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April 30, 2015

General Knowledge Quiz - Set 42

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What is Beighton Cup is associated with ?

What is a blog that contains video material called ?

Which big cat is the strongest climber ?

Name the largest mammal ?

Which book records travel experiences of a traveler ?

Name the first Indian woman tennis player to win WTA singles ?

Name the badminton player who became the First Indian woman to be World No. 1 ?

Name the founder and the original CEO of Facebook ?

Who was the first tourist in Space ?

Who was named the brand ambassador of Gujarat Election Commission ?

Which city is known as "the Key of the Mediterranean" ?

Name the astronaut who was the first to go into space ?

Which tool was used for the traditional method of animation before computer generated images ?

Name the Indian scientist who set up the first rocket launching station at Thumba ?

Name the 44,570 tonne aircraft carrier worth $2.3 billion which was inducted into the Indian Navy ?

Name the Mughal emperor who founded the modern city of Delhi ?

Name the largest ever yellow hyper giant star (discovered in the year 2014) ?

Which dinosaur was considered the smartest ?

Which musical maestro is known as the "Poet of the Piano" ?

Name the science of classification of Animals and Plants ?

Rajarajeshwari. M

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