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January 21, 2016

IBPS PO V Interview Experience - Siva Krishna (Tirupati)

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Name : Siva Krishna

Qualification: B.Tech, ECE

Interview Venue : Tirupati, SV Commerce College

Interview Date : 20/1/2016

Time : 8:30 AM

Panel : 1

My interview reporting timing was 8:30 but i reached the venue very very early (7'o clock, becoz of 1st inetrview excitement and i didn't see that venue before).

I entered the premises but no one is there but 1 attender came at that time, he arranging chairs for the 24 candidates in my panel. After some time all candidates are coming one by one, and report verification started at 8:30 am, they check obc caste certificate of all the candidates after that they called for the biometric verification( i mistakenly done the left thumb impression with ink on my call letter, then he said that u have to done thumb impression after biometric verification). Any way i done my verification and my number is 15th in that panel.

My interview started at 1:10 PM

Board members ( 2M 2F)
I asked the permission and get into the interview room confidently(
with hesitation and tension inside)
i wish the all members, but they didn't respond well due to lunch time i think
M1: are u from
me:obc caategory sir.
M1: I'M ASKING Place
me: i tod my native place he ask some questions on that
M1: what is banking?
me: started with bank is a financial institution and he stopped me,
M1: why all people started like that?
me: i said sorry and told it circulating capital from surplus sectors
of the economy to the deficit sectors of economy
M1: what are the different types of banks?
me: answered
M1:what are the different types of commercial banks?
M1: what is the difference b/w scheduled and non scheduled bank?
me: sorry sir, i think its under rbi regulation act 1949 bla
bla......not satisfied
M1: why u prefer ECGC, EXIM? what are the functions? are these
different from banks?
me: answered.
M1: what is ur father?
me: he is a weaver.
M1: what is the process we called it as silk coming from mulbery?
me: sorry sir i dont know( he said sericulture) and M1 asking 2 more
questions from my fathers profession
M2: what is EMI ?
me: Equated Monthly Installment
M2: how do u calculate EMI?
me: not answered
M2:what is mortgage?
me: answered
F1:how do u connet internet to the laptop?
me: through modem ( but she said NIC network interface card)
F1: what is CBS ?
me: answered?
F1: what is CTS ?
F2: what is the capital of andhra pradesh? and ur MP and speciality of
ur place etc.?
me: answered.
M1:capital of chattisgarh?
me: i said ranchi confidently but it is raypur, but the interviewer
didnt tell UR WRONG, they just listen what i said.
M1: ok , u can go now.
me: wish once again and leave the room
INTERVIEW goes around 20mins.
overall interview went very well.

My suggestion, they are asking
  1. Personal information (try to know ur fathers profession from the roots)
  2. Banking knowledge
  3. Subject questions (application wise)
  4. General knowledge (mostly from your state and ur locality)
  5. Situational based (how do u convince to a person to open an account etc.,)

ALL THE VERY BEST to my all ibps po aspirants.

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