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August 27, 2015

Banking Awareness Quiz for IBPS PO V and Clerks V Online Exams - Set 54

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  1. The loan values in Retail banking generally range between :
    1. Rs.20,000-Rs.One crore
    2. Rs. One crore - Rs. Ten crore
    3. Depends on each Bank
    4. Up to Rs.1,00,000 only
    5. All the above 
  2. Participatory notes are Contract notes issued by Foreign Institutional Investors (HI) to other entities that want to invest in Indian markets but are not interested in registering themselves with:
    1.  ERDA
    2. RBI
    3. SEBI
    4. ECGC
    5. EGOS 
  3. In Internet banking, without involving another bank, what can be done ?
    1. FD can be issued
    2. Intimation regarding LC
    3. Issue of cheque
    4. Customer funds can be transferred
    5. None of the above 
  4. The aim of a Balanced Mutual Fund is:
    1. Growth or Price appreciation
    2. Regular Income (dividends)
    3. Investment Both in a growth and regular fund balancing the risk
    4. Investing both in shares & Bank deposits
    5. None of the above 
  5. As per RBI guidelines which of the following is/are correct in re-spect of classification criteria for opening Bank Branches
    1. Rural: population less than 10,000
    2. Semi-Urban: 10,000 and above and less than 1 lakh 
    3. Urban: 1 lakh and above and less than 10 lakh 
    4. Metropolitan: 10 lakh and above 
    5. All the above 
  6. Garnishee order is issued by a 
    1. Police officer 
    2. Revenue officer
    3. CID
    4. Bank
    5. Court 
  7. What is the Full form of MUDRA?
    1. Micro Units Development and Refinance Agency Ltd
    2. Modern Units Development and Refinance Agency Ltd
    3. Micro Units Development and Reconstruction Agency Ltd
    4. All the above
    5. None 
  8. The head of the RBI' s Committee on financial inclusion is:
    1. H.R. Khan
    2. Satish Kalra
    3. Deepak Mohanty
    4. Sharad Sharma
    5. Rakesh Bhatia 
  9. The new MD and CEO of Credit information Bureau India Ltd (CIBIL) is :
    1. Rakesh Sharma
    2. Rajiv Rishi
    3. P.G. Jaya Kumar
    4. Satish Pillai
    5. Aditya Puri 
  10. Banking comes under which of the following sectors ?
    1. Industrial sector
    2. Realty sector
    3. Service sector
    4. Manufacturing sector
    5. None of these
  11. Union government on 23rd June 2015 promised to inject about __________ into state owned banks in 2015-16 ?
    1. $ 1 billion
    2. $ 2 billion
    3. $ 3 billion
    4. $ 3.5 billion
    5. $ 4 billion
  12. The Bharatiya Mahila Bank has recently won the Asian Banker Achievement Award 2015. For which did the bank has won this award ?
    1. Technology Implementation category of Best Outsourcing Project (New Bank).
    2. Women Empowerment category 
    3. Nirbhaya Fund Category for Best Implementation of Security Projects
    4. Farmer Loan Category by a New Bank
    5. None of these
  13. Which of the following is NOT a KYC requirement while opening a bank account ?
    1. A proof of identity 
    2. A proof of address
    3. A proof of income
    4. A recent photograph
    5. none of the above 
  14. Even if you do not have any of the documents listed by the government to show your 'proof of identity', you can open a bank account with a bank. This account is known as ____________
    1. Micro account
    2. BSBDA
    3. No frills account
    4. Small account 
    5. None of these 
  15. Banks offer small accounts for those who do not have required documents to open a regular account. Which of the following is NOT a limitation of small accounts ?
    1. Balance in such accounts at any point of time should not exceed Rs. 50,000
    2. Total credits in one year should not exceed Rs. 1,00,000
    3. Total withdrawal and transfers should not exceed Rs. 10,000 in a month
    4. Foreign remittances cannot be credited to such accounts 
    5. Other then those given as options 
  16. An individual can have what number of Basics Savings Bank Deposit Account (BSBDA) in one bank ?
    1. Only one
    2. Only two
    3. Only three
    4. Only four
    5. Any number of BSBDA accounts
  17. The proposed Micro Units Development Refinance Agency (MUDRA) Bank will be first set up as a subsidiary of the ________
    1. NABARD
    2. SBI
    3. EXIM Bank
    4. SIDBI
    5. None of these
  18. THe Finance Minister has proposed to set up MUDRA Bank to boost loans for the country's cash-starved small business. The MUDRA Bank will be set up with what amount as capital ?
    1. $2.2 billion
    2. $3.2 billion
    3. $4.2 billion
    4. $5.2 billion
    5. None of these
  19. Which of the following banks is all set to become the first in the country and among the few in the world to deploy voice-recognition technology for bio-metric authentication ? 
    1. Axix Bank
    2. HDFC Bank
    3. Yes Bank
    4. ICICI Bank
    5. None of these 
  20. The RBI has overhauled the priority sector lending targets. Banks have to lend what percent of their credit to small and marginal farmers (having less than two hectares of land) ?
    1. 7 per cent
    2. 8 per cent
    3. 10 per cent
    4. 12 per cent 
    5. 9 per cent

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