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May 17, 2012

Marketing Aptitude - SBI Clerks - Previous Paper 1


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SBI Clerks Exam, Held on : 16-01-2011

1.       A Safe Deposit Locker can be canvassed among

a.       All Existing account holders
b.      Persons below poverty line
c.       Students
d.      Jewellers
e.      ATM Cardholders

2.       Telemarketing means

a.       Selling Telephones
b.      Sending SMS messages
c.       Chatting on the phone
d.      Marketing through phone calls
e.      Marketing  in person

3.       The USP of a Credit Card is

a.       Cashless Operations
b.      Only for HNIs
c.       Only for Men
d.      Only for employed Persons
e.      Transactions through cheque book

4.       EMI can be a marketing tool if

a.       EMI is increasing
b.      It is very high
c.       It is very low
d.      EMI has no impact on marketing

5.       The USP of a Current Account is

a.       High Profitability
b.      Liquidity
c.       Low Rate of Interest
d.      Costly Transactions
e.      Friendly Features

6.       Bancassurance means

a.       Assurance of banks for quality service
b.      Assurance for sanction of loans
c.       Selling of insurance products by banks
d.      Selling Credit Cards

7.       Good competition helps in

a.       Improved Sales
b.      Improved Customer Service
c.       Improved brand image
d.      All of these
e.      None of these

8.       Banks sell  insurance for

a.       Increasing Deposits
b.      Increasing Loans
c.       Increasing Clients
d.      Earning more profits
e.      Taking over insurance companies

9.       A Debit Card can be issued to

a.       Only Income Tax assessees
b.      Only Professionals
c.       Only Women
d.      All farmers
e.      All Savings Account holders

10.   Mutual Funds investments can be effectively canvassed among

a.       Only safaried persons
b.      Students availing Education Loans
c.       HNI Customers
d.      Sunrise Industries
e.      Poor Formers

11.   Product Design is a function of

a.       Front office staff
b.      Back office staff
c.       Management
d.      Marketing and Research team
e.      Loan section

12.   The target group for Personal Loans is

a.       All Private Limited Companies
b.      All Businessmen
c.       All Salaried persons
d.      Minor Children
e.      Newborn infants

13.   Advertisement is a type of

a.       Direct Marketing
b.      Service Marketing
c.       Indirect Marketing
d.      Internet banking
e.      Internal Marketing

14.   The sales process begins with

a.       Customer Identification
b.      Lead Generation
c.       Sales Presentation
d.      Sales closure
e.      Sales meet

15.   Financial Planning is required when

a.       One has no income
b.      One is flushed with funds
c.       One has no expenses to incur
d.      One is illiterate
e.      Income level is insufficient to meet the expenses

16.   “Value Added Services” implies ?

a.       Additional Knowledge of marketing staff
b.      Service beyond normal Hours
c.       Service with extra facilities
d.      Marketing Agencies
e.      Overtime work

17.   Optimum Results in marketing is possible through

a.       Increased Production
b.      More number of Products
c.       More salespersons
d.      Motivated Staff
e.      More ATMs

18.   Mutual Fund business from existing customers can be canvased by

a.       Coercion
b.      Cross-Selling
c.       Internal Marketing
d.      Outdoor Marketing
e.      Road-Shows

19.   Marketing in banks has been necessitated due to

a.       Globalisation
b.      Excess staff
c.       Nationalisation of banks
d.      Complacency among the staff
e.      Poor customer services

20.   Market Research is necessary for

a.       Maketing proper marketing decissions
b.      Choosing  the right produc ts
c.       Selecting the right salespersons
d.      All of these
e.      None of these


 1.     a   2.     d   3.     a   4.     c   5.     b   6.     c   7.     b   8.     d   9.      e   10.   a   11.   b   12.   c   13.   a   14.   a   15.   e   16.   c   17.   d   18.   b   19.   a   20.   d

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  1. please tell me what comes in professional knowledge section of specialist officer exam of SBI for the post of JMGS scale-1,Asst.Manager(computer & communication)

    1. DBMS, Computer Networks, Information Security and basic programming questions...

    2. Thanks a lot...


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