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April 01, 2017

Important Details behind RBI Logo

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After it was established during the British Rule on 1st April 1935, RBI considered the following things to make it's official logo / seal.
  • The seal should emphasise the Governmental status of the Bank, but not too closely;
  • It should have something Indian in the design;
  • It should be simple, artistic and heraldically correct; and
  • The design should be such that it could be used without substantial alteration for letter heading, etc.
For this purpose, the Reserve Bank of India has examined various seals, medals and coins. Finally it was satisfied with East India Company's Double Mehour, which is having the sketches of Lion and Palm Tree, and found it suitable. 

Then RBI's Deputy Governor, Sir James Taylor decided to replace the lion by tiger because he thought tiger is regarded as the more characteristic animal of India. This tiger was modelled from the statue of the tiger on the entrance gate at Belvedere, Calcutta. This logo was approved by the board on 23rd February 1935.

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