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August 28, 2014

Banking Awareness MCQs for IBPS PO IV and Clerks IV Online Exams - Set 24


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Dear IBPS PO and Clerks aspirants, here is the 24th Set of Banking Awareness Online Practice Tests. In this test we've focused on various types of loans and some important banking programmes. Happy reading :)
  1. Loan taken by the person, not telling the purpose of taking loan is called _____________
    1. Impersonal loan
    2. Personal loan
    3. Purpose loan
    4. Group loan
    5. Go and Apply loan

  2. Variable rate / Floating loan means ________________
    1. Interest rate depends on the moment of foreign exchange rates fixed by RBI
    2. Interest rate will change according to the increasing and decreasing movement of interest rates
    3. Interest rate fixed by RBI regarding Repo Rate
    4. Interest rate varied by RBI in the giving of loans to USA Companies alone.
    5. None of these

  3. BSE Ltd (Bombay Stock Exchange)Established on ?
    1. 4th June 1975
    2. 9th June 1875
    3. 10th June 1985
    4. 19th June 1815
    5. None

  4. In which street in Mumbai, the BSE located ?
    1. Gold Street
    2. Cross street
    3. Forward Street
    4. Dalal Street
    5. Key Street

  5. Fixed-rate Loan means ______________
    1. Loan with a set rate of interest that either does not vary for the entire life of the loan or is fixed for a specified period.
    2. Loan with a set rate of interest that change for every 3 years and for a specified period as fixed by the bank for the least 15 years
    3. Loan never set rate of interest that either does not vary for the entire life of the loan or is fixed for a specified period
    4. No loan with a set rate of interest that either does not vary for the entire life of the loan or is fixed for a specified period.
    5. None 

  6. Prime Minister Narendra Modi launched his dream project to open at least one bank account to every household on 28th August 2014. Name it ?
    1. Jan Dhan Yojana
    2. Jan Gan Man Yojana
    3. Jan Ran Yojana
    4. Jan Bank Youjana
    5. Jan Makan Yojana

  7. Teaser loan means __________________
    1. Interest not collected at all
    2. Interest collected at more rates at the beginning and less during the later times.
    3.  Interest collected at less rate of inters at the beginning and less during the later times
    4. Interest collected at more rates at the beginning and never collect rate of interest later times.
    5. Interest collected at less rate of interest at the beginning and more during the later times.

  8. If a loan issued and supported only by the borrower's creditworthiness, rather than by a type of collateral, it is called _________________
    1. Key loan
    2. Collateral loan
    3. Zero loan
    4. Unsecured loan
    5. Secured loan

  9. If a loan offered at a rate above prime to individuals who do not qualify for prime rate loans is called _____________
    1. Bank Rate loan
    2. Primary lending loan
    3. MOD prime loan
    4. Sub prime loan
    5. Prime loan

  10. Amortized loan means _______________
    1. Loan with scheduled periodic payments of both principal and interest
    2. Government finance the banks to refinance the local money lenders
    3. Giving huge loans to customers by taking the security
    4. Not  providing cash to customers but providing loan in the form of goods
    5. Loan given by RBI

  11. Ballon Loan means ?
    1. A loan offered at highest rate of interest for consumer loans
    2. A loan which does not fully amortize over its term
    3. Loan offered to joint borrowers only
    4. Loan offered to the Large scale industries 
    5. None

  12. In the first half of 2013-14 the bank loans grow by what percent ?
    1. 15.01%
    2. 6.9%
    3. 8.1%
    4. 10.1%
    5. None

  13. On 28th October 2013, which scheme was launched in Dubai to provide pension and life insurance benefits to overseas workers ?
    1. Indira Gandhi Pravasi Suraksha Yojana
    2. Pradhanmanthri Pravasi Suraksha Yojana
    3. Mahatma Gandhi Pravasi Samrakshana Youjana
    4. Mahatma Gandhi Videshi Samrakshana Youjana
    5. Mahatma Gandhi Pravasi Suraksha Yojana

  14. World Standards Day is observed on ?
    1. 14th September
    2. 14th October
    3. 14th November
    4. 14th December
    5. 14th January

  15. India's First Dedicated Education Loan Company CREDILA is the associate body of ___________
    1. SBI
    2. Andhra Bank
    3. United Bank of India
    4. HDFC
    5. SBH

  16. CER was established to prevent frauds in loan cases involving multiple lending from different banks on the same immovable property. CER means ?
    1. Central Electronic Recognition
    2. Central Ethics Registry
    3. Central Electronic Registry
    4. Central Election Registry
    5. Central Entry Registry

  17. The loan taken for the purpose of doing business is called ?
    1. Commercial Loan
    2. Business loan
    3. Employment Loan
    4. Property Loan
    5. Enterprise Loan 

  18. Indian Bank's Association's annual Banker's Conference (BANCON) held between 15th and 16th November 2013 at Mumbai hosted by _____________
    1. Corporation Bank
    2. IOB
    3. SBI
    4. Bank of India
    5. OBC

  19. BANCON 2013 theme was _____________
    1. 'Financial Inclusion is must for India'
    2. 'Bank of the future-gearing up to meet the emerging environment'
    3. 'Banks are for you'
    4. 'Bank for the Growth of Economy' and 'We deserve it'
    5. None

  20. Example for Non-commercial loan are 
    1. Agriculture Loan
    2. Loans to BPL families
    3. Loans to SHG
    4. Loans to SC and ST Communities
    5. All the above

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