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July 04, 2018

General Knowledge Quiz - Set 84

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Where in Delhi are the high security prisoners lodged ?

A mosque in Chennai was believed to be lit with a thousand oil lamps. What is it known as ?

Who was known as the "Tiger of Mysore" ?

Where in India does the Maha Kumbh take place ?

Binsar, a hill station, is located in which state ?

What is the name of the chariot-shaped monument built to pay homage to the Tamil poet Thiruvalluvar ?

What is Banaras now called ?

Darjeeling, the popular hill station, is located in which state ?

Which river originates from Yamunotri ?

How many players are there in each team in hockey ?

In which year was the hockey association formed ?

In which year was the Kentucky Derby first held ?

When was hockey played for the first time in Olympics ?

In which year did India participate in the Olympics ?

In which year was Judo introduced in the Olympic Games ?

In which year did table tennis become a medal sport in Olympics ?

The javelin spear is how many meters in length ?

How many nations participated in 2018 Winter Olympics ?

Name the explorer who was the first to reach New Zealand ?

Plato founded a place of learning. Name it ?

Rajarajeshwari. M

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