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March 18, 2015

IBPS IT Officer IV Interview Experience 17th March 2015

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Hi ! to Everyone who is reading… here I want to share my IBPS IT Officers Interview Experience... Hope it will be helpful for you...  

Venue : Bank Of Baroda, Anand Bhavan, Jaipur

Pane l: III

Time : 1PM

Date : 17th March 2015

Name : JaaduKiJhappi [changed for my privacy]

First of all, this was my first interview experience for a Govt. Job.

I might be elder to you, as kayi jagah, kafi der me akal aati h. Mujhe time laga as I’m 1990 born, 2011 passout and all schooling & graduation with distinctions (>80%).

I have attempted 133 questions with more than 90% accuracy in Online Exam. I expect my marks to be more than 120.

Cleared the exam, called for interview, felt very happy as I have left expectation of clearing the exam as I have attempted 21 questions in Quant (100% accuracy) and read that previous cutoff was 24.
Nothing matters, after getting interview call letter, I started searching the Interview Experiences of candidates. Read a lot. And it helped me a lot. So, I am writing my experience. It might be helpful for candidates. Whether I clear or not.

I reached the Venue at 12.15pm (45min earlier) although I have read one experience of 8.30am panel candidate that they doesn’t allow to enter before time.
But they allowed.

While I was in lift, I saw a candidate and asked him “1pm IBPS Interview?”. He said “Yes, agriculture & u?”. I replied “Same, IT Officer”
On getting entering the BoB academy, I thought I am one the New Generation GPS & SignBoard-Reading Guys, I can follow the arrow signs saying “IBPS Interview -->”. But the signs took me to a room where old monitors are randomly thrown. For a second I thought “Will, this be my Interview, to arrange & repair them !”. then I came out and felt that ‘I should ask the gatekeeper uncle’, He showed me the way.

On reaching to the Document Verification room, I saw two Senior Bank Officials were checking the documents, aroung 20 male-female candidates already sitting there. I thought ‘I’m Late’. I asked a male candidate (as it will be very early to talk to female candidates  ) that “Yahan 1pm wale batch ka document verification ho raha h?”. He said “Haan, baith jao” as he too was waiting for his turn. There was a adjacent room where Agriculture-ones were waiting for their turn, the mid-gates were open, and it was like a big hall.

I sat on a chair. A girl just completed her Docs Verification, came and sat in front of me. I asked her, “Apka verification ho gya?”. She replied conservatively “Haan”. ‘What should I do with her conservative-ness, I was nervous, I want to ask, what the Verifiers are wanting’. I asked her “Hamein documents ko Folder me se bahar nikalkar unhe dikhana hoga, ya main Folder pakda du”, She said “Hamein nikalkar dene padenge.”
I started taking out all my documents.
The process went on with other candidates.
At 1.30pm, One of the Verifiers said loudly that “Jinki Semester Marksheets par Serial Number, Total Marks obtained and Date of declaration of Result, saaf nahi dikhayi de raha ho, wo please dobara Photocopy karwa layein”
I checked my consolidated Marksheet, everything was fine, but not with my semester wise marksheets, some blurred Xeroxed were there.
For my satisfaction, I even asked a candidate sitting nearby me “Bhai isme date padhkar batao?”, He smiled & said “nahi dikh raha, bahut dhyan se dekhna pad raha h”. I now thought ‘ab jana h padega’, Went and came back.
Everything was right now.
As there was no information about Passing Certificates, Extra curricular Activities Certificate, I wasn’t prepared for them.
But they are asking them.
I didn’t asked but I think it was mandatory to take them, I had and Everyone Had, so it was not a problem.
After an hour, I listened the Verifier saying loudly to a candidate arrange your documents photocopy like this… “Application Form, 10th Passing certificate, 10th Marksheet, 12th Passing Certificate, 12th Marksheet, Semester 1 to 8 marksheets, Consolidated, Provisional, Work Experience, Interview Call letter”
Some candidates even were arranging extracurricular activity certificate Xerox after them.
If some one is having a certificate of REDHAT CERTIFICATION, he can attach them. I didn’t wanted to take headache of again going and photocopying my unlimited extracuricullar activities certificates, as I had many of them. I didn’t attached a single.
Also they were strict that Passing Certificate should come before Marksheet.
After 3 hrs, at 3.30pm. I was still at same chair. Feeling very tired of the boring process.
I started chatting with friends on whatsapp and I even played Subway Surfer as I m yawning. I went to drink water outside, no one have to ask anyone for that.

