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February 14, 2015

Today's IBPS Clerks IV Interview Experience from Vizag


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Name : Tarun Kumar 

Qualification : BE (EEE) 2014 Passout

Date : 14-02-15

Time : 8:30 AM
Place : Vizag

Panel : 3

My document verification started by 8:30am.. meanwhile they gave a paper asked us to write something in our local language (Telugu)

i wrote about my town

i am the first person...

my interview started by 9:30am

i just asked permission "may i come in sir..."


THERE ARE FOUR MALE AND ONE FEMALE no one was smiling.. all with serious faces all above 60+ in age.. except the lady..(she just observe me till the end )

me: wished everyone..

they said gd mrng take ur seat

me: thanq sirs and thanq mam

M1: tell me about urself?

me: my name is kvs tarun kumar i came from palakonda.. i completed my ssc at hometown.. inter from hyderabad.. engg from vizag.. my hobbies are playing cricket and chess.. reading books also.. my strengths are hardworking nature.. interested in new things.. weakness is toooo frankness..

M1: what?? tooo frankness is a weakness?

me: yes sir. sometimes it doesnt worked in my life...

M1: where give an example?

me: with my frnds sir..

M1: may be they didnt understand you correctly.. k what are ur hobbies?

me: i repeated again

M1: what books u have studied yet?

me: some type of motivational.. novels also..espescially yendamuri virendranandh..

M1: tell some novels of YV..

me: told.. so many.. he said good..

M2: interrupted.. k how many banks in ur town..

me said 5.. i was sure.. but he wasnt.. he said no

M3: k u read novels.. then yesterday a novelist died.. his name??????

me: i am blank... (i didnt read todays updates in our site.. pchh he was kesava reddy)

me sorry sir tody i didnt

M1: difference btween current and saving accounts..
me explained

M3: how banks issue atms to joint account holders in current account..
me: dont know..

M4: till now observing me.. asked.. what is nabard explain..
me: explained..

M4: again asked a question about recent banking..
me: i have no idea..

M2: now again back.. he asked about core topics.. what is elctromagnetism
me: explained

lastly M1: what is your father....?
me:he is working as an medical supervisor.. govt employee..

M1: why this after why dont you went to M.Tech..
sir my father cant afford further....

M1: he is govt employee na.. then why?
me.. he spent a lot in my inter and engg also.. so no he cant..

finally.. k you can leave now..
me: thanq sirs...thanq mam..  they offered me a choclate

i came out..

but frnds the entire panel were looked with serious faces.. they shoot on qsn after qsn.. total interview was 15mins.. qsns are differ from person to person.. mostly depends on our education.. what we wrote on the paper..   no need to panic.. almost at all centres i heard panel were jovel.. but with me not the scenario.. try to impress them with ur confidence and knowledge.. dont try to manipulate.. they are omniscient..  caught u at any point.. all the best guys..

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  1. good job dear... koi panel 2 ka ho to plz banking term kya pucha ja raha hai batana

  2. which panel is yours?please tell me exact center of your interview . i have interview on monday .

  3. kya bta skte panl 4 kaise intrvw le rhe thr

  4. All the best tarun. Just a small note - while introducing about you, mention your most recent education first and then your +2 and schooling. This gives good impression on your education back ground. Anyway nice interview... And all the best...

  5. how bank issue atm to joint a/cholder ??

  6. mine same time and same panel on 19 but don't not know kannada...

  7. Formal dress means cotton jeans chalega?

  8. Sharad Chandrika VaddadiFebruary 14, 2015 at 1:07 PM

    All the best,is your interview in telugu or english

  9. Chalega, koyi problem nahi. Phir bhi aap formal ko prefer karna...

  10. how bank issue atm to joint a/cholder in current a/c ??

  11. all d best @Thangaraj, my interview also same place panel 1 don on feb 10..

  12. For joint accounts, with operating instructions as ‘either or survivor’ or ‘anyone or survivor’ the card can be issued to anyone or more or all the joint account holders. The number of cards issued in an account will not exceed the number of joint account holders who are authorized to operate the account. The card can be issued if you are having withdrawal facility with withdrawal slips or Cheques.

    Note: copied and pasted from Bank of India debit cards section

  13. I will have my interview at the same place on 19 feb,,,I am new here,can you tell me how to reach the place from Sony world ???

  14. mera v panel 2 h pr 17 feb ko.tmhara?

  15. are u sure no interview on 15 feb

  16. For joint accounts, with operating instructions as ‘either or survivor’ or ‘anyone or survivor’ the card can be issued to anyone or more or all the joint account holders. The number of cards issued in an account will not exceed the number of joint account holders who are authorized to operate the account. The card can be issued if you are having withdrawal facility with withdrawal slips or Cheques.

  17. Abe yar bacho ki jan loge kya??

  18. Good interview you will be selected

  19. interview kab hai?

  20. Name:saranya sakthivelu

    Place:Trichy- iob

    Qualification: be ece (2014)



    Time:8.30 am

    Hello frnds, first of all , I am thank ful to gr8ambition
    .without you guys I could not come to
    this stage.

    I reached the venue
    at 8.30 only, we are asked to sit in the outside of the bank .Then they called
    out the names one by one .

