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April 11, 2015

Struggle of a Software Engineer to Become a Banker

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This is not a success story. Its a story of moving ahead in Life. Choosing right option at right time. Not Going in comfort zone at any time of time in life. Its a story of continuous learning and have a attitude to make a difference.Its a story which says never give up. Its a story which tells that the story is not yet over, Life is not yet settled. The story says that getting PO Job in Vijaya Bank through IBPS 2014 is not the end, and there is many more Exams to come.

I am Rajesh. I did B.Tech in 2011 in ECE from a average college. I Got a job in a very good MNC am currently working in a software company with a package of 7LPA. The Job was good and in 2011 i never though I will go and write a banking exam to get a job in a bank. But time changes and with it out though process changes. I am from North India and as most of you people from north knows that a person in private sector has a very limited social respect in north side even with very high salary.

So I had a quest to get into govt sector job. tried for 3 years in core side of ECE. Wrote 3-4 time GATE, SAIL, ISRO, IES(Around 100+ Exam from 2010-2014) etc but failed in all by some or large margin as the seats are very limited. Then finally I thought lets try Banking as it has more opening. And then bank Exams sequence started in Nov 2013. Since Nov 2013 i wrote 20+bank exam. Again missing all be very small margin, some time is written and some time times after interview, I cant list the exams here because its endless. Almost all possible exam. Every sat or Sunday i used to go for exam after a hectic week at office. But a never give up attitude and always striving for excellence, I continued my exam. After working whole day in office i continues giving 1-2 hours at home solving puzzles, Apti, English and GA from gr8ambition. Finally i made a way in PO 2014 and got PO in Vijaya bank.

As mentioned earlier, the story doesn't ends here.

I hope to write again to gr8ambition with continuation of this story after clearing SSC 2015.


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