i pray for your success..

  99. all the best fr ur gd future.. :)

  100. can anybody tell me .... is the ibps interview panel already knows our score of online test during our interview...?????

  101. hi friends i am new to gr8ambitionz this is awesome site ...

  102. i have one doubt as i now started for banking i have 2 year backlog because of some problem although i have 54% agrri as i am eligibal for banking examm,, plz reply anyone...


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