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September 18, 2014

Quiz on International Affairs 2014 - Set 3


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  1. According to recent ITU (International Telecommunications Union) report, Internet to have how many users by the end of 2014 ?
    1. 1 billion
    2. 2 billion
    3. 3 billion
    4. 4 billion
    5. 5 billion
  2. PaMZ drug has shown high potential to treat which of the following disease recently ?
    1. HIV
    2. Typhoid
    3. MDR-TB
    4. Ebola
    5. Parkinson
  3. In which country Mahatma Gandhi Pravasi Suraksha Yojana has been launched by Indian government recently ?
    1. Oman
    2. Saudi Arabia
    3. UAE
    4. Iran
    5. Iraq
  4. 15th IIFA Awards has been organized in which country recently ?
    1. Canada
    2. Australia
    3. USA
    4. Germany
    5. Brazil
  5. Californian Mite has been in news recently, Californian Mite is a ?
    1. World's Fastest Land Animal
    2. Endemic Species
    3. Vulnerable Species
    4. Extinct Species
    5. Extinct Animal
  6. Putnisite has been in news recently, Putnisite is a 
    1. Submarine
    2. Fighter Jet
    3. Mineral
    4. Robot
    5. Missile
  7. Which country has planned to open the world's first mine in the deep ocean ?
    1. USA
    2. China
    3. Japan
    4. Canada
    5. Australia
  8. Prime Minister of which country resigned due to sinking of the passenger ferry recently ?
    1. South Korea
    2. North Korea
    3. Japan
    4. Philippines
    5. Malaysia
  9. MERS (Middle East Respiratory Syndrome) has been in the news recently. MERS is a 
    1. Bacteria
    2. Virus
    3. Fungi
    4. Algae
    5. None of these
  10. Which country has been affected by MERS recently ?
    1. Yemen
    2. Iran
    3. Saudi Arabia
    4. India
    5. Iraq
  11. CBI recently setup a unit to probe frauds in sports. What is the name of this unit ?
    1. Sports Fraud Cell
    2. Sport Corruption Cell
    3. Sport Integrity Unit
    4. All of these
    5. None of these
  12. Name the biblical epic movie which was banned by Malaysia and Indonesia ?
    1. Along
    2. Noah
    3. Ryan : Shadow Recruit
    4. Peter the Great
    5. Golden Bear
  13. Which country's highest court on 2nd April 2014 gave official recognition to a third category of sex other than male or female ?
    1. Australia
    2. USA
    3. UK
    4. Egypt
    5. Canada
  14. Which country was forbidden from hale-hunting and grant of further whaling permits by the International Court of Justice (ICJ) in its judgement recently ?
    1. Japan
    2. Korea
    3. China
    4. Egypt
    5. Russia
  15. C-130J Super Hercules aircraft which recently crashed near Karualii, Rajasthan was a ?
    1. Fighter Jet
    2. Passenger Aircraft
    3. Helicopter
    4. Transport Aircraft
    5. Jet Aeroplane
  16. MH 370 was recently in news. What was the reason ?
    1. It is first passenger plane developed by Malaysia
    2. Air India plane hijacked by terrorists
    3. Malaysian Passenger plane went missing
    4. Name of mission to hijack Malaysian airline plane
    5. It is an unmanned aeroplane
  17. What was the outcome of "Crimea Referendum" ?
    1. Crimea will become independent nation
    2. Crimea will remain in Ukraine
    3. Crimea will join Russia
    4. Crimea will be divided between Russia and Ukraine
    5. None of these
  18. In which year the Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation (CCE) has been introduced by CBSE ?
    1. 2001
    2. 2009
    3. 2007
    4. 2014
    5. 2012
  19. Which country is biggest spender on Defense after USA ?
    1. France
    2. India
    3. Russia
    4. China
    5. Japan
  20. Recently, Ukraine was in turmoil due to protests against Government. What is capital of Ukraine ?
    1. Kharkiv
    2. Stutgard
    3. Kiev
    4. Belin
    5. Tehran


  1. plz post winner list of tennis 2014 and governors of all xam is on 23.plz...

