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February 14, 2015

IBPS Clerk IV Interview Experience shared by Yogi (Pune)


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Name : YOGI

Center : BOM, Pune

Date : 13th Feb 2015

Time : 1:00 PM
hey guys my interview was great and very simple. they didnt ask me much questions related to banking or my technical background. at the gate they gave us a blank paper along with a biodata form. on blank paper we have to write any topic in local language that is marathi. bcoz i am from UP i dont know much marathi so i prepared a topic at home about jan dhan yojna in marathi and i wrote there thats it. after verification of document they called me for interview. they asked me these questions..
1) tell me abt urself and ur family background?
2) some question about my place?
3) they give me a local newspaper to read ...i read that.
4) they asked me in marathi about agriculture loan. i said sir i didnt get ur question.. i have little bit problem with communication in marathi. so they said ok ok.. and they again repeat that question in hindi.
5) a situation based question.
6) since you have lived at 3 big places first jaipur (job) then calicut (for PG Course) and after that in pune.. so which one is better for u and why? 

i said Jaipur bcoz i was doing job there as project engg and it was a field job & in a field i learned lots of things there  like culture, communications, leadership, working in a team and short out the problems and solutions and most important i came to know that earning money is not a cup of tea.. etc etc..

Thats it guys.. dont worry much about the local language. total interview was just as simple discussion.. just hope for best. best of luck to all. :)

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  1. how can i post my experience..?

  2. Nabard call letter out? anybody writing nabard?

  3. interview was just of 4-5 min..they asked my introduction..
    my branch was Electrical and Electronics Engg...they thought it is Electronics and Comm.

    they asked me how Electronics Engg can help in Banking..

    they asked "NASA mein apply kyun ni kiya?"
    i said.."NASA??"
    M1 - NASA ni pta?
    i said pta h
    then i said "i am not eligible for NASA"
    M2- why?
    Me- it needs AERONAUTICAL Engg..while mine is Electrical(stupid i cldnt think a better one)

    and then asked the types of communication?
    i said - verbal and non verbal and explained abt it

    and then they had simple questions like what r the parts of Computer...what is memory??
    i explained everything and they seem satisfied

    then they said Thank you.
    i said Good day to them and left the room..

    now i am totally it really questions were asked on Banking or my technical field..

    i think they judged me too quickly...but dont no in what way?

    Please friends give me ur feedback relating to this intrview..

    thanks in advance

  4. you are from which category

  5. I am from lko but I gave interview from Noida


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