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February 13, 2015

IBPS Clerks IV Interview Experience shared by Selva Brindha (Tiruchirapalli)

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Name : Selva Brindha. S

Venue : Indian Overseas Bank - Regional Bank, Tiruchirapalli, Tamilnadu

Date : 11th February 2015

Date : 1 PM

Friends first of all be sure of the venue.., I was searching for the place in the nearby circle for nearly half an hour(my exam venue is straight opposite to the Municipality Corporation main building in trichy)

I reached the venue by 11:30 AM. The place was full of candidates of afternoon batch. by 1:00 PM they started to call the names by roll number order. There were two panels. My turn is roll no 20 in Panel no 1 and they called my name by 2:30 PM.
As soon as i entered the hall they gave an A4 sheet and told to write an essay about any one of the 10 given topics which were mentioned in the notice board. By the time certificate verification was going on side by side.
Tea and biscuits were served.My turn to panel came by evening 4:30.
I said "Please may I get in". All the panel members told "u may get in"
There were five members in the panel. Four Male members and one Female members.
M1: looked at my PG mark sheets(M.E in Power Electronics and Drives) and started to ask questions from the topic " Power Electronics in Wind and Solar Power Conversion". he kept on asking questions like..., tell me about wind mill.., Industrial Visit's during college days., advantages and disadvantages of solar power...,
I answered all of them
M2:advantages of private banking and why people prefer them
somewhat i answered
F1: who started theosophical society in India.
I answered as Annie Besant and they told ok
M3:Tell me about net banking
M4: any ideas to reduce power crisis in tamilnadu
I answered as solar power.
M4:problem for implementing the solar power
i answered as high initial capital and some points

they were satisfied and they told.., ok good..., best of luck

nearly five minutes was the time duration for my interview...
panel members were very helpful and they were giving us points to help us answer the questions...,

All the Best friends...,

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