At 4.30pm my turn came for verification (after 4 hours), I went there. I greeted and he asked my Xerox. He took out pages of Application Form and Interview Call letter and stapled them separately. He then checked my docs. Meanwhile he said to the other interviewer sitting nearby, “Abhi tak ek bhi overage candidate nahi aaya h na, na is panel me, na pehle wale wale me, Age 30years k as pas ka”, Other said “Haan ek bh nahi, and ek aur chiz h ki ek bhi jana absent nahi hua h, 100% presense”.
Present wali baat ka to koi nhi, par meri age itni bhi nahi h ki tumhe Overage log yaad aa jayein 
He asked me “kab k pass out ho?”. I said “2011”. Bole “kya kiya uske baad”. I pointed my work experience and and told more specifically ki “Private thi Sir” so that He avoid looking at them.
I checked the list of candidates where I put thumb impression & signature that my number was second last. Total there were 23 candidates in my panel.
While verifying the photocopies, he asked my docs one by one. And all matched.
One student was sent back for Xerox as his Xerox was little tilted.
He took my signature and thumb impression on Interview call letter too.
He Made a big green coloured round on my application form on Date of Declaration of result and asked me “Ye kaha se dekh kar likhi, give me proof”
I thought ki ‘m to gya kaam se’, I asked him apology and reasoned that “Sir Ye hamare result online nikalne ki date h, and I don’t have proof of it”
He scolded a bit and samjhaya ki “Dekho beta is par last marksheet ki date aati h ya consolidated ki, ye dhyan rakhna chahiye”
Main kehte kehte ruk gya ki “aage se dhyan rakhunga” as maine socha “kya pata isi me clear ho jaye” and agar maine keh diya hota to wo sochte ki beta to agli baar ki bhi sochkar baith h, thank god, m chup raha.
Verification done, they matched my Much-Fair-Made photograph & sign of the Call Letter Of EXAM with this one.
And said “All the best beta”. I said thank you and again came to my same seat 
The Interviewers were asking regularly 5-5 students to come when asked by gatekeeper.
I went to take the FREE tea, offered by BoB.
At 5.45pm gatekeeper asked last 3 students to come to sit on the sofa outside the interview room.
Someone told in his interview experience on forums that one should keep mobile phone with him/her. Man to nhi gujar pata 5.30hours.
Plus I was searching regularly the questions asked inside the interview room, as the voice was audible.
I searched full forms of NABARD, OSI, CRISIL, CIBIL
Difference between Virus & worm.
Female CM of states of India.
CMs of South States of India.
Role of NABARD
Deputy Governers of RBI
I went for washing my face and came back hurrily.
I was feeling nervous.
I read article in Newspaper a day before that Modi, our PM, had started giving interview after winning election First By writing, Then in Hindi and Last in English. He improved his interview at everystep.
I Just wished ki mera interview hindi me hoga to achche se apne aap ko explain kar paunga.

My Interview turn came at 6.10pm after LONG ~6hours.

