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May 07, 2018

Most Expected General Awareness Questions 2018 for Competitive Exams

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  1. Choose the correct answer. 
      • a. Pawan Chamling is the Chief Minister of Arunachal Pradesh 
      • b. Pawan Chamling is the Chief Minister of the Sikkim 
      • c. As of May, 2018 India's longest serving Chief Minister is Jyothi Basu 
      • d. As of May, 2018 India's long-est serving Chief Minister is Pawan Chamling
    1.  Only (d) is true
    2.  Only (a) and (c) are true
    3.  Only (b) is true
    4.  Only (b) and (c) are true
    5.  Only (b) and (d) are true
  2. Who is the author of the book 'My Journey from Marxism - Leninism to Nehruvian Socialism' ?
    1.  Kaushik Basu
    2.  CH. Hanumantha Rao
    3.  Raghuram Rajan
    4.  Y.V. Reddy
    5.  Manmohan Singh
  3. Which of the following bank has recently launched Interactive Robotic Assistant ?
    1.  ICICI Bank
    2.  HSBC Bank
    3.  HDFC Bank
    4.  Yes Bank
    5.  Standard Chartered Bank
  4. Who among the following has been chosen for Saraswati Samman 2017 award ?
    1.  Sitanshu Yashaschandra
    2.  Harminder Bharadwaj
    3.  Kalian Singh
    4.  Samareshwar
    5.  None
  5. Shirui Lily 2018 festival was held during last week of April in which of the following states ?
    1.  Sikkim
    2.  Arunachal Pradesh
    3.  Mizoram
    4.  Tripura
    5.  Manipur
  6. Choose the correct answer. 
      • a. Dalmia Bharat Limited has signed MOU with Tourism Ministry to take up Red fort (Delhi) and also Gandikota Fort (Andhra Pradesh) 
      • b. Dalmia Bharat is the first corporate, under the 'adopt a heritage project' and also to look after the operations 
      • c. Dalmia Bharat has adopted Charminar and Golconda (Telangana)
    1.  Only (b) is true
    2.  Only (b) and (c) are true
    3.  Only (a) and (b) are true
    4.  Only (a) is true
    5.  Only (c) is true
  7. Who is the new Chairman of Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India ?
    1.  TS Vijayan
    2.  Subhash Chandra Khuntia
    3.  Ankur Garg
    4.  Sathish Rao Gaekwad
    5.  Damodar Sopte
  8. Which is the first state in India to provide digitally signed land record receipts ?
    1.  Andhra Pradesh
    2.  Karnataka
    3.  Kerala
    4.  Gujarat
    5.  Maharashtra
  9. World Press Freedom Day is celebrated on 3rd May every year. It's theme of 2018 is :
    1.  Freedom of speech is soul of Democracy 
    2.  Allow Press... Strengthen the human rights and values
    3.  Keeping Power in Check: Media, Justice and the Rule of Law
    4.  Power of Pen... digital era.. still truth sustain
    5.  None of the above
  10. The Union Government has recently approved the continuation of Pradhan Mantri Swasthya Suraksha Yojana beyond 12th Five year plan. It is about : 
      • a. Setting up of AIIMS in various states 
      • b. Development of medical education, nursing education and connected research facilities.
      • c. Related to primary education
    1.  Only (a) and (b)
    2.  Only (b)
    3.  Only (a)
    4.  Only (a) and (c)
    5.  Only (c)
  11. In the 65th National Film Awards, Actress Sridevi was given best actress award posthumously for which movie ?
    1.  English.. Vinglish
    2.  Mom
    3.  Life
    4.  Million dollars dream
    5.  None of the above
  12. The present chief of Naval Staff of Indian navy is :
    1.  Bipin Rawat
    2.  Sunil Lamba
    3.  Birender Singh Dhanoa
    4.  N. K. S ingh
    5.  None of the above
  13. Which country has announced establishment of diplomatic relations with China on 1st May, and also declared breaking ties with Taiwan ?
    1.  Dominican Republic
    2.  Iran
    3.  Pakistan
    4.  Venezuela
    5.  Cuba
  14.  According to the World Health Organization, out of 15 most polluted cities in world, which country has maximum number of cities ?
    1.  China
    2.  USA
    3.  India
    4.  Russia
    5.  Vietnam 
  15. The Capital of North Korea is :
    1.  Havana
    2.  Buenos Aires
    3.  Pyongyang
    4.  Seoul
    5.  Ottawa
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