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August 24, 2013

RBI Officers Grade B Exam (Held on 24th August 2013) Review - Jisha G Nair


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Friends, here is the review of Today's (24-08-2013) RBI Grade B Officers Exam shared by our fried Jisha G Nair from Kerala. We thank her for her commendable work and we wish her great success in her exam. Read her review in her own words.

Hi friends,
I am one of the candidates who appeared for RBI Officers Grade-B Exam. The reporting time for morning session is 9.15am.But it is written that you have to report earlier. So, the actual reporting time is 8.30am.I reached the venue by 8 am. But, the exam started by 10 am only. The total time allocated is 130 minutes. Read the instructions carefully before entering into the exam hall. Now, about the exam, it was quite easy if you are prepared for an exam like SBI PO.

General Awareness
There were 80 questions.Only 5-10 were from current affairs, that too were simple like
1.Who is the governor of RBI ?
2.Who is the finance secretary ?
3.Who has won women’s singles of Roger’s cup tennis ?
Rest all were ECONOMICS(as expected by a serious player).You must be strong in economics. Otherwise,you will get confused even if you read(2-3 times(Be careful about the time)).A candidate with a strong(or we can say just fine) economic base will easily sail through this section. There were questions from Union Budget(how much money for this & that…etc) .The about various accounts offered by bank etc..etc.

It was easy, except that comprehension passage is also from economics  :D…Synonyms and antonyms, you have to find for words from passage itself. There will be a bit problem, for question like obtaining conclusion from given passage. There were no high level grammar…or anything like that. Even an 8th standard student will do.

Quantitative Aptitude
DI questions were so simple except that you have to look carefully on the chart/graph given.It just involves taking value from chart/graph and subtracting or adding or finding average or percentage. So don’t skip this section.Another thing is that,they asked Radar Graph and chart in DI. Here I am giving an image(from internet) of radar graph,as some of you may not be familiar with it.

 There were just simplification questions(long ones,but you don’t need to calculate the actual value).Also there were questions from ratio & proportion, number series(quite simple,for eg.adding 17.60 with each no. but at a first look we will not even get a link between the numbers in the series,at last I just subtracted…:D….and all number series were like that only…:P),probability,time  and distance,problems on ages(high level) etc.Any one who prepared for IBPS can easily do those questions,but speed matters.
It was actually higher level reasoning except syllogisms (there were more than 5,but not 10,simple syllogism(3 statement) questions were there).Topics were input-output(as usual, not so difficult), assumptions, cause & effect,arguments,inference,blood relations,seating arrangement,inequalities, coding-decoding etc…all of higher level SBI PO level preparation  is required.

Paper was good for one who is prepared for SBI level exam and have a good grip of economics...All the best !


  1. i thnk its littele tough

  2. Thank's For giving such a great review it will help to other aspirants even my exam is puzzle was there or not if there then there is blood relation or something else...

  3. paper is good, GA is full of current events (not more then 2 month old). QA is really very easy, English is as usual average. overall GA will decide the cutoff of the RBI exam.

  4. I feel that except for reasoning this paper is matter how much you prepare for reasoning you will get confused in the exam about from where to in the yesterdays paper regarding blood relationship and circular arrangement clubbed and also friends,show and car grouping which will make you wonder what should be the starting point

  5. paper was tough. cut off for gm may hover between 95 and 105.

  6. This was an easy exam except that reasoning was tough. GA comprised most of current affairs & budget.

    English and Maths were very easy.

  7. Exam was easy except Reasoning. GA comprised most of current affairs/ budget.

    English & Maths were very easy.

  8. what is the initial corpus of Women Bank Initiation in this year’s budget.
    2. what is the currency of Bolivia.
    3. World Tourism day date.
    4. saving bank account interest decision will be imposed by whom.
    5. how does demand deposits affects banks
    6. What is FCNR account.
    7. Details of Rupee depreciation and curb on gold.
    8. Women Bankers’ Names
    9. Who is Upcoming Governor of RBI.
    10. FSLRC guidelines
    11. Role of FSDC
    12. What are market risks
    13. what are different types of risks to bank
    14. what type of risk is the banking data loss in computer due to power cut.
    15. income tax bracket question
    16. VAT is what kind of tax.
    17. who are all the owners of RRB.
    18. who won rogers cup women?
    19. who controls the central banks of different nations internationally.
    20. Project Undertaken by JICA in india.
    21. rate of reverse repo compared to repo rate?
    22. “Agmark” significance.
    23. what is CDS?
    24. Headquarters of rating agencies in India.
    25. Basel 2 guidelines.
    26. Basel 3 guidelines.
    27. Reasons for declining savings rate.
    28. What is monetary policy transmission?
    29. Micro, Small and Medium Industries cap

    written off and straight line methods are used for?
    m3 growth rate in the latest rbi monetary policy?
    rogers cup winner?

    fin secy?
    rbi gov?
    headquarters of which credit rating agency in india?
    questions on something related to basel norms..
    if computer breaks down in the bank, what kind of risk?
    all foreign investment categories to be subsumed in what?
    if a foreigner wants to deposit in dollars and take it back in dollars what account should he go for, FCNR,NRO,NRE?
    if i want to invest retirement money with fixed returns what kind of account:recurring,current,fixed,savings?
    gaar, world tourism day etc

    13) Next Governor of RBI? - Raghuram Rajan
    14) Finance secretary? - There are actually five secretaries in the ministry of finance for different departments, but one among them is named as the finance secretary, so its Rajiv Takru
    15) If a person wants to deposit a fixed amount every month for future returns what would you suggest? - I answered it as Savings Bank A/c but not sure if it could be Fixed deposit
    16) CDS? -Credit Default Swap
    17) An international organisation to foster global monetary cooperation? -IMF

    if bank's demand deposits increase ,how will it affect the bank


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