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July 17, 2014

Marketing Aptitude Multiple Choice Questions for SBI Clerks 2014 - Set 20


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  1. PBX in business communication jargon stands for 
    1. Personal Branch Exchange
    2. Private Branch Exchange
    3. Personnel Bureau Exchange
    4. Public Bureau Exchange
    5. None of these

  2. The practice of looking at goods in shop windows, without buying anything is 
    1. Empty Shopping
    2. Timely Shopping
    3. Outing Shopping
    4. Window Shopping
    5. Outdoor Shopping

  3. A situation in which, whatever happens or whatever choice is made, the people involved will benefit is called 
    1. Good situation
    2. Perfection situation
    3. Win-Win situation
    4. Lose-Lose situation
    5. Win-Lose situation

  4. MRTP Act is 
    1. Monopolies and Restrictive Trade Practices Act
    2. Motor Regulations and Transport Providers Act
    3. Municipal Roads and Transport Policy Act
    4. Merchant Regulations and Traders Principles Act
    5. None of these

  5. NABARD, a bank, is the nodal agency for
    1. Agriculture finance
    2. Street industry finance
    3. Automobile finance
    4. Petrochemical finance
    5. None of these

  6. A Free Trade Zone is an area
    1. where goods are traded free of cost
    2. where goods are traded through barter
    3. where there are no customs duties
    4. where government controls production and distribution 
    5. None of these

  7. High-priced goods which are kept in use for a relatively long time and so are not replaced very frequently are called _____________
    1. White goods
    2. Yellow goods
    3. Red goods
    4. Orange goods
    5. None of these

  8. Goods which are not bought as often as fast-moving items but are replaced from time to time are called
    1. White goods
    2. Yellow goods
    3. Red goods
    4. Orange goods
    5. None of these

  9. Fast-selling convenience goods are called
    1. White goods 
    2. Yellow goods
    3. Red goods
    4. Orange goods
    5. None of these

  10. A bank doesn't honour
    1. an ante-dated cheque
    2. a state cheque
    3. a post-dated cheque
    4. both 2 and 3
    5. None of these

  11. What is a Finge benefit ?
    1. Added advantages available to shareholders
    2. Indirect, non cash benefits provided to employees
    3. Salaries paid
    4. Benefits to manufacturers due to location of the producing unit
    5. None of these

  12. Caveat Emptor means
    1. an economy where the emperor/ ruler governs the rate at which money is lent
    2. means that buyer is responsible for the quality of the goods he buys
    3. person in charge of a meeting
    4. 1 or 2
    5. None of these

  13. Brainstorming is used by the management for
    1. Work allocation of the shop floor
    2. Generating alternative for problem solving
    3. The promotion of research and development
    4. Training employees
    5. None of these

  14. Product line is a _____________
    1. specific model of product
    2. group of closely related items
    3. all products offered by a company
    4. both 1 and 2
    5. None of these

  15. The Stock Exchanges in India are regulated by 
    1. RBI
    2. SEBI
    3. SBI
    4. IDBI
    5. None of these

  16. Underwriting in terms of shares means 
    1. Agreeing to purchase shortfall of shares in a company in case of undersubscription
    2. Selling shares at a discount
    3. Purchasing property at less than market price
    4. a and b
    5. None of these

  17. A small size of news paper, as opposed to a broadsheet
    1. magazine
    2. journal
    3. tabloid
    4. district edition
    5. None of these

  18. The aiming of advertising or selling at a specific group of consumers who all have similar characteristics
    1. Same-people Marketing
    2. Individual Marketing
    3. Services Marketing 
    4. Industrial Marketing
    5. Target Marketing

  19. Which among the following is not included in fringe benefits available to an employee ?
    1. old age survivors benefits
    2. pensions
    3. gratuities
    4. both 1 and 2
    5. None of these

  20. Advertising which makes use of testimonials from famous or qualified people, or from satisfied customers, to endorse a product is called 
    1. Proof Advertisement
    2. Direct Advertisement
    3. Testimonial Advertisement
    4. Back-door Advertisement
    5. None of these

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  1. madam i have done Bsc am i eligible for bank exams..??

    1. Yepp u r eligible...only graduation is needed...

  2. admin plz provide goods classification according to colors with eg. like eg of red orange white yellow. and whats is basis of that??

  3. product line means a series of different products which form a group, all made by the same company means all products offered by a company, please change the answer


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