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January 21, 2016

IBPS PO V Interview Experience - Janaki (Visakhapatnam)

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Name : Janaki. K

Qualification : MCA

Interview Date : 20th January 2016

Time : 8:30

Interview Panel : II

Venue : Visakhapatnam

I am  the second person to be interviewed, my qualification is MCA relieved in 2011, did job for 1+year in software, to look after my baby I resigned my job.. From before last year I am trying for bank exams. IBPS Clerks IV  missed with 5 marks gap in finals. So this time I cracked PO written are my interview questions..

interview was in Telugu only..

5 members in panel (men m1,m2,m3,m4,and one lady f)

what is your name?
what is your father name?
passout year?
what you have done after that?
so, u studied in vishakhapatnam and  u did job in vishakhapatnam for this job u need to go even to punjab  can you?
what abt your kid?
what is your husband?
(my hus is in army  and right now he is in punjab)
what he is in army?
what is the speciality of punjab?
(said wheat harvest)
another speciality?
(I said cattle,the punjab people even if we ask for water they will give lussy) they smiled :):) and said manam kuda okasari vellali punjab ki(we should go to punjab once))
so you r from mca,what topics  do u like the most?
(said programming,database)
layers in osi model?
types of databases?
diffrence between low level language and high level language?with examples?
(i answered all que,so he said v.good paassed to m2)

 M2 :
who was the speaker from andhra pradesh?
(forgot his name)bala yogi
who was another speaker he was president also}
(don't know)(neelam sanjeeva reddy
what is the brain of the computer?
passed to m3

M3 : 
have you heard about bancassurence?explain it?
so is it selling insurence policies by stopping banking?
said:along with banking sir
sbi tieup with which insurence company?
bno paribhas
then pnb tieup with?
don't know sir..
then passed to lady
f:what are diffrent types of computers?
passed to m4

M4 :
when u thrown a stone into water what happens?
I:in sinks sir
m4:and what happens?
I:alalu vastai
m4:how they look like?
m4:what are those called:
I:don't know sir

M1: because there is same center for many circles they are concentric circles
I:yes sir ..yes sir...

All are very helpful,cool,they are giving us hints also whenever we feel doubt..
so be cool...

all best to all

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