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March 18, 2015

Gramin Bank of Arayavart Interview Experience

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Helllo freindzz, I am Aaditya Singh. Here I am presenting my Arayavat Gramin Bank Interview Experience, which was held on 17 march 2015. I arrived there 8.30 am a s per my time was 9 am , around 15 people were there for interview of Officer Scale 1, around 9:15 document verification over my number was 6, my interview number was 3 due to absentee, I entered into the panel around 10 am .

There were 3 gentelman in the panel, I entered the room after greeting all of them. 

They told me to sit.

Then one of the interviewer asked me so you are a Mechanical engineer ,i replied yes sir,then he asked do u know Tamil, I replied yes little bit my degree was from Tamil Nadu.... so he asked about it, again he asked what is yours father in rbi patna means on which post, explained about him, as my father working in rbi so he asked.

Then the 2nd interviewer asked so you have already attend the sbi clk ,ibps po,mbgb ,and sbi associate po interview as it was written on bio data form,so why you want to join bank after
mechanical engineering ,is there no any campus or why you not tried for other off campus job, i replied in 2012 high recession were there and i visited almost all city regarding for my job but no one were interested to recruit me and i also told that timeey were saying about the back door vacancy so i refused all off my attempt to core job and then i decided to go with banking job after wasting one and half year ,i m preaparing only for bank , he seems satisfied and then it was turn of 3rd interviwer,

He asked as yours father is in rbi then tell me what is the name of that paper wchich is audited after a month in bank,ireplied balance sheet ,he said listen me carefully,then i said financial statement or audited statement,he then say no ,then he asked how rbi regulate bank ,i repied maintaing bank rate repo rate ceiling rate interest rate etc, then he asked by wchich policy ,i replied its a monetery policy tool,then he asked after how many month this policy announced ,i replied now after two month by rbi, then agin he asked then how rbi regulate the bank , i thinked alot and thinking further what answer ,then he said no idea, i said right now i m not getting these thing in my mind exactly ,he said ok mr raju thanku very much you may go now, freinds I has to tell that providing short term and long term loan ,and also giving license rbi regulate the bank ,but my confidence was high so let see what happend i hope so this can be helpful for yours future interview process thank u

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