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February 13, 2015

IBPS Clerk IV Interview Experience shared by Raj Sharma (Raipur)


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Name : Raj Sharma

Category : OBC

Date : 12-02-15

Place : Hotel vanketesh, Raipur

Panel : 2

Qualification : B.E. (Computer Science)

Hello..Friends i had complete my interview today. I am sharing my complete interview experience here ,hope it helps other.
I had reached interview venue around 8:00am and interview time was 8:30am so wait till 8:30am,then one person said to go to conference room.After reaching conference room, i take my seat and then they provide a blank sheet to all and said that write a declaration about bank job.
After that.Document verification starts and i was 2nd person in the list i called for document verification after 1st one, verification was smooth and take 5 minutes to complete it and after vitrifaction the person ask some question about computer network as i am a Computer science student and i answers all except 1.
After 10 minuts of document verification, my name is called for
interview and i enter the interview room.
After entering in room i greeted them individually. Panel was consists of 6 members(1F &6M).
Panel head offer me seat and said thank you to him and take my seat.
Now the interview starts:
M1: Whats your name?
M2: What is your qualification?
Me: Answered.
M1: Ok,give full introduction.
Me: Answered.
M1:good profile,ok tell me how we can fix hindi typing problem in banks where employee dont know to type in hindi.
Me: I said kindly use google hindi input tool and explain its full description.
M1: Ok, so it works on email to type?
Me: I said yes.
M1: Ok ..good.
M1: Now describe your project in details which u complete during engineering.
Me:explain all, it took 5 minut with some cross questions but at the
last he was satisfied and now he direct to female member to ask
F1: Define bank.
Me: Answered.
F1: Wat is function of bank.
Me: Answered.
F1: Tell me about RBI and its functions.
Me: I explained all.
F1: Wat is Psb and your interview if for psb or not?
Me: Answered.
F1: Asks about various type of banks.
F1: What is foreign exchange bank?
Me: Answered with example.
F1: Products of banks??
Me: Answered.
F1: Differences between PSB and private bank.
Me: Answered.
F1: Good.
Now the 6th members which was from computer field starts asking questions from me.
M6:Wat is Ip address and how many classes are there in ip address.
Me: Answered.
M6: What is ip spoofing?
Me: Answered well.
M6: How you prevent hacking?
Me: Explained in details.
Now the panel head take command and starts rapid fire questions.
Head:Why banking after engineering?
Me: Answered.
Head:Why not private bank if you like bank job?
Me: Answered.
 Head: What are you doing now?
Me: Answered.
Head:What is your hobby?
Me.: Said cooking.
Head:Good ,so tell me the importance of hobby in life.
Me: Answered well and he looks happy.
Now again M1 give me a news paper and read it in loudly and i did it.and at the last they ask meaning of a word and i answered.
After that head of panel said thank can go now. And they all said that your interview goes well.
And finally lady member offer me sweets and i take it and leave the interview room.

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  1. Thanks for the review it is useful...:)

  2. hello selva brindha... me also attended same day but panel no 2: but i was not answer well in education oriented...if thr is any prob on that...

  3. Can you tell me the topics what they gave u to write? My interview also in the same venue by next week..

  4. Why rbi replace notes before printing 2015

  5. Bcoz of security reasons

  6. Any one from Salem.. Plz post ur experience

  7. 1. About ur district
    2. about ur state
    3. Thirukkural
    4. About Banking ie vangithurai

  8. Give me the topics

  9. Temme the 10 topics they given

  10. same as above.

  11. how much mark u expected....

  12. same topics,,,

  13. Is interview questions asked in tamil or english????

  14. tamil only.........

  15. Written or interview

  16. written did interview only avg what to do..

  17. written topic:
    about ur district, native, tour places...

  18. same bro...i fear about interview i did that normal only...u do well...which panel...

  19. All the best Sis :)

    i am also Going to the Same venue on 16th..

  20. share ur experince frm hyderabad also..
    u can share in local language also..

  21. Its total shame When ppl cant even write about 10 lines in ur own language....Neengalam ethukuda tamilnaatula irukringa....vekkama ila...thuuuu

  22. Hi brindha thanks for sharing.. Mine s also same venue on 17.. R they asking address proof also r Pancard is enough?? And also way r the topics dye gave.. Can u pls share??

  23. form which date for OBC candidates interview start?

  24. ok do well be confident......

  25. Frnd I think already a person called priya has posted her exp from salem.. Just check out..

  26. Thanks Alex....

  27. Keerthi just check this :

  28. which date u hav interview??

  29. Is marriage certificate is mandatory for whise status is married?...plzzz reply must

  30. what are all the questions asked from DBMS?? can u please update??
    I'm from MCA background.. Need some idea..

  31. What about Maharashtra grameen bank interview schedule?
    Sadik I attempt my interview on 13-02 @ nagpur

  32. I had my interview at same center on 11th feb panel VI, soon i'm gonna post my experience

  33. How was you interview explain me

  34. Best of luck for Result

  35. Q1 introduce yourself family background and qualification
    Q2 How many acre agri land your family have
    Q3 Kheti me kya ugate ho
    4- graduation me subject Sociology and political science
    5 what is sociology
    6 mahatma ganghi famous for
    7 his full name
    8 rajyasabha me baare me batao
    9 rajyasabhame Jo baiththe hain unhe kya kahte
    10 diff between loksabha and rajyasabha
    11 then unhone mere gaon par gaana gaya
    12 agar hum tume tumhare najdik posting denge to kya kheti karonge
    13 samaj me logo ke liye kya karonge
    Lastly OK you go

  36. My
    personal intro
    current account
    so easy question
    best of luck


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