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January 22, 2016

IBPS PO V Interview Experience - Vijay (Chennai)

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Name : Vijay M

Place : IOB Regional office, Chennai, Tamil Nadu

Panel : 1

Date and Time : 21/01/2016, 8.30 AM
There were 23 Members in my interview panel. Mine was 15th.

Interviewers : 3 Males(M1,M2,M3) and 1 Female(F1)

M1: You were passed out in 2012. So tell what were you doing till now?

M1: Deference between Simple interest and Compound interest.
[Tried to explain in English, but faced some struggle. Finally told something]

M3: What is compound and which is compounded ?
[Since I have struggled they said me "You can tell in Tamil" and then they have answered]

F1: What is famous in Ambasamudram (My Native)?
[Told about temples and dams]

F1: Do you have bank A/C and ATM?

F1: Uses of ATM, Risks in ATM.
[Withdraw money, Transfer funds], [If ATM lost someone may withdraw our money]

M2: Which topic you wanto to ask questions ?
[I said Banking]

M2: What is Nomination?
[Sorry sir]

M2: What is plastic Money?
[Debit card and Credit card]

M2: Diff bw Debit card and Credit card.
[Answered something like In credit card after spending we pay the money with interest]

M2: Define Bank rate, and what bank rate?
[Told but forgot bank rate at that time and told 6 point something :P]

M1: Asked about family back ground.

M1: Why you left previous job?

M2: Situation question (How will you manage if you go to North India since you dont know Hindi).
[Can manage with English]

M3: What is Priority sector?
[Agriculture and small companies]

Finally they said All the best and you can go. I smiled and thanked.

They are very friendly and no need any fear or nervous.

Thanks for read. All the best to all.

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