  2. Thanx team... Ajit Chouksey

    Pls update this also

    [1] Bhangra : Bhangra is a lively form
    of folk music and dance that originates from Punjab. People
    traditionally performed Bhangra when celebrating the harvest.
    Bharatanatyam: Bharatanatyam is a classical dance form of South India,
    said to be originated in Thanjavoor of Tamil Nadu. The name
    'Bharatanatyam' is derived from three basic concepts of Bhava, Raga and
    [3] Bihu: Bihu is the National Festival of Assam. There are three Bihu festivals
    in Assam and they are celebrated in the months of Bohaag (the middle of
    April), Maagh (the middle of January), and Kaati (the middle of
    [4] Chau Dance : Chau dance is form of tribal martial
    dance attributed to origins in Mayurbhanj and seen in the Indian states
    of West Bengal, Jharkhand and Orissa.
    [5] Dandiya Dance :Dandiya is
    the most important dance of Navratri evenings in Gujarat. An idolization
    of nari-shakti, the dandiya epitomizes the victory of good over evil.
    [6] Dindi Dance : Dindi dance is a folk dance that is prevalent in Maharashtra.
    [7] Garba : Garba is a popular dance form of Gujarat.

    [8] Ghoomar Dance : Ghoomar is a traditional women's folk dance of
    Rajasthan, India, which was developed by the Bhil tribe and was adopted
    by the Rajputs.
    [9] Gidda : The Gidda is a popular folk dance of the
    women in Punjab and is a way to exhibit teasing, fun, exuberance of the
    life in Punjab.
    [10] Kathak : Kathak is an important classical
    dance form of India, and an increasingly popular theatre art form of the
    world. The word Kathak is derived from katha, meaning "storytelling."
    It’s a dance form which tells a story. Originally, this community of
    artists known as ‘Kathakars’ narrated stories in temples of North India.

    [11] Kathakali : Kathakali is a form of Indian dance drama. It
    originated in the Southern Indian state of Kerala during the late 16th
    [12] Kuchipudi : Kuchipudi is the classical dance form from the South-East Indian state of Andhra Pradesh.

    [13] Lavani/Tamasha : Tamasha is a form of theatre, which came into
    existence in the early 16th century in Maharashtra, which includes the
    love songs i.e. `Lavanis` due to which, this folk art, was very popular
    among the common people.
    [14] Manipuri : Manipuri dance is one of
    the major Indian classical dance forms. It originates from Manipur, a
    state in north-eastern India on the border with Myanmar.
    [15] Mohini
    Attam : Mohini attam or Mohiniyattam is a traditional dance from South
    India, specifically from the state of Kerala in India.
    [16] Odissi : Odissi dance is the typical classical dance form of Orissa and has its origin in the temples.

  3. In ibps po 2014 ibps mention in the adertisement that OBC caste certificate containing the Non-creamy layer clause should be valid as on the last date of online registration i.e. 11.08.2014(issued within one year prior to the last date for online registration)

    it mean obc certificate shoud be made b/t 11 august 2013 to 11 august 2014 and cetificate made before or after these date is not valid.

    i want to know that can i used the obc certificate made after 11 august 2014

  4. Dear admin please post some important list of committees. Please it is confusing while searching on other sites. I have my exam on Sunday.

  5. Good info. brother.Even this is useful for several public service commission exams.this year UPSC exam also contain lots of traditional stuff like this!,I hope This NDA wants to crate Indian renaissance!

  6. If you mean banking committees then this site has list of them in the form of quick reference guide,so please search for it! it contains all banking committees,Govt. committees,Judicial committees fro their inception to now.So it will be beneficial to you.

  7. Actually. I. Did but I was not satisfied it will be helpful if u provide me link. Thanks

  8. plz provide us a list of dams and sanctuary

  9. New Governors Appointed :
    thats all I got mate !!

  10. me too want this.......pls anybody provide us........

  11. the whole list was given on sbi clerk pdf.. except us open

  12. Aftaabآفتاب القاعدہ حسینSeptember 19, 2014 at 12:29 PM

    Gr8 efforts

  13. its mridula sinha for goa


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