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February 14, 2015

IBPS Clerk IV Interview Experience shared by Thangaraj (Coimbatore)


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Name : Thangaraj       
Venue : IOB, Coimbatore

Category : OBC

Qualification : B.Sc (IT)

Date : 11-02-2015 Afternoon-1 PM

Panel :  I             

Hi friends, Im happy to share my interview with my gr8ambitionz readers.. Im reached venue 11.40 AM.  Verification start at 1.30 PM. Verification finished very later. Waiting for interview they asked to written in local language one page in any topic. Im written about Delhi election. Then  Im called for interview nearly 5o clock.
There were four panel members 3M, 1F.. Im tensioned and forgeted to wished them..  they are take seat and I thanked them..
M1: can you read tamil.
Me: yes sir im ..
M1: to gave tamil news paper and asked to read..
Me: im read that content about share market.
M2: you read about share markets. Any idea about share market?
Me: im replied.
M3: in india there are 2 exchanges ? you know abt that,.. what is that.
Me: im tell abt BSE and NSE
M2: what is SEBI.. Role of SEBI
Me: replied
M3: you graduate from IT then how IT useful for banking.
Me: im told abt internet banking
M3: what is Cbs?
Me: im told Core banking services.. m3 interrupt its not services its solution..
Me: Oh sorry confused. Then told abt Core banking.
F1: what is cybr crime?
Me: im tell abt hacking.. that is cyber crime.
M1: why your preference is CBI?
Me: the bank is near to my home sir.
M2: CBI is govt r private r what?
Me: cbi is nationalized bank sir..
M2:when nationalized?
Me:1969 sir..
M2:which month?
Me: july sir.
M2: date?
Me: I dnt knw clealy sir.
M2:its july 19
Me: ok sir
M3: difference bw nfet & rtgs?
Me: replied
M2: are you study networking paper.
Me: I didn’t study sir..
M2: oh you’re bsc graduate ?
Me:yes sir
Panel members : all the best .. you can leave..
Me: Thank u sir..

Interview goes 10-15 min.. they asked all questions in local language only.. they asked only basic banking questions and UG major.  All the best to well..

Thank you gr8ambitionz team.  Thank you so much…

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  1. Is it say i struggling from two years...give me one opportunity to work in banking sector....

  2. Absolutely No.. Never show that you are desperate to get this job. Its gives a negative impact. They know majority of the candidates are struggling and preparing for such jobs. Especially B. TEch Guys.


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