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July 16, 2015

Success Story of Sandeep Reddy (SBH)

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Hello friends,

I am a regular visitor of My name is Sandeep Reddy from Kurnool, Andhra Pradesh. I have seen lot of people disappointing that they did not get a job. So I want to share my success story because i am also a sufferer of such disappointments. I have completed my B.Tech from Mechanical Engineering in 2014. I started to prepare for bank exams after the completion of my B.Tech
My first exam was SBI Clerk. I did not qualify in that exam. As it was my first exam I did not feel sad.

My second exam was RBI Assistant. I got only 130 marks. But the cut off was 161. 

My third exam was RRB Office Assistant. I got 167 marks and felt very happy. I am also shortlisted for two interviews(APGB and APGVB). But to my disappointment, I was not allowed for interview because my Provisional Certificate was dated later than July 10th,2014. It was mentioned in notification that the certificate should be earlier than July 10th,2014.

My fourth exam was SBI Associate PO. I secured 103 marks but of no use as the cut-off was 107.
My fifth exam was IBPS PO. I got only 57 marks. Lot of people in my institute qualified for this exam and disappointment engulfed me.

My sixth exam was IBPS clerk. My exam was scheduled afternoon on 20th December,2014. That was the most horrific day in my life. On the day of my exam my parents went to bank for a gold loan. Suddenly at 12 pm I got a call from my mother saying that dad met with an accident. My heart beat stopped for a while. I rushed to hospital. Thank God! My dad survived with minor injuries. I did not attend the exam as exam was not important than my father.

My seventh exam was New India Assurance Assistant exam. Though I got 196 marks I was not qualified for interview.

My eighth exam was SBI Associate Clerk. I attempted 168 questions with 99% accuracy. Finally by god’s grace, Iam selected for State Bank of Hyderabad and made my parents happy.

Dear friends, failures are a part of life. Today you might have tasted bitterness of failure. But one day you will definitely taste the sweetness of success.

All the best friends…..

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