    After my name was called out, they gave one a4 sheet ,I was asked to write one paragraph(10 lines)
    in regional language (tamil). 10 topics were given from that we had to choose one topic .In tamilnadu there is
    compulsory one topic about thirukural. Many candidates wrote 5 thirukural. Certificate
    verifier said, why you people wrote thirukural which was already wrote by
    thiruvalluvar ,why you copied that , why dnt
    you write about topic own .Like
    that they asked, so pls dnt choose thirukural , I wrote about my hobbies .

    After I wrote , they called me for certificate verification .

    I entered the room .There were 5 mrembers (4male+1 female) I
    said good evg instead gud mrng

    M1: oh is it evng

    Me: oh sry sir good mrng

    M2: tell me about yourself

    Me: my name, about my father ,mother and my sister,my
    academic details , my positive an my
    negative(they specifically asked this)

    F1: why did you choose banking after engg

    Me: I said due to my family situation(personal reason)

    M3:what are the
    things you prepared for this interview?

    Me: banking functions

    M3: tell me about banking what you know(open ques)

    Me: I said types of banks, bank functions , types of deposit

    F1:how long did you
    prepare these things?

    Me: one and months

    F1: did you go coaching for banks exam?

    Me:I said no mam

    M4:your major is ece ,so what is meant by lan and wan ?

    Me: I replied

    M4: what is cloud

    Me: I dnt know in detail, I knew partly I said

    M4: so, dnt need to tell , if u know fully say

    Me: ok sir I dnt knw sry

    Atlast , they said all the best , I said thank you finally


    Dnt choose already written topic by poets Like

    Be confident , boldly answer

    Be professinals

    The interview is fully in tamil(regional lang)
    so dnt get panic .

    That’s all frnds I hope it will be useful
    thaking you

  21. It's ok. But m not sure

  22. Brother me too have on 19 panel 6.. But I 2 don't know how to reach...

  23. What is the last date for interviews any idea plz reply

  24. When will be the last date of clerk interview frnds

  25. y u people going to apply frm karnataka and i think u people fear competation frm ap rt

  26. interview was just of 4-5 min..they asked my introduction..
    my branch was Electrical and Electronics Engg...they thought it is Electronics and Comm.

    they asked me how Electronics Engg can help in Banking..

    they asked "NASA mein apply kyun ni kiya?"
    i said.."NASA??"
    M1 - NASA ni pta?
    i said pta h
    then i said "i am not eligible for NASA"
    M2- why?
    Me- it needs AERONAUTICAL Engg..while mine is Electrical(stupid i cldnt think a better one)

    and then asked the types of communication?
    i said - verbal and non verbal and explained abt it

    and then they had simple questions like what r the parts of Computer...what is memory??
    i explained everything and they seem satisfied

    then they said Thank you.
    i said Good day to them and left the room..

    now i am totally it really questions were asked on Banking or my technical field..

    i think they judged me too quickly...but dont no in what way?

    Please friends give me ur feedback relating to this intrview..

    thanks in advance..

  27. tumhara intrvw kab h ...i m also from mp..

  28. Address kya ta?? White house??mera bhi same panel h..

  29. Thank u frnds....

  30. From Sony world take 201or 210 bus no and get down jata nagar. For from Sony world go to silk board. And from silk board take 500 series bus and get down jata nagar. From main road jayanagar around 1 km u have to walk. Which main and cross its written in call letter.

  31. i started in english.. later came back in telugu

  32. thanq neeraj.. thanq to one and all.. all the best for your interviews friends..

  33. Please post the interview experience's in english...language problem...

  34. Hi even I have exam on same panel on 18th... Interview process was in kannada r English???

  35. I have got PDC in august n final sem marks card in September... Is der any problem in tat??? Bocz m also 2014 passed out..

  36. How many panel members were der n der age???

  37. How many panel members were der n der age

  38. Even i had my interview in IOB cbe panel 2 on feb 12.. All d best selvi :)

  39. OK, thanks for your replies. Good luck for your future

  40. only VI panel and 50-60 age

  41. jata nagar or jayanagar,I have to stepdown?

  42. nothing like that man....have patience.I am not from AP..And I don't fear anything,ok.I am here with my sister who works in an it...sick mind...

  43. ohhh.. mera panel 4 hai but 21st. Tmhre kisi frnd ka 21st ko hai?

  44. Can nybdy explain diffrnc between master card n visa card in simple words.....?

  45. all d best tarun..i faced the interview in d same panel in vizag

  46. yar mera bhi panel 2 main h.........19feb ko plz review dalna

  47. panel members to roj change hote hain na. waise mera 5th panel hai

  48. I have interview in same venue and same panel. Should essay be written in kannada?

  49. It is mainly to empower rural women. By forming into groups and giving loans at very low amount of interest

  50. interviews

  51. don't believe in books. ..try to believe in urself. .read English newspaper daily. .read that u can get practical knowledge as well as subject

  52. thanks and same to u,, which category?

  53. hey mine is also 14 feb panel 3 nly but aftnoon 1:30 interviewers also looked very serious ..... andhra bank zonal office .urs?

  54. Refer below link -

    This Might give simple understanding of differences between the two cards

  55. I had same panel on feb 11


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