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February 14, 2015

IBPS Clerk IV Interview Experience shared by Pavan (Bangalore)

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In certificate verification room they give one A4 size paper and gave 3 topics swatch barth, jhandhan yojana, mother terisa or any other essay to write 8 to 10 lines. I wrote ganarajosthsava (republic day)

May I come in sir?
M1:ya please come in.
Me good after noon madam, good afternoon sirs
M1:good after noon please sit down.
Me:tank u sir.
M1: what is your name?
Me:my name is T PAVAN KUMAR sir
M1:where are you  from?
Me:anantapuram sir
M1:what is your qualification?
Me:B.Tech sir
M1:which branch?
Me:electronics and communication engineering
M1:passed out year?
Me:2014 sir
M1: you have any work experience?
Me:no sir after completion of my I am preparing for bank exams
M1: k. what are the communications we used?
Me:analog communication and digital communication
M1: can u explain example of analog communication?
Me: yes sir in landline telephones we used analog communication sir
M2:what is bank?
Me: bank is a financial institute it can accept deposites from customers and gave loans to their customers. Suddenly m3 interrupted asked
M3: what is the difference between private and public sector banks?
Me:Public sector owned by central government and private sector banks owned by private persons
M3:when nationalization happened?
1969, 14 banks nationalized and 1980 6 banks are nationalized
M3: who nationalize the banks?
Me: suddently I told Sonia gandi .sorry sorry sir indira gandi
M2: what is stock exchange?
Me: sorry sir I don’t know
M2:what is the difference between commercial banks,rural banks?
Me: sir in rural banks gives loans to rural areas development and agriculture works
     Commercial banks gives loans to any individual persons like car loans,home loans
M2:what is nabard?
Me:National bank for agriculture and rural development
M2: what do nabard?
me: regulate the fuctions of  rural banks
M2:any rural banks their in your area?
M2:yes sir andra pragrathi grameena bank
M1:do you know kannada?
Me: yes sir I can read and write. Speaking is not fluent but I can manage some simple covertions I will lern fluently with in one month
M1:K you can go wish you all the best for your bright future.
Me: tank u sir
F1: take chocolate
Me: took one chocolate and said tank you madam.

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