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March 17, 2015

IBPS IT Officer Interview Experience Trivandrum

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Name : DD {DinG DonG :P}

Qualification : B.Tech, ECE

Centre : Canara Bank, Trivandrum

Interview Date : 16-03-15

Time : 1 PM
Like PO and Clerk interviews we were taken to the nearby hotel around 1 pm. IT officer and agricultural officer interviews were scheduled on that same day.Panel 1 for agri and panel 2 for IT. Verification was damn strict. For agri they dint allow graduation in forestry and few students were sent back. After verification we waited for our turn. I was bit tensed about interview as i dunno anything related to IT and dint prepare on the same.I was no 17 and my interview started by 5 15 pm
6 male members and one female member in the panel

I entered the room wishing everyone.

M1: Welcome dear, Tell us bout yourself
i was kinda shocked as i never expected self introduction as nowadays they dont ask. still managed pretty well.My hobby was interior designing. so few questions were asked related to that.
M2: your first option is BMB.why
M4:Who is the head of BMB
W1: What is nomination
W1:How does it help banks
M3[techie]: What is bandwidth
M3: tell us about bluetooth
M3: What are network topologies
M3: Types of network topologies
explain bus topology. drawbacks..advantages of mesh topology
They asked only  this much from subject as i am an electronics graduate
i forgot what M5 and M6 asked:P still it was just easy questions

But then in Panel 2 for agri officer i heard a lot of current affairs and budget related questions were asked.

All the very best those who are yet to appear for the interview....

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