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September 18, 2014

Banking Awareness Quiz - Set 30


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  1. RBI's high level working group has suggested forming a Financial Resolution Authority (FRA) that would be responsible for the resolution of failed and distressed financial institutions in India. The group headed by ?
    1. Raghuram Rajan
    2. P. J. Nayak
    3. Anand Sinha
    4. K. C. Chakravarthy
    5. None of these
  2. Which of the following certainly is an effort in the direction of Financial Inclusion ?
    1. Internet Banking
    2. Anywhere Banking
    3. No-frills Account
    4. Foreign Currency Accounts
    5. All of these
  3. Switching to new format bank cheques under the Cheque Truncation system (CTS) ended on _________ as per the order of RBI ?
    1. 1st January 20114
    2. 14th January 2014
    3. 15th March 2014
    4. 30th April 2014
    5. 1st June 2014
  4. RBI has extended the date of exchanging pre-2005 banknotes till ____________
    1. 31st July 2014
    2. 30th September 2014
    3. 1st January 2015
    4. 31st January 20115
    5. 31st March 2015
  5. ECS Stands for ?
    1. Electrical Clearing System
    2. Electronic Core System
    3. Electronic Clearing Signal
    4. End Clearing System
    5. Electronic Clearing System
  6. On 2nd May 2014, India has strongly objected to Switzerland's denial of information about account details of certain Indians at ______________ accounts in Switzerland.
    1. HSBC 
    2. HDFC
    3. DFLC
    4. HTPC
    5. None of these
  7. India and Asian Development Bank (ADB) signed an agreement for $300 million loan to improve road connectivity in which state ?
    1. Uttar Pradesh
    2. Andhra Pradesh 
    3. Odisha
    4. Chattisgarh
    5. Jharkhand
  8. The delivery channel for the banking sector in India is ?
    1. Call Centre
    2. Branch
    3. Internet
    4. Kiosk
    5. All of the above
  9. Which of the following functions is NOT performed by the Reserve Bank of India ?
    1. Regulation of banks in India
    2. Regulation of foreign direct investment in India
    3. Foreign Currency management in India
    4. Control and supervision of money supply
    5. None of the above
  10. ___________ High Court in India on 2nd April 2014 restored the power of the Reserve Bank of India to decide the period after which the bad loan can be called as a Non-Performing Asset (NPA) ?
    1. AP
    2. Tamil Nadu
    3. Gujarat
    4. Assam
    5. None of these
  11. On 25th March 2014, which Public Sector Bank became the first bank in India to launch Instant Money Transfer (IMT) scheme in Mumbai ?
    1. IOB
    2. UCO
    3. UBI
    4. SBI
    5. BOI
  12. RBI issued uniform accounting standards for ARCs with regard to acquiring non-performing loans, recognizing revenue and management fees to ensure common treatment for firms. ARC stands for ?
    1. Asset Roll Companies
    2. Area Reconstruction Companies
    3. Asset Reconstruction Companies
    4. Asset Reconstruction Co-ordinates
    5. None of these
  13. Qatar based Doha Bank declared to open its first branch in which of the following Indian cities ?
    1. Hyderabad
    2. Mumbai
    3. Pune
    4. Kolkata
    5. Kochi
  14. The Government of India and World Bank Sign $500 Million Agreement recently to Improve Rural Water Supply and Sanitation Services in Four Indian States. What are these states ?
    1. Assam, Bihar, Jharkhand and Uttar Pradesh
    2. Manipur, Bhopal, Odisha and Bangalore
    3. Chennai, Bhopal, Bihar and Jharkhand
    4. Uttar Pradesh, Assam, Bihar and Chennai
    5. Assam, Jharkhand, Bihar and Bangalore
  15. Who amongst the following Padma Bhushan awardees is a famous Banker ?
    1. Azim H Premji
    2. Kapila Vatsyayan
    3. Chanda Kochhar
    4. Waheeda Rahman
    5. Brajesh Mishra
  16. While discussing investments, there is a mention of short term government security. What is this investment ?
    1. Debenture
    2. Mutual Funds
    3. Treasury Bill
    4. Share
    5. None of these
  17. RBI on 1st April 2014, adopted which index as the key measure of Inflation on the basis of recommendations of Urjit R Patel Committee report on Revising and Strengthening the Monetary Policy Framework ?
    1. Consumer Price Index
    2. Rooming Price Index
    3. Manufacturing Price Index
    4. Wholesale Price Index
    5. None of these
  18. In its first bi-monthly monetary policy statement issued on 1st April 2014, the RBI announced which major relief for saving bank account holders ?
    1. KYC documents not necessary
    2. Signature may not be tallied
    3. Account holder not responsible for the deposited funds, so he is indirectly allowed to do money laundering
    4. Banks to cut down services on low-balance accounts and do away with fines
    5. None of these
  19. Which one of the following is a retail banking product ?
    1. Home Loans
    2. Working capital finance
    3. Corporate Term loans
    4. All the above
    5. None of these
  20. Which bank's Blood Donation Drive set a Guinness World Record as the organizer of the “Largest Blood Donation in a single day” in the world ?
    1. Axix Bank
    2. SBI 
    3. HDFC
    4. BOB
    5. Canara Bank

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  1. RBI extended date for submission pre 2005 notes till 31 march 2005... not 1st jan 2014

  2. RBI extended date for submission pre 2005 notes till 31 march 2015... not 1st jan 2014

  3. urjith patel recommendation to measure inflation is CPI ,,, not manufacturing price index

  4. answer of que. 4th is 1st jan 2015

  5. urijit pate recommended CPI nd exchange of pre -notes 2005 extended 1january 2015

  6. The given answer is correct. its 1st Jan 2015

  7. In ibps po 2014 ibps mention in the adertisement that OBC caste certificate containing the Non-creamy layer clause should be valid as on the last date of online registration i.e. 11.08.2014(issued within one year prior to the last date for online registration)

    it mean obc certificate shoud be made b/t 11 august 2013 to 11 august 2014 and cetificate made before or after these date is not valid.

    i want to know that can i used the obc certificate made after 11 august 2014

  8. what about question 9?

  9. Even i am confused on question 9.

  10. I think question no 9 should be Which functions are not being performed by RBI? Plz have a look mam

  11. question no 9 should be .. which of these functions is not performed by RBI ? isn't it ?

  12. ECS-I think Electronics Clearing Services not 'System'

  13. I think EDI(Option 3)should be answer..

  14. As per SET 28 Q20 which is similar to Q9 here. Answer Should be FDI.
    Kindly check the Answer

  15. is annswer of question no -9 correct?


  17. mistakes are commited by humans only...q5 ecs-electronic clearing service and in q9-option 3 fdi is the ryt ans...

  18. I agree with this ... I read it in a newspaper

  19. regulation of FDIs in india is done by whom?

  20. DIPP= dept. of industrial policy and promotion.

  21. Mam 9th que's ans is wrong..


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