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April 30, 2015

Interview Questions asked in Banking Exams 2014

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Hi friends this is Bhavna Mahor from Agra.

Here i want to share my banking intrvw questions.. hope this will help u out in ur upcoming intrvws that what type of questions they asked..

1. BOB manipal 2014(Delhi)

# tell me abt urself in 30 secs?
# frm where u cmpleted ur graduation?
# why is mathura so famous?(asked becoz i done my graduation frm mathura)
# what is ur dream job?
# where u want to find urself in next 5 years?
# why u want to join banking?
# what is prdhan mntri jandhan yojna? how it is helpful for poors?

2.IDBI Manipal 2014 (Delhi)

# few r same ques mentioned above
# what r macros in MS-word?
# do u hv ny knowledge abt powerpoint?
# what r two essential qualities to be a banker?
# what is ur father?

3. SBI Clerk 2014 (Agra)

# what is the use of IT in banking?(asked becoz done IT)
# what r operating system other than windows?
# what is DOS(disk operating system)?
# what is mobile banking?
# what r the precautions u will follow while using mobile banking?
# which type of network is used recently in banks? (cloudcomputing)
# what is cloud computing wat r its benefits?
# do u have ny bank account? wat type of account it is?
# what is financial inclusion? give one scheme related FI(PMJDY)?
# banking is under which ministry?(ans-finance)
# who is finance minister, home minister, prime minister, president of india?

4. IBPS PO 4 (Delhi)

# famous place near ur city nd clg(they asked abt keetham lake near my clg).
# tajmahal is buid by shahjahan.. shahjahan was of which dynasty?(mughal dynasty)
# who was the first nd last mughal emporer?
# what is ur additional sbject with PCM ? (English)
# tell me two poems or play of ny english writer?
# what is money laundering?

IT ques..

# what is phishing? what is difference between phishing nd hacking?
# what is virus nd antivirus? wat an antivirus does? how it works?
# what is another way to transfer a file frm sender to receiver securely so that no one can hack it or no virus will effect on it?(ans-encryption)
# what is encryption? wat r two necessary things in encryption?(public nd private key)

5.IBPS clerk 4 (Delhi)

# what is banking simply?
# did u wrote other exams in ur past? (yes but failed)
# But failure is a failure.. how do u face ur failure wat do u think abt failure?
# how many types of accounts r there, name them?
# who is the first finance minister of india?
# who was the guest on this 26th jan republic day?(Barac obama) who hoist the flag on that day? why barac obama canceled his visit to ur city agra?
# who hoist the flag on independence day?
# why we r called customers of ny bank?(becoz banks provide their services to us)

That's it friends.. good luck :)

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