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February 13, 2015

IBPS Clerk IV Interview Experience shared by Sundara Moorthi (Madurai)


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Name : R. Sundara Moorthi

Catagory : OBC

Interview Date : 12th February 2015

Venue : Madurai-IOB_Regional office

Friends IBPS people called for interview by Category and Rollno Wise. They are checking whether you can read and write your mother tongue (Applied state). As i am from Tamilnadu centre they gave a paper and instruct all the candidate to write any topic in Tamil. After that document verification. Here they are asking Semester wise mark sheet even though you are having Consolidated mark sheet friends. so be aware of that.

My Interview Questions:-
1. What is your father and Mother?
2. what you are Preparing for your Interview?
3. What is RBI?
4. If RBI Increase the Reserve Percentage What are the impact on bank and Public?

Friends, they are asked indirectly this question, If RBI increase the Reserve {CRR, SLR-these are the Reserves}, Bank need to increase the Reserves hence credit will less and existing loan interest rate may increase.

5. What is insurance how it will help in banking.
6. From here they doubted on My Photo ID, Because My appearance entirely different from my photo which was pasted in my IBPS Application.

They cross check my identity by ensuring my signature and some other photo id friends... That's all friends

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  1. hi bro mine is on 16th ...same place i just wanted 2 knw ki hindi newspaper padhaya kya?

  2. That was like IT interview :P Good Job Sharma.. All the Best and Thanks
    what is Declaration of Bank Job?

  3. bro did they tell you to read hindi newspaper or chattisgarhi?

  4. can u give me the answer for importance of hooby ur life? even my hobby is also cooking

  5. Local language hindi r chattisgari?

  6. guys plz provide ur answers also hw we analaye ur intervw is gd or nt u only wroye anser plz give full ansers

  7. Interviewer said that , ur interview goes well how it's possible ??? & even I m 4m cg they are not offering chocolate

  8. OMG... Gud ya... wish u all success


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