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April 14, 2015

Plan of Action to Crack Banking Competitive Exams

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Hi my dear friends and aspirants of Banking sector, I am Sharathkumar.A.S alias Saisundar, a B.E Graduate from Alandur, Chennai.

I reaped benefits and tasted success of becoming a banker in SBI for my efforts.

I would like guide you with my experiences and course of action implemented.

I shared my Action Plan to crack the Banking Competitive examinations below,

Plan Of Action


To clear and score high marks in the Banking competitive exams


Discharge your duties but don't expect any rewards;


Patience, Practice, Determination, Dedication, Faith, Focus and Optimism


Explanatory Books, Workbooks and a collection of GK materials


English Literacy:

  • Read any standard English newspaper daily particularly business, national, political and sports news (The Times Of India) - Highly Recommended
  • Study any standard basic grammar book (High School English Grammar and Composition book by Wren & Martin) - Highly Recommended
  • Find out the meanings of all the new words you encounter
  • Keep a note on synonyms and antonyms

General Awareness :

  • Follow daily current affairs
  • Follow big events and tournaments in and around the world
  • Take note of important daily events and affairs
  • Study International/National organisations with Headquarters/Chairman
  • Study Cabinet Ministers and their portfolios
  • Study Country-Currency-Capital combination
  • Study Banking terminologies
  • Study abbreviations and their expansion
  • Study Calender days to remember

Quantitative Aptitude:

  • Memorise Tables:1 to 20, Squares:1 to 30, Cubes:1 to 20
  • Learn short-cuts & tricks in each chapter
  • Practice the short-cuts till they get registered in your mind
  • Develop speed and accuracy by performing the exercises repeatedly
  • Reduce paper calculation and improve mental calculation

Reasoning Ability

  • Analytical and logical thinking comes purely by solving different scenarios
  • Adopt table method for syllogism
  • Memorise any family tree (Nehru) to solve blood relations
  • Segregate first letter of words and numbers in an order to solve Input-Output sequence
  • Use comparison method for Coding and Decoding
  • Solve enormous number of circular and linear sitting arrangements by trial and error method

Computer Awareness

  • If you are a typical modern youngster/graduate and user of a PC/Laptop/Smartphone, you definitely do not require a preparation in Computer Literacy


The rewards follow the efforts automatically

Wish you all the best!!

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