When I opened the hydraulic operated door.
I asked “May I come In?” (as said in the experiences)
But weird thing happened.
No one was listening even my voice was high and I asked two times. They all were mingling with each other.
After a “short” while they said “Come In”
And then I saw a great line of interviewers. 7 members. I said in my mind: f**king luck, they all will suck my blood out.
It took me 20 seconds to wish “Good Evening Mam, Good Evening Sirs” and waive my head from one side to other.
And another weirdo, They weren’t listening me still.
M1 M2 M3 M4 M5 M6 F1
F1: What is your name?
Me: Mam, ***** *** **** [JaaduKiJhappi]
M4: Ok ‘Jaadu’ please sit.
F1: How to pronounce your surname?
Me: told
M1: Are these surnames, come under Prajapat?
Me: Yes Sir.
M1: Why don’t you have OBC Certificate then?
Me: Actually Sir I haven’t applied for govt Job before. And there is a long government process to make it. My father was in Indian Air Force, so we have to remain outside Home town, and panchayat was not helping. And Sir I think, I will not need the certificate as I think I can clear this process.
M4: You have done B.Tech. in ECE na?
Me: Yes Sir.
M4: Which College?
Me: Sir form Govt College ***
M4: kab complete kar li hi?
(From now onward all interview in Hindi)
Me: Sir 2011 me.
M4: Uske baad kya kiya?
Me: explained
M4: Profile kya thi tumhari?
Me: explained
M4: Private se switch kyu?
Me: explained
M4: PO k exam diye the?
Me: Ji sir diye the, Par Qualify nahi paya IBPS PO, Associate PO, Par sar iske IBPS SO k liye kafi mehnat kit hi, Pehle failures k shortfall dhundhe the and Main sure tha ki is me jarur ho jayega.
(Ye jhooth kaha maine, main sure nahi tha, par Positive Thinking dikhani thi)
M4 handing over to M3
M3: Tumne Modi ki yatra k bare me to suna hoga? (I nodded yes) Kahan gye h wo?
Me: Sir wo south of Indian, teen countries me yatra pe gye the. One Srilanka, Second Maldives and third Yaad nhi aa raha shayad Male sir.
M3: No, wo seychelles gye the.
Me: Sorry sir, m bhul gya tha.
M3: Kya tum jante ho ki Sri lanka k saath kya dispute h India ka?
Me: Sir exactly nhi janta, par maine padha h ki Fishers boundary cross kar jate h (He helped me saying Fishersman, I became confident), Sir Fisherman country boundary cross kar jate h anjane me, to unko lekar problem thi ki us chiz ka sahi solution countries milkar kaise nikale.
M3 handing over to M2
M2: beta tumne MAC address term suni h?
Me: haan Sir, Ye physical address hota h 48bits ka, har device ka, like mobile phones, PC, Laptop.
M2: ISDN kya hota h?
Me after thinking a little: Sir Fullform to Integrated Services Digital Network hota h and is technology me Telephone wires se hi Internet provide karwaya jata h.
M2: tumne RED 5, RED 6 naam suna h?
Me: nahi sir
M2: its R-A-I-D 5 &6?
Me: Sir, RAID ke bare me padha h ki Harddisk to access karne ka tarika hota h, shayad raid 5 & 6 koi type honge.
M2: Nodding saying Nahi.
M2 handing over to M1 again
M1 pehle puchne wale the ki CRISIL kya h par khud hi Question badal diya: CAMELS rating ka naam suna h?
Me: Ji haan sir, Ye international rating hoti h bank k performance ko rate karne k liye. RBI, Indian banks pe ye apnata h performance rating k liye sir iska fullform bhi hota h…
C se galat btaya M3 corrected it
A se Asset Quality
M se Management Quality
E se unhone hi bta diya Earning
L se Liquidity and
S se system & control
M2(beech me hi): Software k process kya hote h?
Me: Sir m apko samajh nhi paya.
M2: Software development k kya process ya steps h?
Me: Sorry Sir m exactly steps k naam nhi janta. Par isme ye sab hota h. sabse pehle requirement gathering karo ki chahte kya h. Fir team banakar discuss karo ki kase karenge. Fir step by step suru karo. Beech beech me and after completing testing karo like white box or black box testing. Ek baar market me utarne se pehle run karkar dekho. Fir agar sab sahi to Lauch kar do.
(Little Little satisfied)
Everyone together Handed to only Madam. I thought itno ne ek saath madam ka naam liya jarur madam achche se marengi.
F1: tumne abhi kaha ki Modi ji sri Lanka gye the. Unse pehle kon Indian PM, kab gya tha?
Me: Mam yaad nhi aa raha,Sorry, Par kafi saal pehle ki baat h.
F1: tamil kaha kaha boli jati h? states
Me: dumb for a while
F1: telegu?
Me: mam mujhe nhi pta, ye sab south ki baat ho gyi.
F1: to batao ki tumhari district hanumangarh me kon se states lagte h?
Me: Mam, Punjab & Haryana.
F1: Defense minister kon h?
Me: Arun Jaitely.
Everyone laughed, then I said.
Me: sorry mam, m bhool gya, thoda nervous hu, saare cabinet minister yaad h mujhe.
F1: Nervous mat ho.o
M3: Goa k CM waha….
Me: Mam yaad aa gya, Parrikar Sir, meanwhile thanked to M3
F1: Education minister kon h?
Me: dumb for a while. Some Sir helped me saying HRD….
Me: Mam, Smriti irani Mam.
F1: Deputy Governers of RBI?
Me: HR Khan, Urjit patel and auro k surnames janta hu Gandhi, and ek aur yaad the mam, bhul gya sorry…
After this two, three interviewers said together ki “ Now you can go”
M4: Best Of Luck ‘Jaadu’
Me: Thank You.
A day before when I read Interview Experience, Someone said ki Smile karte rehna, upar mat dekhna, gaal naak touch mat karna… Lekin itne saare log, lagataar questions, 6 hours baad turn aana… Headache… First Interview… kuch sochne ka time hi nahi deta…
Par Well Ironed formal dress, shining shoes, Document Folder, etc self-satisfaction deta h ki We Tried a Lot, We Tried our best…
This was all.. although long.. par kisi na kisi k help jarur aayega..
Agar help aaye to plz btana, achcha lagega itna lamba likhna…
M kafi answers dete waqt galat ho sakta hu, plz aap bhi ek baar verify kar lena…
Hoping For Your Best Future…
Kismat me jo hona h wo hoke rahega… Just live ur best…

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