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March 17, 2015

General Knowledge Quiz - Set 22

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Name the largest temple to be built in the ancient times and which is also an ancient wonder

Which folk dance of Rajasthan is performed by male dancers using dummy horses ?

What was Ho Chin Mihn city earlier known as ?

Name the Act by the Government of India that provides education to all, especially those from lower castes ?

Who was the son of Bhima and Hidamba in the "Mahabharata" ?

Plants such as the marigold bloom once in a season and die. What are such plants called ?

Name the largest flower, which is also the national flower of Indonesia ?

Which is the national flower of Pakistan ?

What is the three-leafed clover that is associated with St. Patrick's Day called ?

In which martial art are fighters called "Jutsukas" ?

Name the first largest dome in the world ?

On the banks of which river is Baghdad in Iraq located ?

Which is the largest water plant ?

What is the full form of FIFA ?

Name the liquid produced by plants to attract insects ?

Which breed of dog runs fast to be raced on tracks ?

What was the name of the Operation led by the National Security Guards to rid the Taj Mahal Hotel of terrorists and free the hostages in 2008 ?

Who is the author of the Booker Prize winner "The Inheritance of Loss" ?

Which four cities have hosted the summer Olympics twice ?

Where will one find the Chichen Itza ?
Rajarajeshwari. M

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