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January 26, 2019

26th January 2019 Hindu Editorial Vocabulary - PDF Download

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Hai Friends I'm Kani. Here I'm sharing English Vocabulary from Editorial section of The Hindu News Paper dated 26th January 2019. You can download PDF Version of the editorials and meanings from below link. Happy reading :)

Note : Click on titles to read Editorials from THE HINDU News Paper

  • Rivalry - a situation in which people, teams, businesses etc compete with one another
  • Divorce - to completely separate one thing from another so that they are not connected in any way
  • Alliance - an arrangement between two or more people, groups, or countries by which they agree to work together to achieve something
  • Scenario - a situation that could possibly happen
  • Disastrous - causing a lot of damage or harm
  • Retain - to keep someone or something
  • Resurgent - quickly becoming popular, important, or successful again
  • Bifurcation - the fact that something is divided into two parts or the act of dividing something into two parts
  • Cut into - to reduce an amount of something that is available, especially time or money
  • Breakaway - consisting of people who have decided to separate from a larger group
  • Former - used for describing someone or something that had a particular job, title, status etc in the past, but not now
  • Bitter - involving very angry feelings
  • Dramatically - in a sudden and surprising way that is easy to notice
  • Vote bank - a large group of voters from a single community who always support a particular party or candidate in elections
  • Collapse - to suddenly fail or stop existing
  • Vacillate - to keep changing your ideas about something
  • Massive - very large or heavy
  • Erosion - the gradual reduction or destruction of something important
  • Overlap - if two or more activities, subjects, or periods of time overlap, they have some parts that are the same
  • Beneath - directly under something or at a lower level
  • Foe  - an enemy
  • Opportunistic - using a situation to get power or an advantage
  • Majority - the number of votes by which a person or party wins an election
  • Campaign - a series of actions intended to produce political or social change
  • Integral - forming an essential part of something and needed to make it complete
  • Ally - someone who helps and supports someone else
  • Content with - to do something or have something although it is not exactly what you want
  • Tactic - a particular method or plan for achieving something
  • Coalition - a temporary union of different political parties that agree to form a government together
  • Disbanding - if a group of people disbands or is disbanded, its members stop working together
Hindu Editorial Topic 2 : "Crisis in Caracas"
  • Crisis - an urgent, difficult, or dangerous situation
  • Plunge - to fall quickly from a high position
  • Catastrophic - causing a lot of damage, or making a lot of people suffer
  • A host of - a large number of something
  • Interim - intended to last or perform an activity only until someone or something permanent or final is available
  • Furious -  extremely angry
  • Diplomatic - relating to the profession or skill of preserving or creating friendly relationships between countries
  • Diplomat - an official whose job is to represent their government in a foreign country
  • Grapple with - to try hard to understand a difficult idea or to solve a difficult problem
  • Over-reliance - excessive dependence on or trust in someone or something
  • Social welfare - services provided by the government or private organizations to help poor, ill, or old people
  • Clueless - stupid, or knowing nothing
  • Poverty line - the amount of money considered necessary to live
  • Forecast - a statement about what is likely to happen, based on available information and usually relating to the weather, business, or the economy
  • Widespread - happening or existing in many places, or affecting many people
  • Trigger - to make something happen
  • Massive - very large or heavy
  • Migrant - someone who travels to another place or country in order to find work
  • Opposition -the political parties in a country that are not part of the government
  • Overthrow - to force a leader or government out of their position of power
  • Coup - an occasion when a group of people takes control of a country, usually by means of military force
  • Protest - a strong complaint or disagreement
  • Brute force -  great physical force or strength
  • Suppress - to stop opposition or protest using military force or strict laws
  • Deteriorate - to become worse
  • Boycott - to not take part in an event, or to not buy or use something as a protest
  • Legitimate - allowed by the law, or correct according to the law
  • Mismanagement - the process of managing something badly
  • Destabilise - to cause problems for a country, government, or person in authority so that they become less effective
  • Leave aside - to not consider something because you want to consider something else instead
  • Anoint - to decide that someone should be given a particular important job
  • Rebel - someone who tries to remove a government or leader using force
  • Backing - support
  • Armed forces - a country’s army, navy, and air force
  • Unseat - to remove someone from a position of power
  • Loyalty - support that you always give to someone or something because of your feelings of duty and love towards them
  • Deserve - if you deserve something, it is right that you get it, for example because of the way you have behaved
  • Untold - existing or present in an amount that is too large to be measured
  • Flee - to escape from a dangerous situation or place very quickly
  • Destabilisation - the action of making a government, area, or political group lose power or control, or making a political or economic situation less strong or safe, by causing changes and problems
  • Interfering - deliberately involving yourself in other people’s lives and trying to influence the way that they behave, although you have no right to do this
  • Normalcy - a situation in which everything is normal
  • In the long run - not immediately but at some time in the future
  • Destiny - the things that will happen in the future

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