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April 14, 2015

There is No More Unemployed Tag to my Name (Andhrabank Clerk)

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Hai friends, I am a silent observer of ‘Gr8ambitionz’. I have been following this site for the past 2 years. And today I got the opportunity to share my success story and Gr8ambitionz’s  role in my success. I have read many success stories here and they motivated me when I was low. Similarly my success story may motivate someone.

Till now I remembered April 1st as fools day but this year the day was unforgettable in my life, Because my parents felt elated at my success. At last I can see smiles on their faces. I am happy for being selected, But I am more happy when I see my parents enjoying my success.

My name is Balu, from Vijayawada (Andhra Pradesh). My father is a farmer. He is my hero and my inspiration. My mother is a house wife. She is my best friend. I completed my B.Tech in 2011. Yes in 2011,  I was jobless for 3 years. There were many twists and tales in these 3 years. After completing my B.Tech, like any other graduate I went to nearby city and completed a software course. Attended many interviews, Not able to get even a single job.  Finally in 2012 June I got a job in one of the top MNC(I don’t want to reveal the name of that MNC). This particular MNC screwed my life. They gave me letter of intent and said joining will be within in a month. They took 1 year to inform us that they can’t induct us now as they don’t have any projects. I was completely in a torpid state. I lost my valuable 2 years of time. Now the companies will ask for experience which I don’t have. At that moment I have chosen banking sector.

As I am from science background I am good in maths, Reasoning and computer awareness. But the main problem is with general awareness and English. I need to beef-up these two sections.So I made plan to concentrate more on English and general awareness. 

My preparation plan was
  • English
    • Read English news paper everyday and make a note of 15 words
    • Find the meanings of those words and their usage
    • Practice one English test paper everyday
    • Follow any basic grammar book.
  • General awareness 
    • Follow daily current affairs
    • Follow any one of the standard magazines.(MICA, CSR)
    • Follow Gr8ambitionz daily.
    • Maintain notes to note down the important events of the day.
  • Maths
    • Be quick in calculations.
    • Learn 1 to 20 tables, 1-30 squares, 1- 20 cubes
    • Learn the concepts clearly.
    • Practice more problems after clear with concepts.
    • Learn shortcuts
There is nothing much to do with Reasoning and computer awareness. To master reasoning you need to practice at least one model paper every day.

My exams
  •         Ibps po 3 -56 ( Lost by 4 marks)
  •         Ibps RRb -115(did not get any call)
  •         Railway TC – Lost in the 2nd written exam
  •         Ibps po 4 -79 (Lost by 1 mark)
  •         Postal assistant- Lost in typing test
  •         Ibps clerk – 152( Allotted to Andhra bank)
  •         SBI associate clerk – 172 (attempts)

There are many shortcuts to solve  mathematics quickly,  But There is only one way to get success in life, “HARDWORK”. If you work hard you will definitely get the success, You didn’t get success means you haven’t worked hard enough……..

    Thank you Mom, Dad and My friends. Thanks for being with me through thick and thin. Thank you Gr8ambitionz.

    Keep working hard, One day you will taste the joy of success.. (Please excuse me if there are any grammatical mistakes)

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