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April 03, 2015

Success Story of Miss Brahma

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Don’t worry about the results, enjoy the process.  That’s life, provided you are doing your duty responsibly and smartly

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Name – Miss Brahma from Assam 

BE - CSE (comedk exam), MBA HR NIT Trichy (CAT exam)

I would like to start my success story with a quote - “Don’t compare yourself with others, see what you have got in you and work on it and measure your performance with your own yesterday’s standard.”

Inspite of completing my B.E. with FCD I went jobless as I was not focus and not directing all my potential in one goal and was looking for quick result. I was confused as after B.E. I had hell lot of options job,, mba.

My mistake - I failed in most of the interviews for IT as I was not a regular reader of newspaper and was very adamant that I will go for only software developer post.

Along with offcampus interviews after completion of my B.E. I was even filling the bank exams, higher studies forms.

I missed ibps po 2011 by 2marks, and failed several govt exms as I was just filling the form and trying my luck without serious preparation.

My mistake -  lack of guidance and inspiration.

Then luckily I got a call from IIT and NIT for mba and made into NIT Trichy. Then I decided to complete my education first and was enjoying my last student life as I had no much pressure fee was just 1.5L for 2years.

My Greatest Support : Brother and parents. As they trusted me a lot and respected all my decision in life. 99% percent female in northeast are treated equally with their brother. No dowry, no honour killing. Lucky me. There is a saying if there is no happiness at home there cannot be success at work/career.

After the completion of my course in april 2014. I started my serious preparation for banks from May 2014. I was focusing at only one sector and would not like to repeat the same mistake what I did after B.E. And I had confident that I will do it as I had made few little good friends they were my inspiration and constantly motivating me selflessly  and many of my friends were already bankers.

Exams I attempted :
  • June - SBI PO -not cleared for few marks due to lack of practice and experience.
  • July - SBI Clerk-missed by few marks again
  • Aug - RBI Grade b-cudnt mange time-my luck didnt support on that day.
  • Sept - RBI Assistant-again missed by few mark.
  • Sept - IBPS RRB Offiecr-not cleared by 1 mark in gk
  • Sept - IBPS RRB assistant-cleared written
  • Oct - IBPS PO -cleared written
  • Nov - SBI Associate po-cleared written
  • Dec - IBPS Clerk-cleared written
  • Feb - IBPS Specialists HR officer-cleared written
Final conversion:
  • IBPS SO waiting for result
  • SBI Associate POwaiting result

Note : getting in to NIT Trichy was a boon for me. Since I was involved in extracurricular activities more it has given me extra confidence and with regular reading I scored 80 out of 100 in interview ibps po.

Strategy :
  1. Daily practice 1 set of model question paper. As most of the questions are repetitive. you need to practice daily as you need speed to solve even if the paper is easy. 
  2. Purchase monthly magazine (anyone related to banking) or follow daily that is more than enough as it has everything in a very customized way. English read the comprehension regularly it will improve your reading speed as you need speed, banking concepts are given clearly, even computer knowledge, maths and reasoning too. Quick Reference guide is a boon. Read the role of PO before the interview in 
  3. Read newspaper regularly : the hindu and economic times. General awareness of home state is must. And read the business and economy section of newspaper deeply as most of the banking acronyms are asked from that only, like CRR, Repo Rate, Reverse Repo Rate, FII, Bank rate, etc

During the initial stage of my preparation, 1 month was wasted just in gathering and doing research from where to study. Then my speed became fast after 1st month. Then 2nd month it just became like a habit. I just did serious preparation of 3months. Then after ibps po I was studying only little as I have already gained knowledge what’s the smart strategy to prepare.

Mora l: you have to work and work in the initial stage of any project, once you become expert you can handle with ease. I was even giving time to family, enjoyed my brother’s marriage with whole heartedly, was visiting my relatives, still I cleared my exams. I was least bothered what neighbors were saying as I had my greatest support my family. As I had believe one day or the other I will clear the exams as my marks were improving and sometimes we need criticizes to keep us on track. Learning to handle criticizes is also one of the skill ;). I was not pushing myself to get the result, I was just practicing and improving myself day by day.

Note : I would like to repeat the same sentence again; I did not want to do the same mistake what I did after B.E. was just pushing myself to get the result as soon as possible which lead to pressure and no good result.

Next target RBI/IAS. Lets see if I can make it. I am not pushing myself ;)…hope God give me strength. I am doing this for my parents, for my self-identity.

To future Aspirants : there are lots of vacancies and jobs just follow regularly.
Love your goal, be crazy for that and work hard. The minute you imbibe this, what you thought impossible will become possible, as impossible itself says- i-m-possible :).

Note : I have no regrets of my mistakes as it made me what I am today and more flexible and better person. I can call myself Miss Brahma PO Banker. Hehe :)

PS: Books are man’s best friends. Read good books and plant good thoughts in your mind. It will transform your life.

Godspeed :)

Miss Brahma.
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