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April 27, 2014

Marketing MCQs for SBI Clerks Exam - Set 5


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The use of a pull policy may required heavy expenditures for
  1. advertising and sales promotion
  2. public relations and distribution
  3. personal selling and public relations
  4. distribution and advertising
  5. none of these

Marketing is best defined as
  1. matching a product with its market
  2. promoting and selling products
  3. facilitating satisfying exchange relationships
  4. distributing products at the right price to stores
  5. none of these

A physical, concrete product you can touch is
  1. a service
  2. a good
  3. an idea
  4. a concept
  5. a philosophy

A marketing manager for a small computer manufacturer is analyzing the potential effects of political, legal, social, and economic forces on the firm's operations. The marketing manager is examining the _____________ that influence(s) the firm's strategy
  1. operating situation
  2. marketing environment
  3. trends
  4. economic conditions
  5. none of these

The marketing mixes of organizations that market services include product, price, promotion, place and :
  1. packaging
  2. premiums
  3. people
  4. purchasing
  5. none of these

Just in time technique is wider acceptance world over. The technique was first introduced in
  1. India
  2. Indonesia
  3. Japan
  4. America
  5. None of these

The consumer movement is
  1. against foreign imports that are much cheaper than products produced in the home market
  2. a movemnt that is trying to improve consumer satisfaction
  3. a social movment that is able to challenge big business practices
  4. a diverse group of individuals, groups and organizations attempting to protect the rights of consumers
  5. none of these

In terms of consumer demand and spending behaviour, marketers are most interested in
  1. wealth
  2. consumer credit
  3. disposable income
  4. pretax income
  5. high incomes

Marketing is _____________________
  1. consumer oriented
  2. competitors oriented
  3. both 1 and 2
  4. neither 1 nor 2
  5. none of these

The type of competitive structure that exists when a firm with many potential competitors attempts to develop a differential marketing strategy to establish its own market share is
  1. mixed competition
  2. oligopoly
  3. monopolistic competition
  4. perfect competition
  5. none of these

Which of these statements BEST describes international marketing ?
  1. Developing and performing marketing activities across national boundaries
  2. the exporting of goods and services
  3. the creation of value and the exchange of value between countries
  4. having firms with operations or subsidiaries located in many countries
  5. none of these

What restriction is faced in international marketing ?
  1. tariffs
  2. customs duties
  3. qualitative restrictions
  4. all of the above
  5. none of these

Taxes levied by a nation on goods bought outside its borders and brought in, are called
  1. import duties
  2. export duties
  3. export tariffs
  4. quotas
  5. import tariffs

The gross domestic product is
  1. a measure of the profit made by all firms in the nation
  2. the average annual earnings per person in the nation
  3. a measure of the types of products produced by a nation
  4. an overall measure of a nation's economic standing
  5. none of these

A partnership between a domestic firm and a foreign firm is known as
  1. a joint venture
  2. an international partnership
  3. a multinational enterprise
  4. licensing
  5. exporting

When two companies, who are usually rivals, come together to do business on a worldwide basis, this partnership is known as a
  1. joint venture
  2. strategic alliance
  3. multinational venture
  4. joint licensing
  5. none of these

Global marketing is
  1. the development of marketing strategies for the entire world or major regions of the world
  2. performing marketing activities across national boundaries
  3. the creation and the exchange of value between countries
  4. having firms with operations or subsidiaries located in many countries
  5. none of these

Global marketing involves developing marketing strategies as if the world is one market. Which one fo the following marketing mix variables is MOST difficult to standardise for global marketing ?
  1. Brand name
  2. Package
  3. Media allocation
  4. Labels
  5. Product characteristics

When products are introduced into one nation from another, acceptance is far more likely
  1. if prices are set very low
  2. when bribes are paid to local officials to aid distribution
  3. if there are similarities between the two cultures
  4. if packaging is adjusted to match local customs
  5. none of these

The _____________ is the difference in value between a nation's exports and its imports
  1. balance of payments
  2. export / import ratio
  3. gross domestic product
  4. net trade value
  5. balance of trade


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