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August 24, 2013

Banking Awareness Practice Questions for IBPS PO / Clerks Exams


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Friends, here are 20 practice questions of banking awareness section of upcoming IBPS PO / Clerks Exams. Write your answers on a paper before checking the correct answer. You should solve this paper in 10 minutes. All the Best.

Which of the following banks has taken over by the Global Trust Bank ?

The RBI has decided to introduce which system in place of the existing "Benchmark Prime Lending Rate System" for charging interest on Loans / Advances from July 2010 ?

Money Laundering refers to which of the following ?
  • Conversion of assets into cash
  • Conversion of Money which is illegally obtained
  • Conversion of cash into gold
  • Conversion of gold into cash
  • Conversion of shares into cash

The account in which trading of shares in their electronic form is __________?

The Reserve Bank of India issues
  • All the currency notes
  • All the Currency notes except the one rupee note
  • All the currency notes except the hundred rupee note
  • Only notes of Rs 10 and above
  • All currency notes

RBI does not transact the business of which of the following State Governments ?
  • Nagaland
  • Jammu and Kashmir
  • Assam
  • Sikkim
  • None of these

The first Indian bank to open branch outside India in London in 1946 is ?

What is "Hot Money?"

Which of the following is the objective for amendment to the Indian Postal Act 1898 ?
  • Courier companies shall be monitored by the Postal Department
  • It will enlarge the role of courier companies in distribution of postal products
  • All documents weighting less than 300 gm will have to go to post and cannot be couriered
  • None of these

Euro Bond is an instrument
  • Issued in the European Market
  • Issued in Euro Currency
  • Issued in a country other than the country of the currency of the Bond
  • All of these
  • None of these

National Income Estimates in India are prepared by

The determination of rate of exchange between rupee and foreign currencies freely by the market forces of demand and supply is called ?

By 2015 _________ crosses of USA to become world's largest Banking industry ?

The RBI has prescribed that all SCBs should maintain their SLRs in
  • Dated Securities notified by RBI
  • T-Bills of Government of India
  • State Development Loans
  • All of these
  • None of these

Which category of banks were mooted with a view to providing an institutional mechanism for promoting rural and semi-urban savings as well as for the provision of credit for viable economic activities in local areas ?

As per guidelines of the RBI, banks are to provide appropriate banking to habitations having population in excess of 2000 by which year ?

The first Private Bank in india to recieve an in principle approval from the Reserve Bank of India was ?

The actual return of an investor is reduced some times as the prices of the commodities go up all of a sudden . In Financial Sector, this type of phenomenon is known as ?

Consider the following statements regarding Rashtriya Swasthya Bima Yojana
A. The scheme started rolling from 1st April 2008
B. The beneficiaries under RSBY are entitled to hospitalization coverage upto Rs. 50,000 for most of the disease that require hospitalization
C. The maximum age limit to be enrolled into RSBY is 65 years
which of the above statements is / are correct ?
  1. Only A
  2. Only A and B
  3. Only A and C
  4. All A, B and C
  5. None of these

The Narasimhan Committee for Financial Sector reforms suggested reduction in
A. SLR and CRR
B. SLR, CRR and Priority sector financing
C. SLR and Financing to capital goods sector
which of the following options is correct ?
  • B and C
  • A and C
  • Only C
  • Only A
  • None of these


  1. very helpful to all

  2. very helpful to all

  3. Thank you!! Great material for preparations :)

  4. Provide some notes on banking ga in pdf

  5. Sir IBPS OR SBI next clerk exam graduation compulsory ?
    i am last year of & 70% of 12th , can i apper next exam ?..Read More...

  6. Sir IBPS OR SBI next clerk exam graduation compulsory ?
    i am last year of & 70% of 12th , can i apper next exam ?..Read More..

  7. Thank u pls provide more materials

  8. thank u so much pls provide some more materials on banking awareness


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