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March 18, 2015

Interview Questions Compilation and Preparation Plan for Insurance Exams

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Dear Gr8 team and friends....happy to inform you all that I'm selected in UIICL AO.. I owe u a lot...thnx for d exclusive uiicl slightest endeavor to help few aspirants.....

To help out finance ppl..I'm tryin to put in all the prep i hv made for insurance at 1 place. I dint find 1 whn i wanted.

For written test:
  • final accounts basics
  • sch vi
  • fundamental accounting principles n policies
  • accounting stds brush up
  • budget highlights
  • accounting ratios
  • costing basics
  • Law n auditing,if u hv time go thru fundas
 For interview :
  •  insurance company accounts in depth especially sch 2
  •  ifrs n accounting standards
  •  accounting principles n policies
List of interview questions asked:
  •  y do we need tax
  •   y don't gulf countries rely on tax
  •  recent change in accts..intro of ifrs
  •  accumulated losses in b/s
  •  tax exemption limits
  •  gst n y r some states opposing it
  •  deals signed by obama during his visit to india on jan26
  •  cm of delhi
  •  AAP manifesto
  •  agri loan waiver in AP.y is rbi governor opposing it
  •   sec 80c
  •  func of banks
  •  dd n cheque
  •  changes in monetary policy
  •  banking sys in India
  •  uiicl functioning
  •  highlights of budget 2015
  •  accounts prepared by insurance companies
  •  difference gross receipts n net receipts
  •  accounting standard n policies followed by insurance companies
  •  insurable interest
  •  minister of state for finance
 Apart from these some personal questions. For descriptive, i chose the topics related to insurance.

My approach to Time Management :
Divide the total time depending on total marks.. Start from reasoning then QA n English n Finance n GA..after expiry of time for reasoning.. leave it n go to qa so that u cn attempt all english leave the passage..attempt it later if u hv tym.

For English, i started speaking in English @ home to improve my sentence construction n wren n martin which i hv for guidance.

Hope this post will b useful.  Thank you gr8 team...atb 2 all

Hema Florence

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